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Zebrafish News

Another BPA health risk sounded

Exposure to bisphenol A or its alternative, bisphenol S, reduces the generation of new neurons in the brain of zebrafish, according to a small study. Zebrafish are used as models for human research.

Study of zebrafish helps boy with rare disease

A study into zebrafish has helped identify the cause of an unknown genetic disorder affecting a boy and two of his uncles. Although no cure is imminent, the study could pave the way to alternative approaches for dealing with rare genetic diseases.

New way of watching 'neurons in action' (video)

Researchers have imaged the electrical impulses of a worm and in the zebrafish nervous system. It is hoped that the pioneering technology could be used soon to show activity in the human brain.

Can humans achieve vertebrate tissue regeneration?

Some animals can regenerate tissues after severe organ loss or amputation while others, such as humans, cannot. The reasons have long puzzled scientists. Researchers have some new ideas that might one day lead to human tissue regeneration.

A tiny fish could have answers when it comes to heart disease

Could a tiny fish lead the way when it comes to heart disease? The zebrafish is being studied by biomedical researchers to learn more about how hearts develop and function.

Small aquarium fish providing clues to the cure of skin cancer

Boston - Researchers at the Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School identified a gene in zebrafish that appears to be responsible for the development of melanoma in humans.

What is Transparent, Swims and Cures Cancer?

Scientists play God and have created see-through fish that allow them to view brain, heart and other internal organs to observe tumor growth in real-time in a living animal.

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Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception
Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception
Zebrafish (Danio rerio)  an small tropical aquarium fish used in molecular genetics and medical rese...
Zebrafish (Danio rerio), an small tropical aquarium fish used in molecular genetics and medical research.

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