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Wreck News

Swedish wreck divers claim 'Russian mini sub' discovery

Stockholm - Swedish wreck divers said Monday they had found the wreck of a Russian mini-submarine in Swedish territorial waters, nine months after a high-profile hunt in Sweden for a mystery submarine.The Swedish military reacted with caution to the claim.

Car goes airborne, hits one house, somersaults onto another

Houston - Residents in one Houston, Texas neighborhood were awaken by loud crashes and an unbelievable sight early Sunday morning, finding a car stuck upside down in the roof of a home.

Video: Horrific Daytona crash sends fans to the hospital

Daytona Beach - The start of the 2013 NASCAR season went from cheers of excitement to gasps of horror as a car slams into the catch fence, showering spectators with debris and critically injuring at least two fans.

Rare Aston Martin One-77 wrecked in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - There were originally 77 of these exclusive and sought-after cars. Now unfortunately there is one less, as an Aston Martin One-77 crashes in a high-speed accident.

Wrecked Brazilian ship spilling oil in Antarctica

The "Endless Sea" is trapped in the ice and is spilling fuel. There is no hope of containing damage until October this year, due to the long South Pole winter.

Sukhoi SuperJet-100 crash site found — No survivors, video update

Jakarta - The crash site of the Sukhoi Superjet-100 which went off the radar yesterday has been found. There is no sign of survivors.

Titanic wreckage tours on Russian subs only $68,000 a pop

A tour company is offering something different for your next trip. If you are feeling "flush", you can travel in a Russian 'Mir' submersible to view the wreck of the Titanic.

Three Children Died After Morning Wreck

Three children are dead as a result of a vehicle crash due to a tire blowout. The vehicle was driven by Eliazar Garcia, and none of the victims wore seat-belts.

Tennessee Man Has The Worst Day Of His Life

Everyone has a bad day now and then but for a man in Tennessee, his day went from normal to horrible in a downward spiral of events, all happening within moments of each other.

Op-Ed: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald left Superior, Wisconsin in the afternoon. November 9, 1975. Her Captain was Ernest M. McSorley. She was headed to the steel mill on Zug Island, near Detroit Michigan, with a full cargo of taconite.

A Drop in the Ocean Worth $500 Million -- But Where Has it Gone?

Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins have been unearthed from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in one of the greatest finds in seafaring history.

Million dollar test drive

No joke: U.S comdedian wrecks rare Ferrari worth million bucks!

Wreck: worst driver ever

How is it even possible to do this at that rate of speed?? It really boggles the mind.

Snow + Minivans + Stupidity = life-sized Pinball

Drivers too dumb for their own good continue to attempt to drive..even after hitting the first car.

Man Stabbed by Antlers After Accident

A freak accident left a man hospitalized on Friday after he was apparently stabbed by antlers.

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Wreck Image

What is left of Kyle Larson s car after a last lap wreck in the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series race.
What is left of Kyle Larson's car after a last lap wreck in the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series race.
Screen Capture
This wreck at Daytona International Speedway sprayed fans with debris  sending many to the hospital.
This wreck at Daytona International Speedway sprayed fans with debris, sending many to the hospital.
Screen Capture
Car on its roof after a wreck - not the car mentioned in the article.
Car on its roof after a wreck - not the car mentioned in the article.