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Does Brexit mean a U.S. healthcare model for the U.K.?

One of the hotly discussed topics in relation to Britain’s exit from the European Union is whether the planned trade deal with the U.S. will lead to the precious National Health Service being partly subsumed by U.S. private healthcare.

UK opposition calls for election or second referendum on Brexit deal

London - The leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party Jeremy Corbyn -- criticised for failing to take a clear position on Brexit -- on Wednesday said the only way out of the political crisis was to hold a general election or a second "public vote on any...

British opposition leader Corbyn meets EU on Brexit

Apo - The leader of Britain's main opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, met senior EU officials in Brussels Thursday after warning he may oppose any Brexit deal negotiated by the London government.

Corbyn: Serial rebel with designs on Downing Street

Liverpool - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly beaten the odds in his long and colourful career and may stand to benefit from government divisions over Brexit but his leftist views and handling of disputes have proved deeply controversial.

UK Labour pressures PM with Brexit customs union call

Coventry - British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday called for a new customs union with the European Union after Brexit in a policy shift that could force Prime Minister Theresa May to change course.

'What we make of it': Labour's Corbyn to outline Brexit vision Monday

London - Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will on Monday call for Britain to keep tariff-free access to the EU after Brexit, arguing that withdrawal from the bloc is "what we make of it", according to excerpts of his speech.

UK Tory MP apologises to Labour's Corbyn over spy claim

London - A vice chairman of Britain's Conservative Party on Saturday apologised to Labour's Jeremy Corbyn after tweeting that the opposition leader had "sold British secrets to communist spies".

Brexit no-deal would be 'catastrophic': British opposition

Brussels - British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn warned Thursday that failing to reach a Brexit deal would be "catastrophic" for industry, as London's divorce negotiations with the European Union teeter on the brink.

Op-Ed: Corbyn does well as May's election gamble fails

London - Britain has held its general election and the country has decided that it will not give Theresa May and her Conservative Party an increased majority. Where does this leave the U.K. now?

Jeremy Corbyn: Radical peril or amiable underdog?

London - He is adored by grassroots Labour followers, rejected by many of the party's lawmakers and branded by the conservative tabloid press as a threat to the nation.

With wind in sails, Corbyn wins hearts in Brexit town

Basildon - Dismissed by right-wing commentators as a communist relic early in the campaign, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is staging something of a comeback and winning support in a country still struggling with austerity.

Jeremy Corbyn: divisive UK Labour leader set to fight off rival

London - Opposed by most of his own MPs but lionised by grassroots activists, socialist Jeremy Corbyn is tipped to fight off a leadership challenge while pitching Britain's Labour Party into an increasingly uncertain future.

Corbyn launches bid to remain UK Labour Party leader

London - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched his bid on Thursday to remain head of Britain's largest opposition party despite bitter divisions that have been deepened by the Brexit referendum.

Corbyn as UK Labour chief: A stormy nine months

London - Veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn has had to contend with the Brexit vote and now an open rebellion during his nine tumultuous months at the head of Britain's main opposition Labour party.

Labour leader Corbyn: A steely streak behind meek image

London - The leader of Britain's Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, projects an image of meekness, but the Brexit crisis now ripping his beloved party apart has revealed a steely streak beneath.

UK opposition leader Corbyn passes key first election test

Oldham - British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn passed a key electoral test on Friday when his Labour party won its first parliamentary seat since he took the helm in September.

UK Labour's Corbyn indicates won't campaign for EU exit

London - Newly elected British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn indicated he would not campaign to leave the European Union in a referendum expected by 2017, in an interview.

From rebel to leader: Jeremy Corbyn shakes up Labour

London - Jeremy Corbyn has gone from obscurity as a backbench MP best known for opposing the Iraq War to leading Britain's main opposition Labour party within just three months.

Low-key but hopeful, UK's 'Corbynistas' eye fairer future

Colchester - Sipping a cup of tea and dressed like a teacher nearing retirement, Jeremy Corbyn does not look like the next leader of Britain's Labour Party, whose improbable rise has electrified European leftists.

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