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Triplets News

Chinese baby born withits own siblings inside her

A baby girl born in a Hong Kong hospital was found to be carrying her twins. The extremely rare birth, called fetus-in-fetu, only occurs in one in 500,000 cases. The child underwent surgery at three weeks of age to remove the fetuses.

Triplet births decline as IVF use increases

Number of U.S. pregnancies resulting in three or more babies has gone down since 1998. This coincides with the use of IVF treatments.

Michigan Shivers triplets, 21, set for reunion in jail

Three Michigan brothers, the Shivers triplets, could soon be having a family reunion of sorts in jail. A jury in Saginow County, Michigan, recently convicted two of the triplets, Deshawn and Juronn, 21, of unarmed robbery.

Jennifer Aniston's baby bump, triplets? Star spoofs the rumours

Jennifer Aniston takes on the rumours about whether she may be pregnant, in a new video that's gone viral. She shows off a big baby-bump and suggests it's triplets, but it's all a spoof as part of a new ad campaign.

Woman fakes triplets so boyfriend can have more food stamps

An Illinois woman Ebony Martin, 34, who set up a false state file for her boyfriend, Keith Jones, 38, with social security numbers of non-existent triplets so that he could receive more government food assistance, was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail.

One in 30 chance of having twins in the United States

Are you seeing a lot of double strollers and twins everywhere? You are not alone. According to a new study twins are more common than you think.

Cow has triplets of different breeds

A cow in the United Kingdom not only had healthy triplets, which is very rare, but she had calves which are different breeds.

Ohio Woman, 56, Gives Birth To Her Own Granddaughters

A 56-year-old Ohio woman gives birth to her own grandchildren. Yes, plural. Jaci Dalenberg gave birth earlier this month to triplets. She was a surrogate carrier and implanted via in vitro fertilization for her own daughter.

A man who lost 3 daughters is replaced with triplets daughters

A man who lost his three daughters in the Indian Ocean tsunami has become a father again - to female triplets.

VIDEO UPDATE: Rare white tiger triplets born at Argentine zoo

The triplets made their debut today in Argentinian zoo.

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The Shivers triplets
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