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Vegetables News

Fruit and vegetables lower risk of clinical depression

Researchers from the University of Warwick have detailed evidence of a longitudinal connection between current diet and later mental health. This indicates that consumption of fruit and vegetables could improve people's mental-health.

New packaging aims to keep vegetables fresher

Michigan State University have developed new packaging designed to help produce stay fresher for longer. The research has run tests on onions and the data collected shows considerable improvement in keeping the vegetables edible.

Tiny reason for why foodborne illness occurs with vegetables

Researchers find tiny ridges on vegetables that enable harmful viruses to adhere to commonly eaten food. Some fruits and vegetables are less likely to become contaminated than others.

Ways to get more fruit and vegetables into schools

The European Union is keen to reform the types of food young people eat in schools. The proposal is to increase the quantities of fruit, vegetables and milk consumed.

Pre-washed spinach still contains pathogens

It can be convenient to purchase pre-washed vegetables, especially for those with busy lives. It would be wrong, however, to assume that pre-washed veg is free from pathogens. A new study casts some light.

Key to food scarcity is growing it under the sea

Noli - Agricultural experts, working with scuba divers, are developing a project designed to see if growing plants in pods on the seabed is a viable solution for future food security.

Carrot helmets used to protect motorcyclists?

London - Strange as it may seem, a research group has developed a strong, light-weight and safe helmet for motorcyclists to use made from carrots. The helmets may not be orange, but they are tough.

Consumers unsure about food labeling and information

Despite food labeling reforms, from levels of fats to salts or whether something is gluten free, labels are still causing confusion among consumers according to a new study.

Avoiding fussy eating by children with three R's

Birmingham - A new study purports to tell parents how easy it is to avoid fussy eating habits with their children. This takes the form of three apparently easy steps, according to a research article.

Listeria monocytogenes contamination of salad now less common

Refrigerated foods, like salads, are at risk from Listeria monocytogenes contamination. While the bacterium remains a risk, a new survey suggests that antibiotic resistant strains are less common.

Op-Ed: Benefits of slow juice diets

London Colney - Juicing has become one of 2014's health trends. A new survey of consumer behaviors outlines some of the top juicing tips.

Op-Ed: 'Beef with Meat' speaks of a 'Raw' movement going on for 20 years Special

Austin - This reporter stumbled across a book that debut in 2013 called, "My Beef with Meat - The healthiest argument for eating a plant-strong diet, by firefighter Rip Esselstyn.

Op-Ed: Zombie bees terrorize Bushwick

Brooklyn - Near Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the bees, like the freaks, come out at night. Earlier today the whole neighborhood was abuzz with talk of swarming bees near Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore St.

Which food is best for you? Watercress tops the list

There are many so-termed "superfoods." A new report suggests that the king of them all is watercress. This is based on it containing most of the key nutrients and being low in calories.

Kangaroos have ‘green’ farts

Sydney - This is green as in environmentally friendly, rather than any pretense to color. Microbes in a Kangaroos' digestive tract produce less of a potent greenhouse gas than do those of other grass munching animals, like cows.

FDA recalls parsley over Salmonella risk

Roth Farms Inc. of Belle Glade, Fla. is recalling its “bunched Curly Parsley” because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

A 'Mrs.' pageant where wedding rings are optional

Pageants have always been a part of American culture from the "Miss America" beauty pageant to the Dade City, Florida's "Miss Kumquat" festival pageant. Rural America features a pageant for just about every fruit, nut, and vegetable festival in the USA.

Storing fruit & vegetables differently may boost health benefits

It may seem a little strange, but storing fruit and vegetables differently could help to boost their health benefits in relation to chemical like antioxidants.

Polk's Plus market continues a family tradition spanning decades Special

Pooler - For generations the Polk family has provided customers in the Savannah area with the freshest farm grown products around, and Hezekiah Polk's daughter, Becky, and her sons are continuing that tradition with their market in Pooler.

Video: Meet Ron Finley — a guerrilla gardener in South Central LA

Los Angeles - Ron Finley is an artist and a designer, based in South Central LA. He is also a guerrilla gardener, planting food in vacant lots, traffic medians and along curbs in the area.

