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Vaccination News

U.S. states with the highest and lowest vaccination rates

Vaccines being essential for preventing disease outbreaks, but this important part of preventative medicine has been hampered by misinformation over the past decade. A new survey from WalletHub reveals the variations across U.S. states.

Q&A: Why companies are weak on business continuity planning Special

Most business continuity plans have the same procedures in place regardless of the kind of disaster a company experiences. This means neglecting things like a rise in measles cases as a consequence of the growth of the anti-vaccination movement.

Review: ‘She the People’ followup from Second City brings more laughter Special

Toronto - Everyone agrees that sequels, even good ones, rarely match up to the originals. The better ones know how to call back and reinvent elements that worked well the first time, or take their ideas in unexpected new directions, or both.

Niger launches mass polio vaccination drive

Niamey - Niger has launched a mass polio vaccination campaign targeting more than three million children under five after new cases were detected, an official said Friday.

Low vaccination rates among Canadian adults

Toronto - A new report shows a concerning relatively low level of vaccination rates among adult Canadians. This is despite of Canadian government information, and scientific advice, as to the value of immunization.

3D printing could lead to reduced vaccination rates

Boston - The number of required individual vaccinations could fall dramatically thanks to a new scientific breakthrough, potentially leading to an increase in the vaccination rate. A new process uses drug-carrying "microparticles" to slowly release medications.

Painless flu patch for those who don't like needles

Thinking about the flu season but worried about the painful injection? If you're needle-phobic then something much easier is on the horizon: a skin patch to administer the vaccine.

Op-Ed: Are Trump’s health plans dangerous for health protection?

Vaccination is, in some quarters, a controversial subject in the U.S. It need not be, with the safety and efficacy of vaccinations well-established. Some worrying comments from President-elect Donald Trump suggest vaccination goals could be unraveled.

World on brink of global crisis as yellow fever threat grows

In response to the severity of the yellow fever epidemic in Angola, other African countries and China, the WHO convened an emergency session to address the global health threat on May 19. But some experts say WHO has not gone far enough.

California school closes after student comes down with measles

San Francisco - Nevada County health officials want to find anyone who came in contact with a charter school student who has been diagnosed with measles after an overseas trip.

Call for mass rabies vaccination

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has called for a mass vaccination of dogs in order "to make rabies history." Some 60,000 people die each year from the viral disease.

California legislature toughens mandatory vaccination law

Sacramento - The Golden State would become one of three U.S. states to require childhood vaccinations before most kids could attend public school under a bill being considered by the state Assembly.

Pakistan sees major drop in polio cases

Islamabad - Pakistan has seen a major fall in polio cases this year, officials said Thursday, as a military operation has allowed vaccinators to reach areas previously off-limits because of militant attacks.

Australia to deny welfare to parents who don't vaccinate kids

The Australian government has announced parents won't receive welfare or childcare payments if they don't vaccinate their children.

Op-Ed: For vaccination, social media now makes the call

Through social media, popular media are holding control of health decisions, despite the information that the president and CDC try to provide.

Donald Trump stirs autism-vaccination debate in public once more

Real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump once again stirred the autism-vaccination debate, this time on Twitter, by sharing his belief that autism is due to high vaccination dosage. In 2012, he maintained the same view on Fox News.

Wealthy Australian suburbs have low vaccination rates

New research shows that wealthier Sydney, Australia suburbs are where parents are more often found to object to vaccinations for their children.

Croatia enforces child vaccinations

A constitutional court has upheld the requirement that Croatian children be vaccinated for hepatitis, measles, pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria, irrespective of the views of the parents.

GlaxoSmithKline vaccine suspended in Portugal

The National Agency for Medicines and Health Products of Portugal decided to suspend the administration of British vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine Infanrix Tetra following the report of adverse reactions.

Jenny McCarthy maintains anti-vaccination position

Model Jenny McCarthy has stated that she plans to take legal action following a report claiming she had changed her controversial anti-vaccination stance.

Measles outbreak shaping up to be worst in 17 years

If you're refusing to get your kids vaccinated, then you could be part of the key factor in the rising number of measles cases this year.

Experimental patch to deliver vaccinations

A skin patch that can deliver vaccines cheaply and effectively has been shown off at the recent TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh.

Global strategy to eradicate polio by 2018

A new global plan from the World Health Organization aims eliminate polio by 2018, provided that world governments can contribute $5.5 billion.

U.S. states make child vaccine exemptions more difficult

Several state legislatures across the U.S. are putting in place laws that will make it more difficult for parents to opt their children out from receiving vaccinations.

Health authority demands retraction about oil of oregano ad Special

Vancouver - A Canadian company's newspaper ad that claims oil of oregano is a safer alternative to vaccination to prevent whooping cough has health officials demanding a retraction.

Australia: Cervical cancer vaccination for teenage boys

Sydney - Cervical cancer is a major health issue. Many national governments embarked on a vaccination program for teenage girls in the mid-2000s. To slow down the spread, the Australian government is considering extending the vaccinations to teenage boys.

UK government pledge millions in vaccination funding

Ministers, officials and CEOs gathered in London on Monday for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) summit. The aim of the meeting was to raise funding for vital vaccinations.

Nations work to share virus samples to help avert global pandemic

With the ongoing threat of a global influenza pandemic as a backdrop, the World Health Organization announced that it is working with a large pool of nations to more readily share viral samples to help avert more widespread infection.

Nova Scotia flu vaccination campaign begins

Halifax - The Nova Scotia government is reminding residents that flu season is fast approaching and is encouraging everyone to see their health care provider to get immunized.

Flu shots could help prevent heart attacks

New research shows that having the flu vaccination could reduce the chance of a heart attack by a fifth, according to a study carried out by the University of Lincoln.
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Vaccination Image

Child being vaccinated for yellow fever.
Child being vaccinated for yellow fever.
WHO/Aphaluck Bhatiasevi
Tom Frieden  M.D.  M.P.H.  director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  led by exampl...
Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, led by example and got his flu vaccination at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases news conference
File photo: A young girl watches closely as a nurse administers an intramuscular immunization in her...
File photo: A young girl watches closely as a nurse administers an intramuscular immunization in her left shoulder in 2006 in a photo from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
James Gathany / CDC
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Cindy Andrews  registered nurse at Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG)  gets an injectable flu vacci...
Cindy Andrews, registered nurse at Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG), gets an injectable flu vaccination prepared for a patient on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Hannah Smith/KOMU (CC BY 2.0)
Receiving a flu shot.
Receiving a flu shot.
Nova Scotia Government website

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