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Windows vista News

Microsoft ends support for Windows Vista as new version launches

Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows Vista, the dated and never particularly popular Windows version launched a decade ago. While it's saying goodbye to the past, Microsoft is also looking forwards, launching Windows 10's latest update.

Op-Ed: Oh, give it a rest, Microsoft! Win 9 already?

Sydney - Amid a plague of reports that Windows 8 is dying the death of Mucho No Sales, with only 3.6 percent of computers running 8.1, “excitement” is again on the chopping block with Windows 9, codenamed Threshold.

Windows 8 RTM released by Microsoft

TechNet and MSDN websites have commenced to be flooded by subscribers across the globe ever since the windows 8 final version download availability news started circulating.

Op-Ed: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Browser or Spyware? Special

A mysterious Internet Explorer malfunction has inflicted some users of this popular Internet browser. Instead of recording visited URL's on the Internet IE 9 is tracking down and recording documents opened in the computer, raising privacy concerns.

Microsoft Vista Blues

Microsoft Vista went from being a highly anticipated operating system to a dreadfully demanding software - and what Microsoft is doing about it!

Internal Emails Reveal Microsoft 'Caved' to Intel and Execs Struggled With Vista

Private emails revealed in a U.S. court show Microsoft knew as far back as 2005 that hardware requirements for its Vista OS were confusing. One Microsoft exec was so frustrated with hardware requirements for Vista he called his PC "a $2100 email machine."

Microsoft Cutting Price of Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced the company plans to cut the price tag of its Windows Vista operating system sold at retail stores. The price cuts will take place in 70 countries, but no date has been announced.

Lawsuit Saying Microsoft Misled Customers in Vista Marketing Goes Class-Action

Microsoft is no stranger to lawsuits but a ruling by a U.S. judge could bring about a major headache for the software giant. The judge ruled consumers can move ahead with a class-action suit against the company for how it advertised Windows Vista.

PC World: Macbook Pro is the "Fastest Windows Vista Laptop" of 2007

PC World reviewed different laptop models and says MacBook Pro is the fastest laptop running Microsoft Windows Vista programs even among computers with dedicated Vista only OS. MacBook with its Leopard OS can run both Vista and Mac programs.

Windows Vista sells 40M licenses in 100 days

Vista owns the OS Market, sells 40 Million software licenses in just 100 days.

Vista Helping OS X

So why is Vista so confusing?

Microsoft’s Digital Ice House

Microsoft builds "digital house" made completely of ice to promote Vista

How To really install Windows Vista. Now compatible with shredders 2.0=)

This guy shows you the proper way to install Windows Vista hehe.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 finally launched. But not for us...

Microsoft finally kept one of its promises: to release Windows Vista and Office 2007 on November 30. Unfortuantely, end-users will have to wait until next year to get their XP up-graded.

Has Microsoft's Vista Chief gone mad?

The head of Microsoft’s Windows Vista project, Jim Allchin, told reporters that he let his seven year old son run Vista without anti-virus software...

Windows Vista RTM Leaked

Windows Vista RTM Leaked, size: 2.49 GB

Windows Vista - 18 months to create a 4 Second Sound

After 18 months, 4 seconds of sound to define Windows Vista.

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