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Wi-fi News

Is Wi-Fi making trees sick? Researchers doubt study

Alphen - Radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees, causing significant variations in growth, as well as bleeding and fissures in the bark, according to a recent study in the Netherlands.

Former Cold War weapons expert speaks out about Wi-Fi in schools

Barrie Trower, a scientist and former weapons expert is speaking out about the use of wireless Internet in schools, saying they could cause birth defects for multiple generations.

Apple sold 300,000 iPads on first day

Apple announced today that it sold and delivered 300,000 iPads last Saturday. Also, they said that those iPad owners downloaded more than a million applications from Apple's App Store, and more than 250,000 e-books.

Pub owner fined £8000 for user's illegal Wi-Fi download

A British pub landlord has been fined £8000 because somebody downloaded pirated content using free open Wi-Fi hotspot on the premises.

Google to offer free wi-fi at some airports this holiday season

Google announced today in a press release that they will be providing free wireless internet to 47 U.S. airports now through January 15, 2010.

Wi-Fi Direct aims to replace Bluetooth?

For people who complain about all the inconveniences of using bluetooth, they will soon have a better option -- Wi-Fi Direct, a simple peer-to-peer connections without the need for a wireless router or hotspot.

Anti-Wireless Paint to Keep Neighbors off Wi-Fi

Researchers at the University of Tokyo claim to have developed a special paint to prevent wireless signals from being broadcast.

Toyota plants solar Wi-Fi Flowers across America

Toyota has launched an advertising campaign, for the new Prius, that will see solar-powered Wi-Fi flowers set up in key American cities.

Starbucks and AT&T Officially Offer Free Wi-Fi With Conditions

Starbucks announced free Wi-Fi offer early this year in partnership with AT&T and now they are officially available at more than 7,000 stores across the country.

Group Wants Wi-Fi Banned From Public Buildings In Santa Fe

Could Wi-Fi be causing medical problems for a group in Santa Fe? Dozens of electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe want the city to be banned from public buildings.

AT&T begins to provide free Wi-Fi access to iPhone users

As promised earlier, AT&T is providing free Wi-Fi access for iPhone users at Starbucks and 71,000 other hotspots throughout the U.S.

Digital Journal TV: Got a Skype phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

It almost sounds too good to be true: using Skype without a PC, on the go. Belkin has answered the call by offering a Wi-Fi phone pre-loaded with Skype software. DigitalJournal TV gives you an overview of what’s hot and not about Belkin’s pet project.

Starbucks to Offer Free Wi-Fi With AT&T

Starbucks has joined with AT&T to provide free and paid wireless Internet service for its customers in more than 70,000 of its coffee shops nationwide. AT&T customers can access free Internet at Starbucks anytime.

Memory Card That Sends Images Wirelessly From Cameras to Computers Wins CES Prize

A new memory card will get rid of USB cables and cradles to transfer pictures from a digital cameras to your computer. Using a Wi-Fi option built into the card, it will transfers images wirelessly from the card directly to your computer.

McDonald's launches free Wi-Fi in UK restaurants

Fast food chain McDonald's said on Saturday it would offer free wireless Internet access across its 1,200 restaurants in the UK, making it the country's biggest provider of free wireless broadband access.

A Furby for the next generation

When the Furby was first introduced, everyone had to have one. The Nabaztag rabbit operates on a similar idea but it is so much more technologically sophisticated than the Furby.

iPhone an iPain-in-the-Ass for Some Wireless Networks

It's the unofficial gadget of the year, so any bad news about Apple's iPhone gets press. The keyboard has been blasted, the carrier (AT&T) scoffed at, and now the Wi-Fi connection is breaking networks. An Apple (iPhone) a day keeps the network away.

Wi-Fi Health Risk to Children

Laptops with Wi-Fi connection may be harmful to children

Wi-Fi TV - Watch TV Stations from Anywhere in the World FREE

Watch TV online, while chatting with your friends and interacting with live video audio and chat features. That's what shareholders and members will be doing on May 3rd when Wi-Fi TV hosts the event, that it will use to announce it's ventures abroad.

Archos 704 Wi-Fi 80GB Video Player

Archos introduces new 704 Wi-Fi Portable Video Player

Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype Review

This is a review of the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, that I have now been using for approximately three weeks.

Fair Wi-fi, Just say NO to 'rip off' hotels

If you have ever been ripped off in hotels for using they Wi-Fi network then you need to sign up to this campaign...

20 Things We Don't Know About Apple's iPhone

Mike Elgan of Computerworld has compiled the list in response to the year's most anticipated digital device.

Is There Any Proof that Wi-Fi Networks Can Make You Sick?

If you can't see it, you should be afraid of it. With everything going wireless, people are becoming increasingly afraid of waves emitted by Wi-Fi access points. But can they really make you sick?

Woman claims wi-fi made her sick

A British woman claims she fell ill the day after wi-fi was installed at her home.

Microsoft enters municipal Wi-Fi realm

Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it is playing its first-ever role in providing a free, ad-supported wireless network in a major U.S. city - Portland, Ore.

Singapore faces 3 years in jail for tapping into someone elses Wi-Fi Connection

Garyl Tan Jia Luo, 17, is the first person to be charged with this crime under the Computer Misuse Act, the Straits Times reported.

T-Moble First U.S. Carrier to Launch Dual-Mode Phone Service

Dual-mode service will allow users to make cellular and Wi-Fi calls from the same handset.

Wi-Fi goes Flighty.

Wi-Fi goes Flgihty in High Hopes.
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