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How to handle moral judgments for driverless cars?

Driverless car technology requires a moral dimension. In the event of an impending accident, does the car strike a pedestrian or another car, for example? Researchers have been studying the ethics of autonomous vehicles.

GM acquires Strobe Inc. to speed up autonomous car research

General Motors (GM) announced on Monday it had acquired a company that specializes in laser-imaging technology geared toward enhancing the development of autonomous vehicles.

Apple handed self-driving test permit

San Fransisco - Apple has been working on autonomous cars for a while but little detail has emerged. That's about to change. Apple has been granted a permit to test self-driving cars on the streets of California.

Uber states it did not steal Google self-driving tech

San Fransisco - Uber calls claims it stole the self-driving LiDAR technology from Google spin-off company Waymo as 'demonstrably false.' Uber has sought to defend itself in a U.S. federal court filing.

Top futurist predicts driverless cars will kill 128 job types

The world has no crystal ball to see into the future, but we do have Thomas Frey. Frey is the founding executive director of the DaVinci Institute think tank and its senior futurist.

Why driverless cars probably won't make us any more productive

One of the biggest desires connected to self-driving cars is the possibility that time currently consumed by commuting will be available for working.

Ride-sharing giant Uber buys autonomous truck startup Otto

Ride-sharing service Uber has acquired Otto, a self-driving technology company, as it is vigorously pushing through with its autonomous vehicle undertaking.

BMW plans to launch autonomous car in China

German car maker BMW is planning to launch self-driving vehicles in China with its first autonomous car hitting the road five years from now.

German carmaker BMW to develop driverless car

Germany’s BMW is joining the race to develop driverless car as it entered into partnership with two other firms to bring autonomous driving to the streets in five years.

Rolls-Royce unveil the most upmarket driverless vehicle

London - With driverless cars set to become commonplace within a decade or so, most of the attention has been with functionality. With the technology now advanced consumer niches are being tapped into, including a luxury car by Rolls-Royce.

Driverless cars may hit road in Singapore in next 12 months

For Americans, Europeans, and most others, the concept of driverless cars is currently a sort of “pipe dream,” something that will probably happen, but not any time soon. For Singaporeans, driverless cars are coming sooner rather than later.

A look at self-driving technology and its benefits and impacts

Driverless vehicle technology has been hailed as the answer to a number of transportation problems. We have been told this new technology will not only be environmentally friendly, but will help in saving energy.

U.S. proposes spending $4 billion on driverless car technology

The U.S. government is sticking its neck out and officially giving driverless car technology a great big vote of confidence. The Obama administration is proposing that $3.9 billion be spent to accelerate acceptance of self-driving cars.

Lawyers stand to benefit the most from self-driving car accidents

When, in the near future, a driverless car gets into an accident with another driverless car, it's going to be difficult to establish who is at fault. Is it the "driver," the car company, or even the programmer?

Look inside the town built just for self-driving cars

Ann Arbor - University of Michigan opened Mcity, the world's first controlled environment designed to test connected and automated cars, this week.

Op-Ed: Driverless trucks from Mexico to Manitoba: What could go wrong?

Brownsville - Hot on the wheels of Google's second generation of driverless cars, industry heads plan to send driverless big rigs on the road on a planned route from Mexico to Manitoba.

Op-Ed: The Autobahn to be a major testing ground for driverless cars

The Autobahn autocar plan is to launch driverless cars along the A9 Autobahn connecting Munich and Berlin. All we can do is speculate as to projected start and finish dates for the project, or what sort of budget we're looking at.

UK to allow driverless cars on public roads early next year

The UK government recently announced that starting next year, in January, driverless cars will be allowed on public roads.

Toyota engineer warns of the dangers of autonomous cars

A Toyota engineer, among many other people and organizations, are considering the bad effects that driverless cars may have on society.

Driver-less cars could be a criminal's dream

Washington - With all the talk about automated driving making roads safer, due to lessening the chances of human errors, many are overlooking the possibility that automated cars could also make our roads more dangerous, due to criminal activity.

How driverless cars could cripple police revenues

We recently learned Google's self-driving cars have never received a ticket, and now the big question is if autonomous vehicles will have such a spot-free driving record that law enforcement budgets won't get billions in speeding ticket revenue.

Drivers worry about automated-car liability

Mason - As carmakers continue their drive toward automated vehicles, the driving public is getting increasingly worried about the potential of unattended vehicles crashing on their roads.

Volvo to test 100 driverless cars in Sweden

Gothenberg’s streets could soon become a very weird place when Volvo, Sweden’s other iconic car brand, puts 100 driverless test cars on the road.

Op-Ed: Google Car can help the blind and beyond

Chicago - one of the biggest barriers for blind and visually impaired people is transportation. It has impacted education, employment, and social aspects of the blind and the visually impaired. That is changing.

Will Washington be next to authorize driverless cars?

Washington - The nation's capital may be the next region to approve driverless cars depending on the outcome of a hearing on Tuesday.

How will driverless cars affect liability and insurance?

As Google forges ahead with its autonomous driving technology, the full impact of how this it will affect other industries remains to be seen.

Lawmakers considering Google's push for driverless cars in Nevada

Las Vegas - Google is pushing Nevada legislators hard to legalize driverless vehicles. Nevada could be the first state in the Union to legalize operation of the self-driving Toyota Prius hybrids on public roads.

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Google driverless car operating on a testing path.
Google driverless car operating on a testing path.
Wikimedia Commons/Flckr user jurvetson: Steve Jurvetson
Jeremy Salinger  General Motors R&D manager for Super Cruise  demonstrates semi-automated driving th...
Jeremy Salinger, General Motors R&D manager for Super Cruise, demonstrates semi-automated driving that could be available on Cadillac models later this decade.
General Motors
A driverless car via Google
A driverless car via Google
Via Flickr user dokas
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
Steve Jurvetson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
The round BMW logo is being used for all models.
The round BMW logo is being used for all models.
Lord Laitinen
Driverless cars may lead to a hands-free commute   but not a easier workload
Driverless cars may lead to a hands-free commute, but not a easier workload
Steve Jurvetson

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