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Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo shot dead after boy fell into enclosure

Cincinnati - A 400-pound gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was shot to death by a zoo employee after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure and was dragged around by the gorilla. The boy was injured but is expected to survive.

These remarkable primates are being wiped out by war in the Congo

Decades of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo have decimated populations of the world's largest primate — the eastern lowland gorilla, also known as Grauer's gorilla.

Polar bear patrols reduce bear deaths in Canada, WWF says

As sea ice in the Arctic continues to thin and decrease, polar bears are spending longer periods prowling coastlines. Separated from seals, their primary source of food, the bears scavenge for meals and are attracted by cooking odors and human waste.

Sumatran tiger who killed NZ zookeeper won't be euthanized

Hamilton - A zoo in New Zealand has decided it won't euthanize the Sumatran tiger who attacked and killed a veteran zookeeper. The male tiger, named Oz, killed Samantha Kudeweh, 43, on Sunday morning inside an enclosure at the Hamilton Zoo.

India recruits a German Shepherd army to protect wild tigers

Bhopal - The newest soldiers in India's fight against wildlife poachers walk on four legs and bark their commands. These new soldiers, German Shepherds actually, are known as wildlife sniffer dogs, and they were officially inducted into their new jobs on June 20.

Op-Ed: WWF report — To live like Americans would take 3.9 planets

Humans are consuming more resources than the planet can provide, a trend that has steadily worsened over the past 50 years. A report issued last week ranks nations by their “ecological footprint,” showing just how far out of balance things have become

Five more gray whales wash ashore in Chukotka, Russia

Gray whales in the North Pacific belong to two distinct populations, with the Western gray whale population seen mainly along the coasts of China, Korea, Japan and Russia. They have been hunted to the point of near extinction, and less than 100 remain.

Op-Ed: King Juan Carlos not the only questionable association for WWF

The World Wildlife Fund is facing criticism after King Juan Carlos of Spain (an honorary President), shot and killed an elephant on a safari hunting trip. But after a little digging, His Majesty is not the only questionable association for WWF.

Rare snow leopards caught on camera

Kashmir - Conservationists with the World Wildlife Fund and the government of Bhutan recently captured a rare pair of snow leopards on video camera wandering through a remote mountainous region between India and Pakistan.

Letter from environmentalists urges Obama to address overfishing

Environmental organizations are urging President Obama to address the damage overfishing does to the marine environment and to ask the World Trade Organization to end fishing subsidies.

'Earth Hour' to be celebrated worldwide

It's lights out all over the world between 8:30 and 9:30 Saturday night as millions of people across the planet marks the celebration of the fourth annual 'Earth Hour.'

WWF report says human demand for resources outstrips supply

The World Wildlife Fund International released its annual Living Planet Report Wednesday, sharing the shocking conclusion that humans want more than the earth can provide.

World Wildlife Fund says Canadians would give up sex over cars

Toronto - The World Wildlife Fund released poll results that show Canadians would rather give up pretty much anything -- as long as it is not their car.

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Pressure is being placed on WWF-Spain to remove King Juan Carlos of Spain as Honorary President.
Pressure is being placed on WWF-Spain to remove King Juan Carlos of Spain as Honorary President.
José Cruz/ABr; Agência Brasil
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) activists light candles representing the earth as they demonstrate UN Clim...
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) activists light candles representing the earth as they demonstrate UN Climate Change policies, which fell short of an all-encompassing deal to help slow floods, droughts, heatwaves and rising sea levels
© Reuters / Jorge Silva

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