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Nine members of National Parks board quit in protest

Former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles led a mass resignation of nine members of the National Park System Advisory Board on Monday, in a protest over the Trump administration's priorities regarding the national parks system.

Oil and gas industry wants a crack at waters off Florida's coast

President Trump’s administration has proposed opening up nearly all of America’s offshore waters to oil and gas drilling, but the industry says it is mainly interested in one part of it, now cordoned off by the Pentagon - the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. to promote coal as a solution to climate change at COP23

Bonn - A major UN meeting, officially known as the COP23, begins on Monday in Bonn, Germany. However, plans by the Trump administration to promote coal as a solution to climate change has angered many who will be attending the climate meeting.

EPA proposes repeal of Obama-era 'Clean Power Plan'

Washington - The Trump administration and EPA chief Scott Pruitt figure there must be more than one way to skin a cat, so they have decided to try another tactic in gutting the Obama-era Clean Power Plan that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech going nowhere

The technology that gives driverless vehicles the ability to see around corners and other "super powers" won't be on the first autonomous vehicles to hit the roads in the next few years.

The White House asked tech giants to help it digitally transform

The White House asked the U.S. tech giants to help federal agencies digitally transform during a private call held last week. The Trump administration is seeking advice from the private sector on how it can make better use of modern technology.

Trump administration moves to repeal fracking regulations

The Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has gone ahead with its proposal to rescind the 2015 final rule on hydraulic fracturing on federal and tribal lands. The proposal was published July 25 in the Federal Register.

The impacts of slashing science funding can be far-reaching

There has never been an American president as hostile toward federal support of the sciences than Donald Trump. In the six months since he took office, he has drastically undercut science and research efforts by the federal government.

Trump administration quickly OKs first Arctic drilling plan

Eni S.p.A., an Italian multinational oil, and gas company has received federal approval to drill for oil in federal waters offshore Alaska, as President Trump makes good on his promise to make America energy independent.

Trump administration set to cancel entrepreneurial visa program

Washington - The Trump administration has delayed and will probably cancel the entrepreneurial visa program put in place by President Obama last year and scheduled to begin next week. A lot of people, including those involved with tech companies, are not happy.

Op-Ed: U.S. to send about 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan

Washington - President Donald Trump recently gave Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan. Mattis could officially announce the increased troop level as early as next week.

Trump administration takes steps to keep torture report hidden

Washington - The Trump administration is taking action to prevent the full CIA torture report of 2014 of 6,700 pages from being made public by having copies returned to Congress which is exempt from laws requiring government records be made available to the public.

Op-Ed: New group within Trump team identified as 'Axis of Adults'

Washington - The media seems to find the Trump administration filled with competing members and groups vying for power and the attention of that Great Wheeler Dealer President Donald Trump.

Op-Ed: Trump's empty promises to coal industry doomed to failure

Coal miners across the country are smiling today, now that Trump has done away with EPA regulations that put a near halt to the fossil fuel industry. But promises of going back to work and a revival of the coal sector are empty promises.

U.S. Physicians — Health problems rising due to climate change

A group of physicians in medical societies representing over half of the nation’s doctors released a report this month warning that climate change is already having a negative impact on people's health.

U.S. set to approve Keystone XL pipeline on Friday

The Trump administration will approve the Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, according to key administration officials, opening the way for the White House to grant a presidential permit to TransCanada to build the $8 billion pipeline.

U.S.-led strike kills 230 Mosul civilians; mostly women, children

Mosul - In what could be the deadliest wholesale American slaughter of innocent civilians in decades, some 230 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in an air strike in a crowded residential neighborhood of besieged Mosul, Iraq.

Op-Ed: House bill lets employers to take DNA samples with no obligations

Washington - On top of the absurdity of overturning the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans have OK’d a dovetailing bill called HR 1313. This is a House bill which allows employers to penalize employees on their health insurance for not giving DNA samples.

New Trump order will reduce government's climate change action

President Trump is expected to sign an order this week that would drop climate change as a factor in any governmental decision making, ranging from appliance standards to pipeline approvals and more.

Mattis: Climate change is real, and a national security threat

Washington - In previously unpublished written testimony to senators following his January confirmation hearing, Defense Secretary James Mattis argued that climate change is real, and a threat to U.S. national security.

24M fewer Americans insured under GOP Obamacare replacement: CBO

Washington - Despite President Donald Trump's pledge of "insurance for everybody," 24 million fewer Americans will have health coverage under the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated on Monday.

Civilian deaths from U.S., coalition attacks soar under Trump

As United States military forces and their coalition partners intensify the war against Islamist militants in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan under President Donald Trump, civilian casualties — and Muslim outrage — are soaring.

Trump's energy plan and its impact on the fossil fuel industry

According to independent economists, oil production and exports under the Trump administration are forecast to hit fresh records. It helps that a rollback on environmental regulations has been put in place, including a halt to methane emissions reviews.

ICE removes asylum seeker with brain tumor from Texas hospital

Fort Worth - U.S. immigration officers forcibly removed a Salvadoran asylum seeker in desperate need of brain surgery from a Texas hospital on Wednesday and transferred her to a for-profit prison without contact with her family and almost no access to her lawyers.

RCMP aids refugees after harrowing escape from U.S. border patrol

Winnipeg - Eight asylum seekers, including four children, made a harrowing crossing from the United States into Canada on Friday, barely escaping from pursuing U.S. border patrol agents into the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Senate confirms 'climate change denier' Scott Pruitt to head EPA

Washington - The United States Senate has confirmed Scott Pruitt, whose skepticism about human-caused global warming and close ties to the fossil fuel industry have led critics to label him a "climate change denier," to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Op-Ed: Intelligence community may be attacking Trump administration

Washington - Dennis Kucinich, a former presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, in an interview on Fox Business Network claimed that the US intelligence community was responsible for leaking information that led to the resignation of Mike Flynn.

Uber's CEO and Trump apparently had a disastrous phone call

"Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that," Kalanick wrote in the memo, which was obtained by Business Insider.

Entire State Department senior management team resigns en masse

Washington - The entire senior management team at the U.S. State Department took the unprecedented step of resigning en masse on Wednesday, fueling speculation they were either forced to quit or did so in an extraordinary rebuke of the Donald Trump administration.

Science community fights back over Trump gag orders

Scientists and citizens who believe in science all across the country are fighting back against the Trump administration's attempts to keep public-funded scientific research from the public, and they are using bold tools — running for office and marchin
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Trump administration will kill entrepreneurial visa program
Trump administration will kill entrepreneurial visa program
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