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WordPress plugin used by 300,000 websites hides a secret backdoor

A popular website plugin used by over 300,000 publishers contains a backdoor that could be used to compromise sites. The plugin recently changed hands, allowing the attackers to purchase a widely-used plugin that could be silently updated to spy on users.

Hacking 'feeding frenzy' defaces 1.5 million webpages

Over 1.5 million webpages from 39,000 different websites have been defaced by hackers in the past two days. The group is exploiting a vulnerability in popular content management system WordPress, allowing pages to be modified by unauthorised users.

WordPress hit by hackers, 30,000 passwords force reset

Popular blog hosting site WordPress has announced that 30,000 passwords will be reset in the wake of the discovery of a security breach. WordPress now powers over a quarter of all the websites online.

Millions of WordPress sites are at risk of hijacking

A major vulnerability has been discovered in the WordPress content management system that makes it possible for hackers to gain complete control of the administration area and even the web server that WordPress is running on.

4 killer apps for launching an online business

For entrepreneurs, creating and running a website to sell products has become incredibly simple and convenient. There are multiple products to establish and maintain your web store — many of them are easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

Op-Ed: Top plugins for cleaning up your act in 2015

New Year’s Resolutions fly right around the start of the New Year but by the end of January and into early February, those shiny new resolutions may have lost their appeal.

Malware infects hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites

Hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs powered by content management platform WordPress have been infected by malicious malware via a plugin.

Serious security vulnerability puts WordPress and Drupal at risk

WordPress and Drupal users should update their code now to seal a security hole. Users on an older framework could see their site shut down after hackers exploit holes in XML or other security vulnerabilities.

WordPress SEO plugin hijacked, search ratings could be affected

A popular WordPress plugin, All in One SEO Pack, downloaded around 19 million times has received emergency patches to dangerous vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to inject malicious code into pages and lower the search ratings for the site.

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2 is available for testing

The immensely popular content management system WordPress has entered the second release candidate stage for version 3.9.

New WordPress 3.5.1 vulnerability affects protected pages Special

A zero-day vulnerability found in WordPress may have been released to the public prematurely. The following includes vulnerability details, plus the researcher's response to questions about the public release.

80,000+ Wordpress blogs targeted by hackers

Wordpress, a popular blogging platform, has been targeted by an unidentified group of hackers. The hackers have reportedly launched a wide scale attack against blogs.

WordPress to start accepting Bitcoin as method of payment

Atlanta -, the popular blogging platform, announced Friday that it will now be accepting Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that is the most widely used virtual currency, as a method of payment.

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn website suspended

WordPress has suspended the website of the Greek political party Golden Dawn, which gained electoral success in Sunday's election, claiming violation of service.

'Everything should be open source,' claims WordPress founder founder Matt Mullenweg said everything, not just software, should be open source and described himself as an "open source hippie."

Blog on how to kill Muslims deleted by WordPress

Last week the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked to ask that a blog containing violence to Muslims hosted by the Internet company be deleted. The blog was deleted the next day.

Blog giant WordPress crashes, slowly coming back online

Blog giant has crashed and then later reappeared. Users were given no explanation at the time of writing but CEO Matt Mullenweg tweeted: “The vast majority of blogs are back up...”

Wordpress Worm Attacks Unpatched Blogs

Wordpress is arguably the most popular blogging software in existence, but does its enormous market share make it a more attractive target for hackers? The latest worm to hit the Wordpress platform highlights the importance of keeping up to date.

10 Best Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense

Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program. Wordpress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Listed below are 10 best Adsense plugins which help you work smarter with wordpr

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A sample of WordPress pages defaced by hacking group w4l3XzY3
A sample of WordPress pages defaced by hacking group w4l3XzY3
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
Illustration by Gerardo Obieta - @G_Obieta (CC BY 2.0)
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Matt Mullenweg in 2008.
Matt Mullenweg in 2008.
Wikimedia Commons

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