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Worm News

New phishing worm account takeover threat Special

Researchers have alerted businesses about a recent phishing attempt which goes beyond the usual tactics and basic attempts to compromise a network. The risk is with a major theft that it could become a major password theft across systems.

Microsoft issues warning about new wormable vulnerability

Microsoft has taken the unusual step to issue a second advisory note in the same month, calling on users of Windows to urgently update their operating systems in order to avoid a new “wormable” vulnerability.

'Vigilante' worm fights Mirai botnet for control of your devices

A new worm is rapidly spreading across the Internet in search of vulnerable smart home appliances. Curiously, it's believed its author is a vigilante white-hat hacker, aiming to fend off the dangerous Mirai botnet that's coordinating IoT attacks.

There's a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant

There is a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant. The worm is called Ascaris lumbricoides, a type of roundworm.

Computer solves 120-year-old mystery of worms in three days

A computer has solved a mystery that has been puzzling scientists for over 120 years in just three days. Using complex predictive simulation software, the system managed to explain how sliced-up worms turn into independent organisms.

Wood-eating gribble helps to produce biofuel

Tiny marine wood-borers called 'gribbles' contain an enzyme which could be used to turn paper, scrap wood and straw into a liquid biofuel.

Live 13 cm parasitic worm removed from man's eye

Mumbai - Doctors were shocked when they discovered the cause of the persistent eye pain suffered by an elderly Indian man was a live 13 cm long intestinal worm.

Ramnit worm infects Facebook, steals login credentials

Security experts recently discovered a worm has been circulating through Facebook. During examination, the researchers discovered the login credentials of over 45,000 Facebook users had been compromised.

'Cybernition' Stuxnet virus may target industrial sabotage on US

Stuxnet, the world's first ever worm-virus that is strong and clever enough to alter the functioning of machinery, particularly at nuclear uranium enrichment plants, could possibly be manipulated to cause catastrophic damage to any industrialized nation.

Stuxnet-like viruses to be released more broadly in 2011

Known to successfully slow down the Iranian nuclear program, the Stuxnet cyber worm is now expected to spawn variations that are predicted to disrupt non-traditional IT targets, from power grids to electronic voting stations.

Worm behind man’s eye for nine months has finally been removed

John Matthews from Bellevue, Iowa discovered the worm last December living in his eye after becoming concerned when he noticed two spots obscuring vision in his left eye.

Wormless at the festival

Competitors used a variety of techniques, but none of them were able to lure a worm from the ground during the Woodhall Worm Charming Festival in Lincolnshire.

Parasitic worm swallowing diet putting lives in danger

One of the latest diet crazes in Hong Kong, the practice of eating the giant intestinal Ascaris worms has become so popular that the nation's Department of Health decided to make a public statement in opposition to it.

Another iPhone worm exposed

A new iPhone worm has been exposed, and unlike the last reported worm which just changed a jailbroken iPhone's wallpaper to a picture of Rick Astley of "Rickrolling" frame, this one is serious: it allows hackers to steal sensitive information.

Wordpress Worm Attacks Unpatched Blogs

Wordpress is arguably the most popular blogging software in existence, but does its enormous market share make it a more attractive target for hackers? The latest worm to hit the Wordpress platform highlights the importance of keeping up to date.

So far so good, Conficker's still quiet

The dreaded Conficker.c virus, set to attack the world’s computer systems today, has been activated but there has been no chaos so far, reports say.

Facebook Worm 'Koobface' Resurfaces

A worm that takes over computers by spreading through Facebook has morphed, it now poses as YouTube video, and returned to infect Facebook users.

How an Antarctic Worm Makes Antifreeze

Two BYU researchers who just returned from Antarctica are reporting a hardy worm that withstands its cold climate by cranking out antifreeze.

Windows Worm Affects 3.5 Million Machines

A malicious program first discovered in October 2008 has infected 3.5 million machines spreading through low security networks, PCs and memory sticks.

Doctor Finds Living Worm in Woman's Brain

Once Rosemary Alvarez started experiencing arm numbness and having blurred vision, she went to the emergency room twice. Despite testing which came back as normal, doctors were puzzled by her symptoms until they saw something deep in her brain.

Storm Worm hits computers around the world

As if the worst storm in years wasn't enough, virus writers decided to add insut to injury.

Worm alert for MySpace

A worm foolish many MySpace users and sent them to phishing websites

Users Upload Mass Mailing Virus/Worm to Google Video Blog

I just got an email from the Google Video team warning that three posts were made that may contain the W32/Kapser.A@mm worm (a mass mail worm).

U.S. Leads All Spamming Countries, Thanks to Worms and Other Sneaky Scams

If you’re frustrated by all the spam swamping your inbox, repeat after me: Blame America. The U.S. is the top spam-relaying country in the world, according to IT security firm Sophos.

Tricky new malware unnerves security vendors

Just when ya thought it was safe out there on the Internet...

Did worm infect Alaska candidates' site?

More than likely this story can be ended by saying the webmaster did not do his job and secure the site to prevent this incident...

Teen Arrested for Allegedly Unleashing Computer Virus

WASHINGTON (voa) - U.S. authorities have arrested an American youth who they say was responsible for one version of the crippling Blaster computer virus. Eighteen-year-old Jeffrey Lee Parson of Minneapolis, in the midwestern U.S. state of Minnesota...

FBI on Search for Sobig Virus Origin

PHOENIX – A premium, high-quality UseNet access provider, has been subpoenaed by the FBI to provide any information relating to the account used to upload the Sobig virus to the UseNet network. is cooperating fully with the FB.

Software Attack Disrupts Internet, Phone Service in Asia

TOKYO - Asia has been hit hard by a weekend attack on the Internet. Security experts say the so-called software "worm" affected millions of people, some of them not even directly connected to the Internet. Internet traffic is slowly regaining speed...

Have You Received A Copy Of The ''Kournikova'' Computer Virus?

Many companies have been hit by a new version of last year’s insidious Love Bug, disguised this time as a picture of tennis star Anna Kournikova. The worm, which is believed to have spread from Europe to the US overnight, lures users with an attachment.

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Visitors were able to learn about the value of worms  as well as how to keep them.
Visitors were able to learn about the value of worms, as well as how to keep them.
A Hydrothermal Worm captured by a powerful magnifying photograph
A Hydrothermal Worm captured by a powerful magnifying photograph
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Scanning electron micrograph of a pair of Schistosoma mansoni
Scanning electron micrograph of a pair of Schistosoma mansoni
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A close-up view of a male Osedax priapus.
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