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Is Apple's stance on privacy a change for good or bad? Special

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has criticised Apple for its upcoming privacy changes, as the feud between the two technology giants continues. Apple are seeking to make it easier for users to opt out of tracking activity across apps and websites.

Has Apple put money back into the pockets of publishers? Special

Following a public disagreement between Apple and Epic, a resolution has been reached and subsequently Fortnite is coming back to iOS devices. How has the settlement come about and what does it mean?

Apple changes course on app store, cuts fees for small developers

San Francisco - Apple said Wednesday it would cut in half its App Store fees for small developers, moving in the face of lawsuits over its 30 percent commission and increased antitrust scrutiny of the online marketplace.

Massive Nitro data breach impacts Microsoft, Google, and Apple Special

A large data breach has been suffered by the Nitro PDF service. The data loss has impacted many large technology organizations, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Chase, and Citibank.

Apple ranks number one in Brand Intimacy COVID Study

Apple is ranked in top spot in MBLM’s latest Brand Intimacy COVID Study. The finding indicates the important role that that company plays for many consumers during the continuing pandemic.

What is the impact of Apple's new ITP policies on journalism? Special

Apple is upsetting the applecart in such a way that journalists and media properties need to pay attention. Content will no longer be discoverable in the same way and that is set to have a big impact.

Epic Games asks court to force Apple to reinstall Fortnite

San Francisco - Epic Games is trying to convince a California court to reinstate Fortnite on the Apple App Store pending legal proceedings, arguing that doing so is in the "public interest," court documents show.

Apple defeats bid to return 'Fortnite' to App Store

San Francisco - A US court has rejected a bid by the makers of Fortnite to reinstate the video game sensation immediately to the App Store, saying its eviction by Apple was a "self-inflicted wound.

What's behind Apple's iOS security research device program? Special

Apple has begun loaning special research iPhones with unprecedented access to skilled and vetted researchers, enabling them to find and report security vulnerabilities in which Apple can address through its iOS Security Research Device program.

New corporate initiatives aim for carbon neutrality

New York - Nine global corporations unveiled an initiative Tuesday to step up efforts to move to a "net zero" carbon emissions society, while Apple announced its own plan to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Apple boosts revenues, profits dip in pandemic-hit quarter

San Francisco - Apple on Thursday reported profit slipped as it boosted revenue from services and wearables in a pandemic-cobbled start to the year for the iPhone maker.Profit dipped to $11.2 billion on sales of $58.

Apple and France in contact tracing stand off Special

Coronavirus is creating a debate over data privacy. France is pressing Apple to let its forthcoming coronavirus contact-tracing app work in the background on iPhones, without building in the privacy measures that U.S. company wants

Apple Music expands to 52 new countries in global services push

San Francisco - Apple Music is being expanded to 52 additional countries and territories in a push to broaden service revenue streams for the iPhone maker, the company said Tuesday.

Apple data show dramatic impact of virus on movement

Fpo - Apple has launched a new website that shows with striking graphs how the coronavirus pandemic has slammed the brakes on life around the world.

James DuMont talks about 'Spenser Confidential' and 'The Banker' Special

Film and TV actor James DuMont chatted with Digital Journal about his latest projects, which include "Spenser Confidential" on Netflix, as well as "The Banker" and "The Righteous Gemstones."

Last of Apple's 42 stores in China reopen

Bejing - The last of Apple's 42 stores in China reopened Friday, as the country slowly goes back to work following weeks of quarantine that forced the closure of businesses.

Apple to miss revenue forecast as iPhone supply hit by coronavirus

San Francisco - Apple is to miss its revenue forecast for the March quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic, the US tech giant said Monday, warning that iPhone supplies worldwide would also be impacted, underlining the economic cost of the health crisis.

Apple to close all its stores in mainland China through Feb. 9

Apple had originally planned just to close one store in China but now it plans to close them all over worries about spreading the coronavirus. Apple is shutting all its corporate offices, stores, and contact centers in China through February 9th.

Apple closes China stores until Feb 9 due to virus

Bejing - Apple announced on Saturday the closure of its stores, corporate offices and contact centres in mainland China until February 9 due to the new coronavirus epidemic.

As Apple reports strong Q1 earnings, where does the firm go next? Special

Apple Inc. has reported strong earnings growth, issuing a statement on January 28, after the market closed. The iPhone 11 led the charge. Apple experienced double-digit growth in many developed markets, including the US, the UK, France and Singapore.

Encryption battle reignited as US govt at loggerheads with Apple

Washington - Apple and the US government are at loggerheads for the second time in four years over unlocking iPhones connected to a mass shooting, reviving debate over law enforcement access to encrypted devices.

Q&A: Amazon, Apple, and Google to create a smart home standard Special

The recent news that Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together to create a new standard for smart home communication is a rare display of unity amongst the giants of our interconnected worlds. Bob Bajoras, President of Art+Logic looks into the issue.

Review: Choetech's T316 4 in 1 charging device for Apple products Special

Chotech has launched a new multi-functional charging dock for Apple devices, designed with four charging areas enabling different devices to be charged simultaneously.

Apple says to 'carefully' examine Crimea map controversy

Moscow - Apple said on Saturday it was going to "carefully" examine its controversial decision to show the annexed Crimea peninsula as part of Russia on maps and weather apps which has caused an outcry in Ukraine.

Apple to remove vaping apps from store after latest CDC report

Amid growing health concerns over e-cigarettes, Apple will remove all 181 e-cigarette and vaping apps from its mobile iOS App Store this morning, Axios has learned.

Apple TV+ seeks stardom on streaming service stage

San Francisco - Apple moves into new territory Friday with a streaming television service that features a budding library of original shows starring big-name celebrities, aimed at winning over its gadget lovers at home and on the go.

Apple chief defends pulling app used by Hong Kong protestors

San Francisco - Apple chief Tim Cook on Thursday defended the decision to pull an app used by protesters in Hong Kong to track police, according to a leaked email to employees obtained by a tech news site.Apple removed the HKmap.

Op-Ed: Apple removes Hong Kong map app from its store after criticism

Apple has removed its HKmap live from its App Store. The app is a crowdsourced mapping app used often by Hong Kong residents. The app is used to mark the locations of police as well as street closures during recent protest in Hong Kong.

Apple pulls Hong Kong app used by protesters after China warning

Fpo - Apple on Thursday removed an app criticised by China for allowing protesters in Hong Kong to track police, as Beijing steps up pressure on foreign companies deemed to be providing support to the pro-democracy movement.The tech giant's pulling of HKmap....

Apple pulls Hong Kong app used by protesters after China warning

Fpo - Apple on Thursday removed a Hong Kong map application used by pro-democracy protesters, saying it endangered police, after China warned the US tech giant to drop the app.According to a statement published by the makers of HKmap.
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One of many tributes to Steve Jobs outside of an Apple Store.
One of many tributes to Steve Jobs outside of an Apple Store.
Apple s iPad Pro  unveiled 09/09/2015
Apple's iPad Pro, unveiled 09/09/2015
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Apple computer
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Apple will invest $390m into Finisar
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Hopelessly inaccurate Apple Maps directions to the Fairbanks Airport carpark took users along a taxiway used by aircraft and leading to the main runway - on the opposite side to the terminal
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iPhone 7 Plus leaked images [via]
Apple s iPad Pro  unveiled 09/09/2015
Apple's iPad Pro, unveiled 09/09/2015
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