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Xrays News

Essential Science: AI can reduce X-ray screening times

A new study shows how machine learning can be applied to reduce the amount of time needed to process abnormal chest X-rays. The system was developed through reviewing thousands of medical images.

X-ray mystery surrounds Pluto

Houston - The dwarf planet Pluto continues to tantalize. This follows news that stream of photons have been detected streaming from the planet and into space. The mystery is the planet has no obvious way of making these high-energy photons.

Are X-rays safe for kids?

Unnecessary chest x-rays for children are the most recent diagnostic tests that are being questioned for necessity and safety, according to researchers at Mayo Clinic.

Tapeworms infest Chinese man after eating raw fish

Imagine a man's surprise, when after going to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and itchy skin, he finds out that X-rays show his body is riddled with tapeworms. This is what happened to a man from Guangdong province, China.

X-ray gun developed to search vehicles for hidden contraband

Technicians at American Science & Engineering have created a hand-held device which can be used to search for compartments in any vehicle or structure you can think of.

Customs uses x-rays to find Meth hidden in cheese sauce cans

San Diego - U.S. Customs and Border Patrol used an x-ray machine to stop an alleged smuggling attempt this week at the San Ysidro port of entry. Agents reported finding methamphetamine hidden inside sealed cans of jalapenos and cheese sauce at the border crossing.

Star evaporating five million tons of planet's matter per second

Huntsville - Data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope shows that a nearby star is blasting a neighboring planet with X-rays 100,000 times more intense than the Earth receives from our sun.

Black hole eradicates star, blasts 3.8 billion light-year beam

Warwick - Scientists at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom have observed a gargantuan black hole that ripped apart a sun-like star that wandered too close. This created a beam that crossed 3.8 billion light-years to Earth.

Bright synchrotron X-rays image life's hidden building blocks

The basics of life, carbon and oxygen, are often embedded deeply in materials scientists want to study, impossible to image without destroying the samples. But researchers from France and Finland announced their new synchrotron X-ray method can do it.

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A sketch (not to scale) showing axions (blue) streaming out from the Sun  converting in the Earth s ...
A sketch (not to scale) showing axions (blue) streaming out from the Sun, converting in the Earth's magnetic field (red) into X-rays (orange), which are then detected by the XMM-Newton observatory.
University of Leicester

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