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Siberian women want to come to Canada as environmental refugees

A group of Siberian residents, fed up with worsening environmental conditions in Kiselyovsk, a coal town in Russia, posted a YouTube video, making an emotional plea to be allowed to come to Canada as environmental refugees.

Video of huge alligator strolling across golf course goes viral

Palmetto - For those duffers playing golf in Florida, there are more than just the typical course hazards to keep an eye on. Alligators will occasionally stroll across the fairway or be hunkering down in a sand trap.

Quebec man arrested after posting video threatening Muslims

Montreal - A Quebec man is under arrest today, charged with inciting hatred and making death threats after a YouTube video surfaced of him in a "Joker" mask threatening to kill one Arab person a week in retaliation for the Paris attacks.

Op-Ed: Walter Isaacson on U.S. media and public diplomacy

American writer Walter Isaacson, in a Broadcasting Board of Governors conversation about U.S. public diplomacy and news outreach abroad, did not get web and social media coverage from Voice of America.

Viral videos: A look back at the last 10 years

YouTube turned 10 years old this month, and this means that viral videos have now made it through an entire decade. Instead of being merely a fad that faded out quickly, viral videos have become one of the most popular aspects of online life.

Video: Walking backwards in 2014 on Fiction Frenzy TV show Special

Vancouver - "Walking backwards to count down the new year", "Behind the Scenes", "The Descended" and "Authors pour their hearts out" are a few of the tongue-in-cheek fun topics on the latest episodes of Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show.

Facebook video is driving YouTube off Facebook

For the first time ever, Facebook Page owners uploaded more videos directly to Facebook than they did via sharing from YouTube videos, according to new data from Socialbakers, a company that tracks social media data.

Op-Ed: Google must remove 'Innocence of Muslims' from YouTube

The U.S. appeals court ruled on Wednesday that Google must remove from YouTube an anti-Islamic film called "The Innocence of Muslims." The film, which depicts the prophet Muhammad as a fool and a sexual deviant, sparked protests across the Muslim world.

M&M's Super Bowl XLVIII teaser: 'What happened to Yellow?'

While some brands continue to hold their cards close to their chest, a few of the big names went public today, promoting their Super Bowl XLVIII ads with teasers posted on YouTube.

Op-Ed: NM State Police action against Oriana Ferrell was justified

Taos - A video has surfaced regarding what started as a routine traffic stop that turned into a hostile confrontation between Oriana Ferrell and her 14 -year old son against officers of the New Mexico State Police.

Doggy doorman video goes viral on YouTube

Maureen Gilronan's YouTube video of her dog, Inky, has gained viral status. She posted it on Oct. 7. Since then it has had 99,747 views, and that number is rising steadily.

Video: Couple builds ball pit in apartment living room

A couple built a ball pit in their apartment living room and created a video, posting it up on YouTube. The video is going viral.

Remade 'Toy Story' movie with real toys goes viral on YouTube

Gilbert - The "Toy Story" movies have attracted fans for over 15 years, but in a unique show of fan appreciation, two individuals recreated the popular first movie in a tribute using real toys and people.

Review: Profile of a young artist — They call her Mello Yello Special

There are many talented artists in the world, but few are true renaissance people. Mello Yello is one who, while even being a teenager, is realizing her dreams and sharing her soul through arts..

Viral video helps man earn an NFL tryout

A Norwegian uploaded a YouTube clip of himself performing spectacular trick shots, and that video has been viewed over half a million times. The video also helped the man get a tryout for the NFL's New York Jets.

Dancing dog video goes viral on YouTube

A video uploaded to YouTube on Thanksgiving Day is going viral on the network. The short clip shows a dog "dancing" in anticipation of getting some leftover turkey.

iPhone 5 prank video goes viral on YouTube

The release of the iPhone 5 has been all over the news this week, although not all markets have yet received the latest version of Apple's popular smartphone. One company did manage to get a hold of a phone a little early and used it in a prank.

Horror giant Troma drops 150 free movies on YouTube

Long Island City - Today's world is an expensive place, so the recent announcement that Troma Entertainment has dropped 150 full length films onto YouTube is an early easter egg for B-Movie fanatics of earth and other possible "watchers".

