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US Debt ceiling News

Op-Ed: Debt ceiling issue crisis looms at end of February in U.S.

Washington - As far as debt ceiling crises are concerned history does repeat itself at least in the U.S. The U.S. Treasury spent all its borrowed time and money by Friday Feb. 7 and now is forced to use emergency measures to keep on spending.

US debt ceiling was not raised it was removed

Washington - The recent bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown and avoid government default, did not raise the debt ceiling but in effect removed any ceiling until February 7 next year.

Op-Ed: Boehner Burns Senate's Suggestion

Washington - House Speaker John Boehner rebuffed a proposed Senate deal that would have extended the debt ceiling until early February, funded the government through early January and establishes budget conference negotiations by mid-December.

Op-Ed: United States credit rating is poised to be downgraded again

The United States government shutdown has entered into its third week while it risks hitting the debt ceiling. Regardless if Washington could get its act together, it is guaranteed that the nations credit rating will be downgraded.

U.S. Senate may introduce debt ceiling measure today

Washington - According to the Associated Press, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate could introduce a measure to pass a clean resolution to raise the nation's debt ceiling as early as Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Obama to GOP — I got your compromise — right here!

Washington - President Obama took to the stump Monday to remind Republicans of something they already know, but something that isn't getting a wide amount of coverage from the mainstream media that thrives on conflict.

Op-Ed: Why Obama has already won the debt ceiling and shutdown issues

Washington - While there is yet no solution to the US government partial shutdown nor a solution on raising the US debt ceiling before Oct. 17, there are several signs that U.S. President Barack Obama has won on both issues.

Op-Ed: GOP splits grow ugly with shutdown damage

Washington - The entire US is howling at the government shutdown, and the verdict is unanimous: The Republicans are responsible. Specifically, the Tea Party faction are responsible. The divide between the “Republicans” and the Tea Party has never been so obvious.

Obama: Republicans 'trying to mess with me' with budget bill

After House Republicans passed a bill that continued to fund the government while defunding Obamacare, President Obama characterized the GOP as a body that is "trying to mess with me."

Jack Lew to stop debt clock until October

Washington - The US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told Congress that he had decided to extent a measure that will allow the US to remain under the $16.7 debt ceiling. Lew is making the move because the Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on raising the debt limit.

Jack Lew the US Treasury Secretary by magic hikes US debt ceiling

Washington - The US federal government legal borrowing limit is $16.7 trillion. Other times when the debt limit is nearly reached the press is active in stressing that a crisis is near and negotiations essential.

Op-Ed: The case for raising US interest rates before a fatal crash

Sydney - As Fed chairman Bernanke asks the kids to stop fighting and get the go-kart back on the road before yet another wave of Congressional constipation in March, one thing is becoming obvious. Monetarism doesn’t work. Stagnation is its best result.

Op-Ed: Let’s get nasty — If America defaults, what are the options?

Sydney - The threat of a US default doesn’t just affect the United States. It affects the entire world. A major default could bring down the house of toilet paper currently described as the global financial system. What to do about it? Get very nasty indeed?

If no deal on debt U.S. may face credit rating downgrade

Washington - The Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner said that he is not confident at alll that he can make a deal with the Democrats on debt issues before the fiscal cliff Jan. 2, 2013. Unless a deal is reached the U.S. credit rating could be in jeopardy.

Op-Ed: Thanks for the debt ceiling problem, Wall Street

The cause of the debt ceiling debate has been largely ignored. The root cause doesn't stem from Capital Hill. It's from a street 228 miles hard north.

Op-Ed: The other deficit — Will the US declare intellectual bankruptcy?

Washington - For transparently dishonest, unbelievable stupidity even by the standards of the culture that gave the world the GFC, the current US debt ceiling debate takes any prize. Not raising the debt ceiling tells the world “we refuse to pay our debts”.

Op-Ed: If the rich won’t pay taxes, why should anyone else?

Washington - The Great Ideal of Capitalism, not paying taxes and letting everyone else pick up the tab, is one of the basic issues involved in dealing with the US debt ceiling. How about if the public doesn't pay taxes, either?

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