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Coronavirus and the growing drug addiction problem

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major psychosocial impact throughout the world. One of the impacts of this has been a rise in addiction rates and associated substance use disorders. One solution lies in telemedicine and home solutions.

Digital application health will be a key area of focus in 2021 Special

The extreme reliance on all things digital as a result of COVID-19 is set to make the application digital health technology, one of the key areas of focus during 2021, according to industry trends.

Electronic health records provider caught out in data breach Special

NTreatment, a technology company that manages electronic health and patient records for doctors and psychiatrists, left thousands of sensitive health records exposed to the Internet because one of its cloud servers wasn’t protected with a password.

Six apps designed to help to keep men healthy Special

During coronavirus, it is important to maintain a level of fitness. Generally men are less receptive to this activity. A leading expert provides an overview of some of the best available apps designed to improve fitness levels.

What are the top Medtech trends of 2020?

The medical device industry has experienced a monumental change in 2020. With the sudden surge of demand for critical devices like ventilators, as a result of COVID-19, medtech continues to experience radical shifts.

Essential Science: How robotics is reshaping surgical practice

A key advance with medical technology relates to the introduction of robots to assist with surgical procedures, helping surgeons to make assessments and to perform procedures with greater accuracy.

New tool helps 5 million Canadians without regular healthcare

To mark International Digital Health Week a Canadian dietician has developed a digital health tool that aims to fill the void for the almost 5 million Canadians who do not have access to a regular healthcare provider.

WHO pledges to support digital health expansion

Digital health initiatives have been given a boost by the World Health Organization, which has pledged to help with the development of new technology while also working on a governance structure.

Five medtech startsups in running for 'innovator of 2019'

From some eight hundred entries, MedTech Innovator, a nonprofit startup for accelerator, has picked five finalists to compete for the title of MedTech Innovator 2019. We look at the finalists.

New digital healthcare solutions using gamification tested out

Pharmaceutical firm Astellas is working with Tokyo University of the Arts and Yokohama City University to develop and commercialise new digital healthcare solutions which incorporate an element of gamification.

Q&A: Patient monitoring sensors are set to improve healthcare Special

VivaLNK, who are developing remote patient monitoring sensors, has shaken up the digital health market by opening up its platform for health tech solution providers to develop a new generation of wearable health items.

Major investment in AI to support UK health service

The U.K. National Health Service has announced a major plan to establish a national artificial intelligence lab. This will include seeking digital advances to improve the detection of diseases and to predict which people are most likely to develop them.

Leading health tech innovator awards showcase well-being tech

London - Health technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and several of these advances were celebrated at the AXA Health Tech & You Awards 2019. Winners included a digital coach to address anxiety and a home epigenetic testing kit.

Key trends shaping digital health

The healthcare sector has been subject to a rocky disruption during the past decade due to the advent of new digital technologies. The application of wearable monitors and artificial intelligence are changing the way human health is assessed.

Major investment secured for mental health app

As part of the growing interest with health and well-being apps, there has been an increase in apps offering to assist with mental health issues such as depression. One example is Wisdo, which has secured $11 million in funding.

Digital innovations for transforming healthcare

A new report surveys the continuing innovations with digital technology in the healthcare space, focusing in trends with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The survey has a focus towards genetic testing.

Q&A: New app assists with medical marijuana use Special

GoFire, a digital healthcare company and technology provider, has launched a health suite that uses machine learning to provide greater clarity and choice to users consuming plant-based medicine like marijuana.

AI in healthcare will reach $6.16 billion by 2022

A signal that healthcare is set to be heavily disrupted by artificial intelligence comes from a new report which indicates that AI for healthcare will be valued at $6.16 billion by 2022.

New digital initiative to improve health literacy rates

Health literacy is a major concern, even with greater access to digital information. This ranges from understanding conditions to knowing the side-effects of drugs. To address this, Toronto-based Novus Health it has partnered with iA Financial Group.

Q&A: How technology is changing healthcare Special

Continuous technological developments in healthcare have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for even more, and signs are that healthcare will undergo further transformation. A leading expert provides some examples.

Technology helps address medicine non-adherence: Interview Special

Non-adherence to medicine regimes is a health concern. When patients fail to complete course this can lead to a recurrence of a health condition. A new digital health blockchain solution is at hand, called CuraServe.

Apple to open up health record data to third-party iOS apps

Apple has announced plans to will open up health record data to third-party iOS apps through a new API. The service, which will be available in October 2018, will enable users to share health data from over 500 hospitals/clinics with third-party apps.

Making use of artificial intelligence for early cancer diagnosis

London - The British government has announced ambitious plans to prevent an estimated 22,000 cancer deaths by 2033, through the use of artificial intelligence to predict those individuals at greater risk of developing the disease.

New algorithm predicts life expectancy after heart failure

London - A new algorithm, devised from deep learning, can accurately predicts who is most likely to survive heart failure, and for how long. The platform can also determine whether or not a patient will receive a heart transplant.

Digital care for substance abuse introduced in Ontario

Toronto - A digital care package has been developed for substance use disorder. The platform has been made available to healthcare providers in Ontario.

Interview: How health tech is being healed through collaboration Special

Healthcare technology has a general problem with a lack of interoperability. As a result, patients and their caregivers face expensive consequences, such as hospital readmissions. The Chicago-based healthcare incubator MATTER is challenging this.

HP launches first sanitizable notebooks for use in healthcare

HP has announced a new range of computing devices aimed specifically at healthcare users. The company has developed notebooks which can be sanitized, making them ideal for frontline healthcare workers in hospitals. Security is also a high priority.

Real-time digital health assessments for Winter Olympians

Assessing the health of athletes is important in the world of modern sport. The Winter Olympics offers a chance to test out some of the latest digital health innovations.

Silicon Valley pioneers form group to combat tech addiction

A group of Silicon Valley pioneers who helped to create services including Facebook and Google have launched a campaign to resist the "hijacking" of humanity by technology. The early employees said tech has created a "digital attention crisis."

Multicolored MRI scanners improve disease detection

A new generation of MRI scanners are being developed to improve the detection of diseases and thus improve patient diagnosis. These scanners use multicolored light for this improved sensitivity and detection.
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The use of an electronic medical prescription service.
The use of an electronic medical prescription service.
MC4 Army (CC BY 2.0)
File photo: A person at a workplace  communicating via a Video Relay Service video.
File photo: A person at a workplace, communicating via a Video Relay Service video.
SignVideo, London, U.K (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Watsi in action in rural Uganda assisting nurses and nuns.
Watsi in action in rural Uganda assisting nurses and nuns.
© 2017 Watsi, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
This infographic describes the elements of Digital Health.
This infographic describes the elements of Digital Health.
Paul Sonnier (CC BY 1.0)
On the left is the brain activation pattern for  death  in participants who had made a suicide attem...
On the left is the brain activation pattern for "death" in participants who had made a suicide attempt. The image in the right depicts the activation pattern for "death" in control participants.
Carnegie Mellon University

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