N.J. mom shocked when breastfeeding help video ends up as porn

A N.J. mother was shocked when she found out a breastfeeding help video she participated in ended up on numerous pornography websites. She is now suing the Iowa-based producer of the educational video.

New Research: YouTube becoming a major platform for viewing news Special

Bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock, YouTube has changed from being a place for uploading videos, to a popular news site for news organizations, and professional and citizen journalists.

Video: Awesome tribute video 'Robin Gibb, Final Farewell'

Thame - This video was posted on YouTube June 8, 2012 by JMEagle103. The tribute is a compilation of photos taken at Robin Gibb's funeral procession with the 1968 Bee Gees hit "I Started a Joke" as the video soundtrack.

500 Paramount films including Godfather trilogy coming to YouTube

A deal has been struck between film studio giant Paramount Pictures and video-sharing website YouTube that will enable users to watch nearly 500 films.

Officials confirm Apache helicopter crash video is real

A YouTube video that depicts a helicopter crash in Afghanistan is going viral on the Web. According to several media reports, the crash appears to be real and is said to have occurred last month.

Video of baby playing ping-pong goes viral

Plymouth - A video on YouTube has begun to garner lots of attention. And a cute one it is. The video showcases a baby that plays a pretty good game of ping-pong, complete with a mean swing.

Camera catches UPS worker tossing package and giving the finger

Northport - Another errant delivery man was caught on video tossing a package. This time UPS holds the honors for having an employee with an unprofessional attitude.

FedEx addresses YouTube video of employee caught throwing monitor

FedEx has responded to the incident that involved an employee delivering a fragile package without taking care. Over the past two days a video showing a FedEx employee tossing a computer monitor over a gate as the method of delivery went viral.

FedEx worker caught on video tossing computer monitor over fence

A FedEx worker was caught on camera tossing a fragile package over a fence. The delivery item, a computer monitor, can be seen in the video being lifted up and tossed over the black iron fence.

Viral Video: Boy dances to the beat of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is considered by experts in the field to be one of the most successful musical artists and dancers of all time. Even after his death, his songs cause all ages to instantaneously break out in dance as if Michael's magic is still here.

Teens who beat young girl unconscious see their day in court

After posting the horrific beating of a young cheerleader on YouTube last spring, those charged in the case are finally getting their day in court. Two were sentenced this week, while the remaining three will be sentenced later this month.

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22 000 Dominoes in action
22,000 Dominoes in action
Screengrab / Hevesh5
Screen capture from Stefan Verstappen s video  Defense against the psychopath  part 2 (09:12 minutes...
Screen capture from Stefan Verstappen's video 'Defense against the psychopath' part 2 (09:12 minutes)
Screen capture, YouTube
Clip from Jamie Stuart s short film   Idiot With a Tripod.
Clip from Jamie Stuart's short film, "Idiot With a Tripod."
Screen shots taken from  The News with Franny and Sofia
Screen shots taken from "The News with Franny and Sofia"
YouTube user chicobot
Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
Franny gives the weather report
Franny gives the weather report
Screen shots taken from video posted by YouTube user chicobot
Screen shots taken from  The News with Franny and Sofia
Screen shots taken from "The News with Franny and Sofia"
User chicobot on YouTube
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Scene showing the conveyer belt.
From YouTube video  courtesy of FNN Local.
Scene showing the conveyer belt. From YouTube video, courtesy of FNN Local.
FNN Local
Gary Turk
It is easy to see why people could be confused when looking at the Ford Nation video.
It is easy to see why people could be confused when looking at the Ford Nation video.
Ford Nation
Franny & Sofia report a billboard fell in Brooklyn
Franny & Sofia report a billboard fell in Brooklyn
Screen shot of video taken by YouTube user chicobot
A tapeworm preserved in formaldehyde  as seen on the YouTube video.
A tapeworm preserved in formaldehyde, as seen on the YouTube video.
Chris Cannon offers Canada as the next President of the United States.
Chris Cannon offers Canada as the next President of the United States.
YouTube screen grab

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