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Weight loss News

Q&A: Weight loss app takes alternative route to dieting Special

Many people turn to dieting at this time of year, overcoming the holiday excesses. However, many fad diets simply don't work. Alternative approaches may lie in apps driven by artificial intelligence, according to the CEO of Lifesum.

Q&A: Why trending diets won't work in 2020 Special

Popular diets won’t work in 2020 for people trying to lose weight, according to registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam. This is because popular diets don’t take into account individual factors.

Coffee could help fight obesity

Looking for a way to help fight obesity or a strategy to assist with weight loss? Coffee could be the answer, according to new research. But coffee drinkers will have to go without milk or sugar in order to gain the benefits.

Science shows willpower is necessary for weight loss

Seeking to lose a few pounds or struggling with the health risks of obesity, then the key factor is not so much diet plans or exercise alone. Success depends on mental attitude, according to a new science study.

Research: Health apps can assist with weight loss

A new study shows how health apps can assist obese patients, who live in low-income households, with weight loss. This has been tested out with people assesses as being at cardiovascular risk.

Study finds the FDA allows tainted supplements to be sold in U.S.

More than 700 over-the-counter dietary supplements were found to contain unauthorized and undeclared pharmaceuticals between 2007 and 2016, according to data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Social media can help people lose weight

Social media can help with the process of loosing weight, according to a study. This is through the collective triumphs and tribulations of people sharing their weight loss journey.

To eat or not to eat before exercising?

For someone keen to lose weight and seeing exercise as the answer is it best to eat before undertaking a workout session or afterwards? A science team think they have the answer.

Magnetic brain stimulation causes weight loss

Milan - Can weight loss be achieved through the technique of magnetic brain stimulation? A recent study suggests this is possible and it works by altering the composition of the bacteria that reside in the human gut.

Why your fitness wearable might be working against you

Been piling on the pounds over the Holiday season? This year there are even more apps and connected devices aiming to help you begin 2017 in fitter fare. But will these work? Not according to a new survey.

Narcolepsy drug helps food addicts lose weight

A drug, designed to address the causes of narcolepsy, seems to assist with weight loss according to a new study. The findings suggest that overweight people could be given the sleep disorder medication.

Weight loss tips for the Holiday season

The end of December is coming soon and with it holiday activities and New Year revelries, plus plenty of opportunities to pack on the pounds. To help manage your weight during this time a leading psychologist provides some important tips.

Does weight loss lead to cancer risk reduction?

Weight loss and keeping a healthy weight helps to reduce the risk of developing different forms of cancer, but not following obesity, a new study points out.

Artificial sweeteners can make you fatter — Science proves it

A new study co-led by the University of Sydney showed that artificial sweeteners may contribute to weight gain. Although they were invented for the opposite purpose, eating "sugar-free" and "diet" foods and beverages may actually make you fatter.

One weight-loss tool you may or may not be able to stomach

With so many different methods for losing weight on the market today, many overweight people are still looking for a "miracle" that allows them to lose weight while eating normally. "AspireAssist" may be the answer.

Exercise alone doesn’t lead to weight loss: Study

A new study has shown that simply putting hours in the gym, while maintaining the same diet, is not effective for losing weight. This is because the calorie burning process reaches a plateau.

Weight loss medication recalled

Washington - The company Bee Extremely Amazed LLC, based in Jewett, Ohio, U.S., is recalling several of its products marketed for weight loss because the products contain undeclared ingredients.

The more weight you carry, the harder it is to slim

Cambridge - There could be a scientific basis to the perception that a heavier a person is then the harder it is for that person to lose weight. It all comes down to a simple protein.

Dietary supplements land 63 people in ER every day in U.S.

Injuries caused by weight loss and energy supplements are sending over 20,000 young adults and teens to the emergency room every year in the U.S., most often for cardiovascular events.

Are Europeans too fat?

According to the World Health Organization, the average European is now overweight and this carries health implications.

Cutting fat is better than cutting carbs for weight loss

A new U.S.-centric health study health study claims that reducing the fat content in a diet is more effective for weight loss than reducing the carbohydrate content.

Low-carb Paleo diet promotes weight loss and health say experts

A low-carb Paleolithic diet promotes natural weight loss and optimal health, according to the book, "The Perfect Human Diet," by fitness expert CJ Hunt.

Op-Ed: A bar of chocolate a day helps you lose weight. Really?

There is plenty of good science out there, and there is plenty of bad science. A scientist and journalist, John Bohannon, has highlighted how quickly 'bad science' can circulate with a spoof feature on chocolate and weight loss.

Obesity health issues continue past weight loss

A new study shows losing weight does not mitigate the effects of obesity on tumor development. This health warning relates to studies conducted in mice.

Scientific study reveals which diet programs work and don't work

A scientific study has revealed that most commercial diet programs can't provide one scrap of evidence that they work. After extensive analysis, the researchers have concluded that only two diet programs can be considered to be really effective.

Review: Eating the 'right' kind of calories will make you feel full

A new television program has revealed how knowing which calories to eat, rather than how many, is critical to losing weight.

New weight loss solution drug

A new candidate drug shows promise as a weight-loss solution in mice, prompting the animals to burn calories in the absence of a meal. The drug may one day be suitable for people.

Crash diets better than steady weight loss, study finds

When it comes to weight loss it appears that slow and steady does not win the race, a new study out of Australia has found. The study says that crash dieting is more effective when it comes to thinning down than taking a measured approach.

Study finds losing weight can avoid kidney disease in diabetics

Some 35 percent of people with diabetes will, to varying degrees of severity, go on to develop kidney disease, many requiring dialysis. New research suggests that for diabetics who lose weight the chances of developing kidney disease is lowered.

Locals vandalize 'fat-shaming' muffin top advertisement

Jackson - One plastic surgeon put up a billboard which denigrated people for having rolls of fat known as "muffin tops." Unknown residents vandalized it by blocking out parts of the sign and spraying "you're beautiful!" at the top.
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Kerry Rommens (third in on left) has lost nearly 100lbs. Today she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show talki...
Kerry Rommens (third in on left) has lost nearly 100lbs. Today she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show talking about her success story.
The Dr. Oz Production Team - 2013
Dr. Sean Wharton is impressed with his patient s determination to lose nearly 100lbs.
Dr. Sean Wharton is impressed with his patient's determination to lose nearly 100lbs.
CTV News Production - 2013
Jim Titus weight loss transformation
Jim Titus weight loss transformation
Permission: ABC PR
Jim Titus weight loss transformation
Jim Titus weight loss transformation
Permission: ABC PR
GMM Breakfast
GMM Breakfast
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A mock-up of the Wii Fat  one of many pictures shaming people about their weight.
A mock-up of the Wii Fat, one of many pictures shaming people about their weight.
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