Greek farmers give away 55 tons of free fruit & vegetables

Athens - On Wednesday farmers in Greece, while protesting high production costs, gave away tons of free fruit and vegetables to needy Greek people outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens.

The changing Japanese diet: more meat, less veg

Tokyo - The Japanese government is concerned about the diet of the typical citizen. The average volume of vegetables, fruit and seafood that Japanese adults eat every day has fallen during the past ten years leading to concerns about health and nutrition.

Scientists engineer ‘healthy’ potatoes for the U.S.

Potatoes with much higher levels of carotenoids have been created through U.S. Department of Agriculture studies. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Eat The Big Apple — Literally Special

New York - New York City is one of the most densely populated places in the world, but it also has a vibrant food production scene. Author Robin Shulman profiles it, and the people behind it, in her new book.

Could Elmo encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables?

Fort Worth - Could a cartoon character like Sesame Street's Elmo make children healthier? A new report suggests that cartoon stickers could encourage children, who usually avoid healthy items, to eat fruits and vegetables.

Op-Ed: Eco-economy — A few budget-saving tips

Times are hard worldwide at the moment and money is short. The following are a few tips on how to save money, while also helping the environment.

British Asparagus Festival cancelled due to a lack of asparagus

The annual British Asparagus Festival has been cancelled due to a lack of the principal vegetable. Poor weather in the UK has led to an insufficient quantity of asparagus being available.

Is popcorn more healthy than fruit?

Scranton - Some new research suggests that popcorn may be healthier than fruit or vegetables, at least in terms of the levels of antioxidants.

Video of McDonald's washing vegetables in machine faked

McDonald's has now stated that the YouTube video showing a branch of McDonald's in Saudi Arabia preferring to clean their vegetables in an automatic washing machine is reportedly staged.

Study: For kids, a spoonful of 'dip' makes bitter veggies go down

A common inherited sensitivity to bitterness is one reason kids balk at eating broccoli and other highly nutritious vegetables, a Temple University researcher and her collaborating team suggested.
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Vegetables Image

My garden 6/2/12
My garden 6/2/12
Biswarup Ganguly
One of several vegetable displays.
One of several vegetable displays.
A prize-winning vegetable display.
A prize-winning vegetable display.
Organic  or biological  zucchinis (courgettes  kolokithia)
Organic, or biological, zucchinis (courgettes, kolokithia)
Organic  biological aubergines  or egg-plants
Organic, biological aubergines, or egg-plants
A bunch of romaine lettuce
A bunch of romaine lettuce
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
A view of shiitake mushrooms growing from the ground
Harvesting leaf lettuce by with modern farm equipment. Yuma  Az.
Harvesting leaf lettuce by with modern farm equipment. Yuma, Az.
Jeff Vanuga, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
A gypsy woman requests help to sell her vegetables when her streetside marketplace was closed
A gypsy woman requests help to sell her vegetables when her streetside marketplace was closed
In my backyard garden you will find red potatos  tomatos  lettuce  cabbage  green beans  corn  onion...
In my backyard garden you will find red potatos, tomatos, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, corn, onions, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, pepperplants, marigolds and scattered sunflower seeds for the birds.
My Beef With Meat by Rip Esselstyn gives witness to a raw food diet that has been actually more than...
My Beef With Meat by Rip Esselstyn gives witness to a raw food diet that has been actually more than 20 years in the making. Especially so regarding the 'vegan' diet
A vegetable market
A vegetable market
Home grown vegetables.
Home grown vegetables.
The open-air gypsy market for fresh vegetables
The open-air gypsy market for fresh vegetables
I imagined a curly bright violet ornamental kale was opening a fractal-like vortex into this autumn ...
I imagined a curly bright violet ornamental kale was opening a fractal-like vortex into this autumn garden's hidden dimensions, but I noticed a crisp orange maple seed appeared trapped in its lush, lurid, vegetable "event horizon."
Child helping to prepare organic vegetables.
Child helping to prepare organic vegetables.
Jeremy Keith
Winter supply of lovely colored jars of summer fruits and vegetables
Winter supply of lovely colored jars of summer fruits and vegetables

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