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Former Apple employee says company no longer a 'change-maker'

Apple CEO Tim Cook transformed the company into a 'boring operations' firm after taking over the reins from Steve Jobs, according to a former employee. Cook permanently changed the mood within Apple, causing it to become less innovative than it once was.

Apple to launch MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM this year

Apple is said to be planning a new premium MacBook Pro model that includes truly high-end hardware. It comes after criticism of the 2016 version which features low-power processors and limited memory, making it unsuitable for professional work.

Apple promises update to fix MacBook Pro battery problems

Apple is preparing to release a software update for the MacBook Pro that should address some of the battery problems customers have been experiencing. It comes after the company investigated issues that led to the laptop failing Consumer Reports' tests.

Apple reportedly planning major push into TV shows and movies

Apple is preparing for a major push into original video content, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal — a move that could set it on a collision course with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

Ten years of the iPhone: The device that started smartphones

The iPhone reached its tenth birthday this week, a milestone not just for Apple but the history of consumer technology. Since its launch, over one billion handsets have been sold, giving rise to millions of apps and a new generation of mobile-based media.

Apple mysteriously blocks app that helps you find lost AirPods

Apple has removed a new iOS app that helped solve one of the biggest problems with the company's new AirPods wireless earphones. "Finder for AirPods" could guide users towards the accessories if lost but Apple has taken offence to the innocuous app.

Apple loses the creator of one of its most beloved technologies

Chris Lattner, the inventor of Apple's relatively new programming language called Swift, is leaving Apple, he announced on the Swift mailing list on Tuesday as spotted by MacStories' John Voorhees.

Op-Ed: iPhone celebrates 10 year anniversary

Today marks the ten year anniversary of Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone. Ten years on, the iPhone is undeniably one of the most important pieces of consumer technology out there.

Tim Cook and other execs took a pay cut for missing targets

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other top executives at the company were paid less in 2016 for missing performance targets, Apple disclosed on Friday.

Holiday season pushes Apple's App Store to record highs

Apple customers "shattered records" over the holiday season through their App Store purchases, Apple announced today. New Year's Day was the App Store's busiest single day ever, with over $240 million of purchases made by users.

Apple removes New York Times app from China store

Bejing - Apple has removed the New York Times from its China app store, the tech giant said, after authorities told the company the app breached regulations.

11,000 people buy adapter to give new MacBook Pro old features

Apple's latest MacBook Pro has only one kind of port, which uses the new USB-C connector, as opposed to older MacBook Pros, which had options to plug in HDMI cables, SD cards, and other useful attachments.

Ireland claims EU breaching sovereignty in Apple tax ruling

London - Ireland set out its arguments on Monday against a European Commission ruling that tech firm Apple should pay billions in back-taxes to Dublin, claiming the EU executive arm has interfered in state sovereignty.

Apple bricks Watch devices with software update

Apple has withdrawn an Apple Watch software update after receiving widespread reports of some devices being bricked by the new firmware. Apple Watch Series 2 models are being left unusable after the update is installed. Not every device is affected.

Apple removes MacBook 'time remaining' battery life estimate

Apple has responded to the widespread complaints about the battery performance of its new MacBook Pro PC by removing the "time remaining" estimate from macOS. Some users have criticised Apple for silencing the complaints by hiding the inaccurate figure.

'Disappointing' MacBook sees 'more and more' switch to Surface

Microsoft has claimed that "more and more" people are switching from Apple's MacBook to a Surface device. Surface has just had its most successful year yet on the back of new devices and strong appeal. Microsoft said sales are breaking records.

Apple responds to calendar spam with new 'report junk' button

Apple has officially acknowledged the waves of spam invitations currently plaguing its iCloud calendar service. The company has launched a new feature that allows users to report the junk and remove it from their calendar. It is available now online.

Apple reveals the most popular apps, games and movies of 2016

Apple has announced its "Best of 2016" lists covering content available from the App Store and iTunes. The company has detailed the most popular and best-selling apps, music, movies, TV, books and podcasts to reveal the most successful content in 2016.

Apple investigating reports of more iPhone 6s battery issues

Apple has admitted it's looking into reports that more iPhone 6s models are abruptly turning off. It recently started a battery replacement scheme for a "very small number" of phones with a manufacturing issue. The problem now seems to be more widespread.

Apple says iPhone 6s battery problems caused by 'air'

Apple has blamed too much air exposure for causing the battery issues and random shutdowns experienced by some iPhone 6s owners. The company has already initiated a replacement program for affected handsets, admitting there's a manufacturing flaw.

