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Wine News

Read why alcoholics in Ottawa are given wine every hour

This may seem bizarre but alcoholics in Ottawa are given wine every hour as part of their treatment. The reason, once explained, makes sense.

Prosecco panic in Italy as Britain's EU vote looms

Rome - There will be no corks popping in Italy if Britain votes to leave the EU on Thursday: winemakers fear a Brexit could burst prosecco's bubble in its number one export market.

France's new 'Disneyland of wine' sets heads spinning

Paris - It has already been dubbed an "adult Disneyland" and "the amusement park of our dreams" by US college students.

1,400 bottles of luxury Burgundy under hammer at 'unique' auction

Geneva - More than 1,400 bottles of "grand crus" from Burgundy's renowned Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine estate will be auctioned off in Geneva Sunday in a sale expected to make millions.

Review: Fraud meets the wild world of wine in 'Sour Grapes' Special

When something gets popular enough, it seems to invite a number of eccentric personalities and its market becomes an elite club. 'Sour Grapes' zooms in on the lucrative wine market and a fraud that shakes it to its core.

California book club settles race bias lawsuit against wine train

San Francisco - A group of mostly African American women kicked off a tourist train in the Napa Valley for being too loud have settled a race-discrimination lawsuit against the private railroad.

Salute! Italy toasts booming wine trade

Verona - As he swirls a glass of yellowy green wine made from the trendy pecorino grape, Fabio Centini purrs with enthusiasm.

Calories from alcoholic beverages too often overlooked

Washington D.c. - We’ve all heard, read, observed or lived horrific stories about alcoholism and how heavy drinking leads to everything from cirrhosis of the liver to brain death.

Italy covers up nude sculptures for Iran president

Rome - Italy's desire to court visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani extended to covering up classical nude sculptures in the museum where he met Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, it emerged on Tuesday.

Helping California's grape and wine industries with vine disease

San Fransisco - Researchers have pinpointed how Pierce's disease is transmitted from insects to grapevines. The disease costs California's grape and wine industries in excess of $100 million each year.

Kiev cries foul as historic Crimean wines go under hammer

Kiev - Legendary Crimean winemaker Massandra, once a supplier to Russia's Tsar Nicolas II, has provoked the ire of Kiev by putting 13,000 vintage bottles up for auction on Tuesday.

Chinese wineries seek inspiration in foreign cups

Yinchuanzhan - In a country renowned for forgery, winemaker Jose Hernandez worries China's burgeoning viniculture industry will suffer from blatant copying of Bordeaux's output.

Senegal produces first wine in shade of iconic baobab

Ta - The bottles boasting Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache could be from any Parisian supermarket but a closer look reveals this is wine with a difference -- nurtured in the unforgiving soil of Africa's Sahel.

French winemakers hunt for climate change-resistant grape

Liergues - Amid the bustle of a busy harvest in France's famed Beaujolais wine-making region, a quiet effort is underway to counter one of the industry's biggest potential threats: climate change.

The scientific secrets of wine revealed (video)

Every wondered what is going on within your glass of chardonnay or Shiraz? How the aromas and tastes are formed to make the perfect glass of vino? The American Chemical Society has put together an entertaining video to explain more.

How France dominates oak barrel trade for fine wines

Charente Maritime - Crafted by artisans using high quality oak, "Made in France" wine barrels -- in which age some of the world's most expensive wines -- are selling like hot cakes abroad, with exports making up 70 percent of the market.

US 'phenomenally thirsty' for wine: Experts

Bordeaux - The American wine market, already the world's biggest, still has "phenomenal" potential for growth if handled with care, US wine professionals said this week at the world's leading wine fair, Vinexpo.

Mutations account for variations in grape color

Variations in the color of wine grapes of the Pinot family are due to naturally-occurring genetic mutations. These mutations switch certain genes on and off according to a new study.

Helicopter death of Chinese billionaire ruled pilot error

Bordeaux - French justice officials have concluded that pilot error caused a helicopter crash near Bordeaux in December that killed a Chinese billionaire and his son as they flew over his newly-purchased wine estate.

Soil microbes influence grape and wine quality

Researchers have studied the microbial composition of a wine grapevine. The examination unearthed the fact that the microbes found in grapes, on leaves and flowers are derived from the microbes found in the plant's roots.

