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Five medtech startsups in running for 'innovator of 2019'

From some eight hundred entries, MedTech Innovator, a nonprofit startup for accelerator, has picked five finalists to compete for the title of MedTech Innovator 2019. We look at the finalists.

New digital healthcare solutions using gamification tested out

Pharmaceutical firm Astellas is working with Tokyo University of the Arts and Yokohama City University to develop and commercialise new digital healthcare solutions which incorporate an element of gamification.

Q&A: Patient monitoring sensors are set to improve healthcare Special

VivaLNK, who are developing remote patient monitoring sensors, has shaken up the digital health market by opening up its platform for health tech solution providers to develop a new generation of wearable health items.

Major investment in AI to support UK health service

The U.K. National Health Service has announced a major plan to establish a national artificial intelligence lab. This will include seeking digital advances to improve the detection of diseases and to predict which people are most likely to develop them.

Leading health tech innovator awards showcase well-being tech

London - Health technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and several of these advances were celebrated at the AXA Health Tech & You Awards 2019. Winners included a digital coach to address anxiety and a home epigenetic testing kit.

AI in healthcare will reach $6.16 billion by 2022

A signal that healthcare is set to be heavily disrupted by artificial intelligence comes from a new report which indicates that AI for healthcare will be valued at $6.16 billion by 2022.

Q&A: Health tech for diagnosing peripheral artery disease Special

By utilizing biomarkers and clinical variables found and analyzed by AI, health tech company Prevencio are able to diagnose peripheral artery disease in diabetic patients with 95 percent accuracy. Rhonda Rhyne, President & CEO, Prevencio explains more.

Interview: How health tech is being healed through collaboration Special

Healthcare technology has a general problem with a lack of interoperability. As a result, patients and their caregivers face expensive consequences, such as hospital readmissions. The Chicago-based healthcare incubator MATTER is challenging this.

New app MagnusCards helps those with autism: Interview Special

An app called MagnusCards aims to help people with autism do everyday activities like food shopping, brushing your teeth, and socializing. We spoke with the inventor, Nadia Hamilton.

New app changes how brain disorders are treated: Interview Special

The company Trayt has launched an app that aims to improve diagnosis, treatments, and quality of life for patients with autism, ADHD, and other brain disorders through big data and analytics. To find out more we spoke with the company's founder.

New digital service for predicting asthma conditions

The company Propeller, who manufacture digital inhalers, has launched a free service for predicting asthma conditions. The service takes the form of a software package.

Huddle, peer-to-peer support app for mental illness: Interview Special

New York City - Huddle is a video-based peer-to-peer support app designd to alter the way people communicate and learn about mental health issues. Huddle provides peer-to-peer advice and on-demand support. To find out more wer spoke with co-founder Dan Blackman.

New cybersecruity vulnerability with fitness monitors

Edinburgh - A new study of the security vulnerabilities of fitness trackers signals that the health technology sector needs to go further in building safeguards to protect the data of users of fitness devices. The study focuses on Fitbits.

Mobile app aids lowering blood pressure: Interview Special

Adults with hypertension and prehypertension can lower their blood pressure by using a mobile health app. A new study shows patients can lower their blood pressure and return to a normotensive status.

Here comes the 'Uber' of healthcare: Interview Special

CONCIERGE KEY Health is the first mobile app to provide healthcare consumers with on-demand access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals. Founder Robert Grant thinks that app-based healthcare is about to take off.

Seniors beginning to realize digital health benefits

Toronto - Senior citizens make up an increasing portion of demographics worldwide, and a new survey indicates that this group can benefit the most from the digital health sector. But 'digital illiteracy' could stop this progress in its tracks.

Virtual and augmented reality coming to the fitness world

Health technology continues to expand across general fitness werarables and advanced medical instruments. With the home fitness market, a big growth area is with virtual and augmented reality.

Digital health market continues to innovate, remotely

The digital health technology market is prominent in every store and, in the case of wrist devices, found on many people you'll pass in the street. Is this market near saturation? No, according to market analysts.

Monitoring heart health with tiny camera

Amsterdam - Researchers have developed a new medical device that records absolute oxygen saturation of arterial blood. This is via a camera-based technology, which assesses tiny changes in skin color in order to complete a diagnosis.

Dust-sized sensors are the latest in health technology

As health technology advances, it's also getting smaller and more sophisticated. The latest biosensors are no larger than a speck of dust and they hold the potential to a range of life-enhancing possibilities.

New advances announced in wearable health technology

This week sees the information released about three new wearable health technologies for diabetics and cardiac patients, produced by major healthcare companies J&J, Abbott, and GE.

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The CONCIERGE KEY Health app.
The CONCIERGE KEY Health app.

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