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U.S. Supreme Court will hear sex offender social media ban case

The United States Supreme Court decided to hear the case of a North Carolina man who was convicted under a state law. That law forbids registered sex offenders from accessing social media sites that permits minor children to have accounts or access.

New Twitter China chief raises concerns over military past

Kathy Chen, Twitter's newly hired managing director in China, has raised eyebrows and ire across the Twitterverse over her past military work and her role in enabling government censorship of the Internet.

Op-Ed: There's a lack of millennial commentators in the mainstream media

With the 2016 Election approaching, many are already wondering if millennials will turn out to vote or campaign. Yet when it comes to participation in society, millennials are often shut out, and no where is that more obvious than in the mainstream media.

Row over ability to comment on science freely continues

A defamation lawsuit involving anonymous comments on the post-publication peer review website continues. In a new twist, a judge has decided that the names of an anonymous poster must be revealed.

Op-Ed: Pope Francis wrong in saying 'one cannot make fun of faith'

Though Pope Francis has condemned the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed twelve innocent people, he has erred terribly by insisting "one cannot make fun of faith." Words do not justify hitting.

Australian prime minister Abbott praises new Charlie Hebdo issue

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has praised Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon, lampooning the prophet Mohammed, noting he could revisit options to amend existing racial vilification laws should another “Bolt-type prosecution” emerge.

Op-Ed: West must not compromise on free speech after Paris shooting

Paris - A horrific terrorist attack has occurred in Paris. Twelve innocent people were slain by black-clad gunmen at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in what appears to be a highly-organized assault. Will free speech stand strong?

Free speech ends as Russia's TV-2 station goes off-air Jan. 1

Tomsk - TV-2, broadcasting out of Siberia has been forced to go off the air on January 1, 2015. Considered the last politically independent television station in Russia, TV-2 has endured months of constant pressure by authorities to change their editorial views.

Pew study gives dark prediction for future of web

Internet freedom is greatly threatened, mainly from government and corporate interests say internet experts in a Pew Research survey conducted as part of its Internet Project.

LinkedIn: Free speech or yuan?

Mountain View - LinkedIn users concerns about freedom of speech are being complicated by reports of communist party ties, mainstream media says.

Turkey may leave World Wide Web says Communication Minister

Turkey's Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication Lüfti Elvan says Turkey may establish a national 'ttt' protocol instead of the regularly used 'www'.

Russia puts the squeeze on independent media, freedom of speech

A very real fear of censorship has now taken hold in Russia after the federal media watchdog ordered the closing of several major opposition-leaning news sites, as well as the internet sites of prominent Kremlin foes Alexei Navalny and Garry Kasparov.

Op-Ed: NSA chief seeks to end free press

Outgoing National Security Agency boss, Keith Alexander, advocated making it a crime to report on government leaks this week, and said that legislation to accomplish this was coming in weeks.

Michigan representative seeks to make picketing illegal

Lansing - The proposed law grants businesses the ability to gain an injunction against anyone picketing their premises and imposes massive fines on protesters.

FCC newsroom survey suspended

The Federal Communications Commission has backed down in its attempt at surveying radio and television stations over their newsroom's editorial practices. Called the Critical Information Needs (CIN) study, a pilot test was to have started this spring.

Author investigated for calling Portuguese President ‘a clown'

Lisbon - Portugal's Attorney General has opened an investigation after celebrated author, Miguel Sousa Tavares, called Portugal’s head of state, President Silva, a clown in an interview. The author’s remarks could see him facing a three year jail term.

In photos ─ Observing the First Amendment in Washington, D.C. Special

Washington - At a time where many feel some freedoms are being eroded in American society, First Amendment rights are still valued. This is evident in Washington, D.C., as at any given time, numerous people can be observed expressing themselves on a variety of issues.

Kuwait media law proposes jail and fines of up to $1 million

Kuwait - The cabinet of Kuwait has approved a new media law that severely restricts freedom of the press and free speech; including bloggers and people using FaceBook, Twitter or other social media.

Egypt's 'Jon Stewart' tests the nation's freedom of speech

The case against Bassem Youssef, a political satirist from Egypt known as the country's Jon Stewart, has been thrown out by an administrative court.

Mocking Sarkozy not a crime, says European Court of Human Rights

Strasbourg - In a judgement issued yesterday the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has over-ruled an earlier decision of a French court which resulted in a man who had mocked former French President Nicolas Sarkozy being given a suspended fine of €30.

Cambodian court is expected to free rights activist

Phnom Penh - What has been regarded largely as a political trial in Cambodia against a radio-journalist, Mam Sonando, appears -- after a week of testimony -- to be an almost total win for the defendant.

New Jersey activist sued for comments at public hearing

Glassboro - The New Jersey Supreme Court is expected to hear the case of a New Jersey man, sued for defamation following remarks made at a public hearing.

UK Defamation Bill poses threat to freedom of speech

A new law to tackle people who publish offensive messages online would have a ‘chilling effect’ on free speech, the Joint Committee on Human Rights has warned the British Government.

Reporters sans Frontières launch censored content website

Under the banner ‘We fight censorship’ journalists’ campaigning organisation Reporters sans Frontières last week launched a website which will carry content that has been censored, banned or which has given rise to reprisals against its author.

Poland's supreme court rules against rock musician

Warsaw - Adam Darski, lead singer of Behemoth, is facing up to two years in prison for tearing up a Bible on stage. Poland's supreme court has ruled that the singer offended religious feelings.

Free Speech in UK: Rowan Atkinson and the right to insult people

British actor and comedian, Rowan Atkinson has given his full support to a newly launched campaign aimed at reforming the UK’s controversial insults law. The campaign relates to Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Op-Ed: Islamic radicals holding First Amendment hostage

The First Amendment, an instrument of truth and justice. Or has The First Amendment become an instrument for lies and propaganda?

Op-Ed: UN chief limits freedom of expression to 'common purpose'

New York - In an extraordinary announcement, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told a press conference on Wednesday that freedom of speech is limited to "common justice, common purpose."

Op-Ed: 'Be braver' says Salman Rushdie

Paris - Today, "Charlie Hebdo" published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Its website is unavailable and riot police have been deployed. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and it is under attack.

NFL players fight for free-speech in support of same-sex marriage

Baltimore - Teammates, the head of the NFL Players Association, fellow players and fans are all coming to the defence of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo for his right to support same-sex marriage.
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keeping you informed about the news around the world.
keeping you informed about the news around the world.
Behemoth in concert.
Behemoth in concert.
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3 May 2011  on the occasion of the International Day of the press  Reporters Without Borders activis...
3 May 2011, on the occasion of the International Day of the press, Reporters Without Borders activists gathered outside the Syrian Embassy in Paris.
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keeping you informed about the news around the world.
keeping you informed about the news around the world.

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