Hangover for Bordeaux wines as Chinese demand dries up

Bordeaux - Sales of France's famous Bordeaux wines fell sharply last year, winemakers said on Thursday, blaming a poor harvest in 2013 and rapidly slowing demand in China, its main export market.

Carnival spirit begins in Ibiza ahead of start next week

Ibiza - Ibiza is beginning to get ready for the Ibiza Carnival that starts later this week, promising to be as big and lively an affair as always with masks, dancers, costumes and street parades.

Enzyme rapidly reduces sulfites in wine

Sulfites are added to wine as a preservative, to prevent adulteration by unwanted microbes. However, some are concerned about the health risks. This has prompted research about sulfite removal.

That glass of white wine you're holding may actually be a red

San Michele - Is there such a thing as white wine? A new scientific survey has revealed that white grapes also contain the pigments that give red wine its color.

World braces for 'rude, spirited' Beaujolais Nouveau

Paris - As the clock strikes midnight Wednesday, corks will pop the world over on new bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau, with oenophiles in Asia getting the first taste of the love-it-or-loathe-it young French wine.

Scientists getting closer to beating grape disease

Rochester - Scientists report that they are close to cracking the genetic code of crown gall tumor disease, which affects grape production. From this, the science team hope that vineyards and the wine industry will see fewer losses of vines due to infection.

Why does beer taste good?

One answer to this question could be “because it does,” but that doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. The answer is with yeast and the yeast aroma not only appeals to people, it has a particular attraction for fruit flies.

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases gold and silver ice cream

Would you believe that Häagen-Dazs Japan's releases for December 9 include in their ingredients Ashirai silver foil, wine from Bordeaux, and specks of gold leaf?

Woman allegedly stole bottle of wine to see jailed boyfriend

Cedar Park - A woman from Cedar Park, Texas, allegedly stole a bottle of wine that cost about $4, because she wanted to get arrested so she could see her boyfriend, who was in jail.

Op-Ed: Winemaking family now in second generation a Sonoma gem Special

Sonoma - On warm evenings there is always a gathering of people outside a cottage-house just off the square on West Spain Street. Unassuming, yet friendly and inviting, the Roche Winery tasting tour is low-key and unpretentious.
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Wine Image

A vineyard near Perpignan  Languedoc  France 2006
A vineyard near Perpignan, Languedoc, France 2006
Canned wine next to a can of beer
Canned wine next to a can of beer
Laurel Fan
PR photo
Pouring a glass of California wine
Pouring a glass of California wine
Different shaped wine bottles. Wine-tasting with experts at Golan Heights Winery.
Different shaped wine bottles. Wine-tasting with experts at Golan Heights Winery.
South African vinyard.
South African vinyard.
Deon Maritz/Wikimedia Commons
 Bordeaux  wine bottles.
'Bordeaux' wine bottles.
Toronto s Gourmet Food & Wine Expo an elegant affair
Toronto's Gourmet Food & Wine Expo an elegant affair
Golan Heights Winery  Katzrin  Israel.
Golan Heights Winery, Katzrin, Israel.
Toronto s Gourmet Food & Wine Expo an elegant affair
Toronto's Gourmet Food & Wine Expo an elegant affair
By mid-afternoon the wine and food festival was in full swing.
By mid-afternoon the wine and food festival was in full swing.
Rouge Sucette  cola flavored wine
Rouge Sucette, cola flavored wine
Haussmann Famille
The grapes are beginning to grow.
The grapes are beginning to grow.
The Dripping With Taste Wine & Food Festival was a well-planned event  with great tastes and fine ar...
The Dripping With Taste Wine & Food Festival was a well-planned event, with great tastes and fine art in abundant supply.
Beaujolais Nouveau launch day  Lyon France 2010
Beaujolais Nouveau launch day, Lyon France 2010
Wine bottle corks
Wine bottle corks
Wilson Design Studio s booth featured fused glass  available in a rainbow of colors.  They also work...
Wilson Design Studio's booth featured fused glass, available in a rainbow of colors. They also work with recycled glass, creating abstract and unique home decor.
Oak casts storing red wine - Golan Heights Winery.
Oak casts storing red wine - Golan Heights Winery.