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Op-Ed: How will Web 3.0 turn out?

We're currently using Web 2.0 as we browse the World Wide Web. What will the next stage — Web 3.0 — have in store for us, and will it represent a shift away from content provided by big corporations?

How Online Exposure is Killing Privacy and Turning Web Diarists into Celebrities

Today’s generation of bloggers and social-networking mavens understand one important fact: Everyone’s a public figure, so you might as well post information about yourself before someone else does.

How much money can you earn from Digital Journal?

An interesting review of Digital Journal .. which tells you how much you can expect to make from this website. Good observation from a purely monetary perspective.

Need free blog traffic and links? Try the Z-List.

The Z list is a very popular blog meme that has received a lot of buzz on the internet. This sees bloggers creating and sharing a list of many links to blogs in a single post. Very great way for bloggers to get lots of free traffic and backlinks..

Earning Money as a Citizen Journalist

In depth review of Citizen Bay, a website that allows users to earn money by reporting events or news on their city online.

Making Money by Giving Advice Online

A review of Bitwine, a website that allows to make money online by offering advice to other internet users.

The Web 2.0 Directory

This directory list more than 1200 Web 2.0 sites in 55 categories.

A new Google Search Engine?

Want to search the "new" web? Check out this Google Co-op Search Engine.

A Kaboodle for all of your web pages

Check out this online "Kaboodle". Just like the product you buy in stores, this online site keeps anything you need stored online so you can access it anywhere!

ReadWriteWeb Looking for Best Web Companies and Innovators of 2006 - Cast Your Vote

The popular Internet/Tech blog, ReadWriteWeb is looking for nominations on who you think should win Best Web Companies and Innovators. Google is leading for best BigCo, so nominate the Best Web LittleCo and Most Promising Web Company/Innovator.

10 top RSS feed readers

I try to resist switching too often between RSS reader and currently use Newshutch but Google Reader has been tempting me. This site has an excellent review of top ten RSS readers so if you don't have a favorite yet, it will help you pick one.

StumbleUpon For Sale for $50 Million?

According to a recent article on TechCrunch, two sources confirmed StumpleUpon has been approached by one large Internet company to be bought out. The price tag: $50 million.

A Day in the Life of a Web 2.0 Junkie

In the wake of all this buzz about Web 2.0 — the trend of Web content being dictated by collaboration and networking — we sent antisocial columnist Mike Drach to spend a Saturday trapped in the ether to discover what the big deal is.

It's time for Web 3.0

Commercial interest in Web 3.0 — or the “semantic Web,” for the idea of adding meaning — is only now emerging.

Web Blows Another Bubble

Google’s recent blockbuster deal to pay $1.65 billion in stock for YouTube, an online video company that has yet to turn a profit, pumped air into the theory that another Internet bubble has inflated.

The Top 10 Lies of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has been promising the world for users and developers alike. These are some of the biggest lies that have been spread.

iscrybe going to overtake Google calender?

Could this online calender really beat Google? I think so!

Social Bookmarking Showdown

Wired News holds a showdown on the top social bookmarking sites.

The Man, The Legend: Craig Newmark and the Dynasty of Craigslist

At 53, “he is old enough to be the father of many of the Web 2.0-ers already selling their businesses for millions of dollars, and he revels in his reputation as a geek savant." Craig Newmark is founder of the popular classified site, Craigslist.

Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25

"The success of the entrepreneurs behind Digg, YouTube, and Facebook will undoubtedly inspire a growing breed of the young, energetic, and self-reliant who are more than willing to gamble that their startups will fly."

Is the Sun Setting on MySpace's Success?

Digital Journal — The mighty haven’t fallen, but they’re definitely stumbling. Case in point: [i][/i] is alienating some users with a barrage of spam, hurting the social-networking site’s overall growth. Is ths the end of MySpace?

Tech Rumour Mill: Is Digg for Sale?

Digital Journal — It’s the biggest rumour circulating through the tech industry: Is social bookmarking site [i][/i] up for sale?

Google School Software

Schools with limited budget and resources are jumping on the Google bandwagon.

The Return of the Internet: How Digg, YouTube and Viral Marketing Widened the Web

OK, it never left, but it did take a long nap. Now, the Net is back with a vengeance as it becomes more personal, interacts with the user in wild ways and is giving the high-tech sector a lucrative shot in the arm.

Making Big Money Through Google Adsense

Click on the link to check out this guy's Google Adsense check. Crazy.

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