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What's behind Coinfloor’s 'Bitcoin only' stance? Special

Coinfloor has announced its intention to delist its Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) options, in favour of providing “Bitcoin only” services next year. CoinCorner’s CEO, Danny Scott provides analysis.

Q&A with Plooto CEO Hamed Abbasi Special

Small and medium business (SMBs) are driving real change across North America. But financial institutions can appear rigid in their behaviour to these creators of change.

Sweden transitioning to being a cashless society

Stockholm - Sweden is on course to become the first cashless country. New figures about ATM machines reveals the country has the lowest proportion of cash dispensers in the developed world.

Major investment company adds Bitcoin to its website

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and has garnered plenty of attention in the finical industry. Now, the digital currency will be integrated into Fidelity Investments, the largest brokerage firm in America.

Bitcoin blows past $2,000 for the first time ever

The digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has broken records by reaching its highest value ever recorded. The price of a single coin surged past $2,000 today before climbing even higher to $2,100. The rise has been linked to changes in China and Japan.

Op-Ed: Online exchanges in Lehman terms, eBay to the rescue?

2014 has kind of sucked for Bitcoin but that doesn’t mean that the digital currency is dead in the cyber-water. No, Bitcoin is just fine. And thanks to eBay, the most pressing problem with digital currencies may soon be solved.

Bitcoin value plummets 20% after major exchange halts withdrawals

Bitcoin, the increasingly popular virtual currency, lost 20 percent of its value Thursday evening after a major exchange halted withdrawals.

Op-Ed: Why Bitcoin will go mainstream in 2014

Last week news emerged that two Las Vegas Casinos have become the first of their kind to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, marking another milestone for the crypto-currency.

Op-Ed: Are Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies a viable option?

Many people are interested in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies these days, but the debate on whether these virtual currencies will last is still ongoing.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin will no longer be the anonymous tool of anarchists

Beijing - What was once considered the monetary tool for anarchists due to its anonymity and fight against fiat currency will soon become just another regulated payment system that will lose its prominence in the world of alternative currencies.

Bitcoins at risk of theft on flawed Android applications

The Bitcoin Foundation announced a security flaw in the Android mobile operating system leaving users of the virtual peer-to-peer currency vulnerable to theft.

WordPress to start accepting Bitcoin as method of payment

Atlanta -, the popular blogging platform, announced Friday that it will now be accepting Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that is the most widely used virtual currency, as a method of payment.

Op-Ed: How safe is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been hailed as the end of state controlled money. Although it has been around since 2008, it hasn't yet caught on. Will it, and more importantly, is it safe to use?

Royal Canadian Mint looking to digitize currency with 'MintChip'

Toronto - The Royal Canadian Mint is looking for hackers, software engineers and other computer experts to join the MintChip Challenge. The Mint wants to digitize currency and is asking the public to help create innovative applications. The winners get gold.

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Bitcoin has broken a new record with the price for the digital currency topping $1 000 for the first...
Bitcoin has broken a new record with the price for the digital currency topping $1,000 for the first time. Its value jumped, but it faces an unsteady future
With permission by Reuters
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MintChip screen grab from Royal Canadian Mint YouTube video
MintChip screen grab from Royal Canadian Mint YouTube video
Royal Canadian Mint

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