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Witchcraft News

India police seek arrest of 'village quack' for fatal witch hunt

New Delhi - Police in eastern India were searching Sunday for a woman described as a "village quack" and suspected of inciting the mob killing of five other women accused of witchcraft.

Togo voodoo market helps the sick and politicians

Lom - Lucien Yekpon, a Lome traditional healer, sat on a stool surrounded by voodoo objects -- skulls, feathers, statuettes -- to place his hand on the head of a patient and recite incantations.

Indian villagers behead woman over 'witchcraft'

Guwahati - A 63-year-old Indian woman has been dismembered and beheaded by machete-wielding villagers who accused her of practising witchcraft, police said Tuesday.

Malaysian University sells kit to combat evil spirits for $2,500

A Malaysian public university has announced that it will sell a special kit to ward off evil spirits for the low price of RM 8,750, or approximately $2,500.

Two skulls found near witchcraft book at transfer station in CT

Fairfield - On Friday, police say that the skulls of an older man and woman were found at a Connecticut waste transfer station near some witchcraft books.

Review: 'All Cheerleaders Die' breaks the teen revenge mold Special

In ‘All Cheerleaders Die,’ an outcast signs up for a high school cheerleading squad to humble the school’s reigning couple, but events force her to alter her mission.

Norway donates $600,000 to fight witchcraft in Malawi

The headline is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Belief in witchcraft is pervasive in this southeast African nation - extending even to the government – resulting in witch hunts victimizing women, the elderly, and even children.

Review: 'The King's War On Witches: Revealed' Special

The witchcraft hysteria that swept across 16th Century Europe is both well documented and well known. This 45 minute documentary presents one aspect of it.

Woman in Rajasthan branded a witch and beaten up

Jaipur - The medieval witchcraft age was perhaps the darkest era in Europe when witches were persecuted and burnt alive. However, in the 21st century India, witches are still hounded in the remotest regions.

Sri Lankan woman faces beheading for casting spell on 13-yr-old

Jeddah - A Sri Lankan woman has been arrested in Saudi Arabia on suspicion that she cast a spell on a 13-year-old shopper. The woman could face death penalty by beheading. Saudi Arabia has been known to behead people convicted on charges of witchcraft.

Soccer: Ghana coach says players use 'magic' on the field

Accra - Most coaches would be ecstatic at having players display a little magic on the field. But not Goran Stevanovic, who has accused some Ghana players of using witchcraft to hinder teammates during the recent African Cup of Nations.

Teen killed after being accused of witchcraft

London - A court in the UK heard that a 15-year-old boy was tortured and killed by his sister and her boyfriend because they believed he was a sorcerer.

Witchcraft a legal occupation in Romania

In order to avert plunging the government further into recession, witchcraft was legalized in Romania along with other odd occupations like embalmers and astrologists.

O'Donnell says no witchcraft since high school

Tea Party activist Christine O'Donnell, running in Delaware for U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate, says she was not serious about practicing witchcraft in high school.

Church children beaten and branded for ‘witchcraft’

Campaigners say children are increasingly being accused of witchcraft by preachers in the UK, and can face beatings, brandings and being physically restrained.

Doctors’ body hears claim that homeopathy is ‘witchcraft’

Britain’s main doctors’ body, the British Medical Association (BMA), has heard homeopathy likened to witchcraft. And members say taxpayers should not have to pay for remedies used on the National Health Service (NHS).

Family butchered in South Africa by 'Witchcraft' vigilantes

Vigilantes who believed the family’s grandmother was involved in witchcraft allegedly murdered an entire family in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Police say such killings remain a serious problem.

Op-Ed: Pope Speaks Out Against Witchcraft in Africa

Pope Benedict XVI has sounded a warning against witchcraft beliefs that caused fear among their followers. Speaking in the Angolan capital, Luanda, the Pontiff described the effects of some of these beliefs

Male genitals removed live in African witchcraft rituals

Young men are attacked and their genitals cut off while they are still alive; children's throats are slit and their organs removed; and border-crossers are caught with bags containing human heads and sexual organs, says a shocking report this week.

In Lithuania, Debt Collectors Resort To Using Witchcraft

In Lithuania, it seems that debt collectors are going to use unconventional means to go after people that have not paid their debts.

Op-Ed: Double Standard in Coverage of Jeremiah Wright and Lack of With Thomas Muthee

Earlier this year, Barack Obama was forced to justify and finally repudiate, Jeremiah Wright. So why now is the Press suddenly silent on controversial pastors? Reporters are not questioning the connection between Pastor Thomas Muthee and Sarah Palin?

Riot At Soccer Match Leaves 13 Dead, Many Just Young Teens, In The Congo

A soccer player was accused of using witchcraft during a match sparking a riot on Sunday. In the end thirteen laid dead. Most of the victims were just teens between the ages of 11 and 16.

Human Rights Watch Appeals To Saudi King To Nullify Execution Of 'Witch'

It is a known fact that many executions taking place in Saudi Arabia are by beheadings in public by a sword. Recently, a woman in Saudi Arabia was convicted of practicing witchcraft is set to be executed by beheading.

Kenya: Witchcraft Causes Looters to Return Stolen Goods

The violence in Kenya and the breakdown of law and order enabled looters to help themselves to merchandise that was not theirs, now the fear of witchcraft has made some looters return the stolen items.

Catholic Church Battles Witchcraft In Kenya

Are the days of the Salem witch trials returning? In a nation that has little governmental support Kenya's population often blames misfortune on witches. The Catholic Church is hoping to change that idea.

"Witchcraft" Couple Burnt to Death on Pyre

Rural areas of India remain deeply superstitious, and an elderly couple from Hyderabad in southern India, were burnt to death on a pyre by a mob who believed they were practising witchcraft.

Witch's granddaughter seeks to clear grandmother's name

The granddaughter of Helen Duncan, the last person convicted of witchcraft in 1944 because she was considered a threat to the nation, is looking forward to clearing her name.

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the Malleus Maleficarum ( Hammer of the Witches ) was published in 1484.
the Malleus Maleficarum ("Hammer of the Witches") was published in 1484.
AP/Biswaranjan Rout Source: AP
Many people were thought to be possessed by demons if they were different  or if no one knew what wa...
Many people were thought to be possessed by demons if they were different, or if no one knew what was wrong with them.

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