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Women petition UN chief to pursue Korea peace treaty

New York - A hundred prominent women from 38 countries have directed a petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urging him to fulfill his promise to achieve a permanent peace to end the Korean War.

Canadian and U.S. tribes join forces against any more pipelines

Citing further damage to the environment, aboriginal tribes from Canada and the northern U.S. have signed a treaty to jointly fight any proposals to build more pipelines to carry crude oil from Alberta's oil sands.

What is Article 50? The key to Brexit

Brussels - It consists of just five short, vaguely worded paragraphs, but Article 50 of the European Union's 2007 Lisbon Treaty will decide how Britain leaves -- and it is already causing problems.

No EU-US deal without health, environment guarantees: France

Paris - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned Tuesday that there could not be a transatlantic trade pact without strict guarantees that French quality standards would be kept up.

Finn elected new head of world weather body

Ginebra - Finnish weather chief Petteri Taalas was on Thursday elected as the new head of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) during its quadrennial congress in Geneva.

Russia stirs anger with South Ossetia 'annexation' deal

Moscow - Russia on Wednesday signed a wide-ranging alliance with Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia that will further cement its control over the territory despite fierce condemnation from the West.

Global arms treaty enters into force on Wednesday

New York - A treaty laying down international rules for the $85 billion dollar global arms trade goes into force on Wednesday, with campaigners vowing to make sure it is strictly implemented.

US urges Russia to get rid of 'prohibited' arms

Washington - The United States on Tuesday urged Russia to destroy all weapons banned under a series of pacts, warning that Moscow is in "violation of its obligations" under a 1987 treaty.

Moscow laying landmines in Ukraine: Kiev

Geneva - Kiev on Thursday charged that Russian troops were laying anti-personnel mines in Ukraine and had grabbed a Ukrainian stockpile of landmines used for training.

Eighteen countries ratify UN treaty on arms trade

New York - A total of 18 countries filed documents Wednesday ratifying a UN treaty to regulate the $80-billion-a-year conventional arms trade.One year after the Arms Trade Treaty was adopted by the General Assembly, 31 countries have ratified it.

US Congress is barrier to huge Atlantic, Pacific trade deals

Washington - President Barack Obama is running into stiff opposition from Democrats in the US Congress to his ambitions to craft huge trade deals spanning the Atlantic and Pacific.

Whale hunt is on as Japanese whaling ships set sail for Antarctic

Using a clause in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) moratorium rules, Japan continues to engage in whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, under the guise of the Institute of Cetacean Research. The meat from this research is then sold in Japanese shops.

UN agrees to global arms trade treaty

In a historical move by the UN, the organisation overwhelmingly approved legalisation that would regulate the global arms trade, worth up to eighty billion dollars a year.

Republicans turn their backs on disabled citizens Special

Washington - It seems hard to believe that a United Nations treaty that calls for those with disabilities to be treated equally could be something the US Senate would be against, but the unimaginable became a reality on Tuesday.

Rick Santorum suggests UN treaty 'crushes U.S. sovereignty'

Former U.S. senator and republican candidate for the 2012 presidency, Rick Santorum, has recently suggested that a UN treaty, if adopted by the American government, would lead to the end of American sovereignty.

Op-Ed: Obama signed ACTA in violation of Constitution, say critics

In signing ACTA, President Barack Obama has again leapfrogged over the U.S. Constitution, critics charge. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was signed by the United States and several other countries on October 1 with little fanfare.

Majority in Egypt want peace treaty with Israel scrapped

With the US State Department publicly urging Egyptians to retain the decades-old peace treaty with Israel, a new poll from the Pew Research Center says the majority in Egypt want to end the agreement.

Retired diplomat speaks on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Special

Vancouver - On Tuesday March 22, Canada's World hosted a lecture with former Canadian Ambassador Paul Meyer at the downtown campus of the Simon Fraser University.

Op-Ed: Medvedev and Obama in Prague, sign new treaty on nuclear weapons

Prague - Presidents Medvedev and Obama met in Prague today and signed the so-called New Start treaty which will see both countries reduce their stockpile of nuclear weapons by almost one third. But not everyone is impressed. Are you?

U.N. treaty banning cluster bombs to come into effect in August

Cluster bombs have killed more than 10,000 civilians, according to the United Nations. A treaty imposing a ban on the use of these civilian killing bombs comes into effect on Aug. 1 after the 30th country ratified the agreement.

Will a Treaty Change The World This Year In Copenhagen?

According to Lord Christopher Monckton the United Nations Climate Change Treaty will form a one world government. He spoke in St. Paul, Minnesota on the subject of global warning about how President Obama could be signing away freedom in Copenhagen.

New South African Government Challenged On Cluster Munitions

A South African pacifist organisation has called on the new government of President Jacob Zuma to ratify a treaty banning cluster munitions. Former Defence Minister Charles Nqakula said the country would ratify the treaty, but only after the elections.

UN Climate Change Talks Begin

The first round of United Nations-backed negotiations designed to culminate in an ambitious new international climate change treaty in Copenhagen in December started.

Pen-demonium: Pres. Obama learns to never use same pen twice

As he settled into his very first days in office newly sworn President Barack Obama made a surprising discovery this week—in the White House, pens matter.

Australia's Great Reserve Bank Fraud, Part 3

The Reserve Bank must lower interest rates; the Coles/Woolworths duopoly must be broken down; and the Oil Price Parity Agreement abandoned. In part III we examine Australia's primary strategy to restore full prosperity and national sovereignty.

Danish prime minister asks asks Bush to back climate treaty

As of lately it seems that President Bush has been offering valedictory courtesies to some favored foreign leaders, which includes the Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Lakota Withdraw from 150 Year Treaty to Form Own Nation

The Lakota Native American tribe has withdrawn from a 150 year old treaty to claim the territory granted to them in the 5 states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Kaczynski twins trumpet Lisbon success as election looms

In the final stretch of a tight campaign ahead of Poland's Sunday parliamentary election, President Lech Kaczynski and identical twin Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski trumpeted Poland's "huge success" at the European Union's Lisbon summit.

United Nations: Declaration on Native Rights Adopted

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand all stood in opposition to this Declaration.

New EU treaty guidelines get vague approval and fierce infighting

The tricky process of redefining the EU has moved, a bit, with the general , if not wildly enthused, agreement on guidelines for the new treaty. Very sharp differences and some real clashes remain, notably Poland and Germany’s ongoing catfight.
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