99 percent of fake Apple chargers are dangerous

A safety test of over 400 fake Apple chargers has revealed a staggering 99 percent are dangerous and pose potentially fatal risks. It comes after Apple filed a lawsuit against a counterfeit charger manufacturer selling on Amazon.

Apple's iCal calendar service being targeted by spammers

iPhone owners are being targeted by scammers using iCal calendar event notifications in the run up to the holidays. Users are receiving invitations that claim to offer discounts on designer brands. The messages are fake and trigger more when responded to.

Apple accused of intentionally slowing down Verizon's iPhone 7

Apple is deliberately throttling the iPhone 7's performance on Verizon's network so it matches the AT&T version, according to recent reports. The two versions of the handset have different modems inside, one of which is dramatically faster than the other.

Apple abandoning outdated AirPort routers to focus on new tech

Apple is set to abandon its range of AirPort Wi-Fi routers in pursuit of more profitable businesses. The company is struggling to sell the devices which have always been viewed critically compared to their rivals. It is now reallocating its engineers.

Apple announces iPhone 6s battery replacement program

Apple has announced it is offering free battery replacements to a small number of iPhone 6s owners whose handsets could "unexpectedly shut down" during use. The company advised affected customers that the problem does not pose a safety risk.

Apple admits 'Touch Disease' is real, blames users for damage

Several months after the iPhone 6's "touch disease" problem first hit the headlines, Apple has acknowledged that the touchscreens on some phones may stop working. However, it is blaming users for dropping the handsets and will be charging for repairs.

Report: Apple planning three new iPhone 8 versions for 2017

Apple is planning to release three versions of the iPhone 8 next year, according to a credible report. Apple will use a new OLED display on one of the models and offer two alternatives with its current LCD panel. It's possible there will be three sizes.

Apple unveils a $300 photo book, offers it in two sizes

Apple is known for its modest, coherent image. Today, it seemingly forgot that, launching a $300 photo book that trumpets its designs from the past two decades. It has been created to celebrate 20 years of the "Designed by Apple in California" moniker.

Ireland launches appeal against EU Apple tax ruling

Dublin - Ireland lodged a formal appeal Wednesday against a European Commission ruling ordering the country to collect billions of euros in unpaid taxes from tech giant Apple.

Three ways a Trump presidency could affect Apple

Republican Donald Trump is now the president-elect in what's being called the biggest upset in American political history.
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Apple Image

One of many tributes to Steve Jobs outside of an Apple Store.
One of many tributes to Steve Jobs outside of an Apple Store.
9.7-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad Pro
Apple is considering launching a mobile-payments service for its iPhone and iPad  which would compet...
Apple is considering launching a mobile-payments service for its iPhone and iPad, which would compete with major players such as PayPal, The Wall Street Journal said
Stan Honda, AFP/File
apple laptop
apple laptop
Apple today announced the new iPhone 4 featuring FaceTime (which allows for Wi-Fi video calling); a ...
Apple today announced the new iPhone 4 featuring FaceTime (which allows for Wi-Fi video calling); a very high-res display; video shooting/editing/rendering in high-def; a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash; Apple’s A4 processor, a 3-axis gyro and up to 40 percent longer talk time. The steel band around the phone also doubles as the phone's antenna. It's the thinnest smartphone in the world.
Photo courtesy Apple
Foxconn  Public Eye Awards 2011 (iSlave)
Foxconn, Public Eye Awards 2011 (iSlave) Adbusting
Greenpeace Switzerland
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple  Geniuses  have long been the company s flagship support. Many of them have now banded togethe...
Apple "Geniuses" have long been the company's flagship support. Many of them have now banded together to launch a class action against the company.
Pinky Li
The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at Apple s September 2015 live event
The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at Apple's September 2015 live event
Apple September 2015 Live Event
Official images of Apple s macOS Sierra
Official images of Apple's macOS Sierra
My first digital camera Apple QuickTake 100
My first digital camera Apple QuickTake 100
File photo
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
iTunes gift cards
iTunes gift cards
Mike Mozart
Official images of Apple s macOS Sierra
Official images of Apple's macOS Sierra
Christ Lattner  creator of the Swift programming language  is leaving Apple
Christ Lattner, creator of the Swift programming language, is leaving Apple
Alexandre Dulaunoy
The iPhone 7 s battery life is far exceeded by its Android rivals  according to a test conducted by ...
The iPhone 7's battery life is far exceeded by its Android rivals, according to a test conducted by UK consumer rights group Which?
Apple CEO Tim Cook warned the ruling by Brussels over Irish back taxes threatened jobs and investmen...
Apple CEO Tim Cook warned the ruling by Brussels over Irish back taxes threatened jobs and investment in Europe
Gabrielle Lurie, AFP/File

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