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Toxic chemicals News

Lung biopsies of vaping patients show injury from toxic chemicals

Doctors researching the cause of a sudden respiratory illness that’s killed at least 16 people in the U.S. since July say a mix of “toxic chemical fumes,” not oils as previously expected, may be what’s making patients sick.

North Carolina orders Duke Energy to excavate all coal ash ponds

Charlotte - The country's largest electric company was ordered Monday to excavate coal ash from all of its North Carolina power plant sites, potentially adding billions of dollars to the costs consumers pay for electricity.

The toxic 'forever chemicals' lurking in our drinking water

At “community engagement sessions” around the country this summer, citizens are demanding the EPA act quickly and decisively to clean up local water systems that have tested positive for deadly chemicals called PFAs.

Houston folks at risk from toxic chemicals and bacteria

Houston - At least 13 of the 41 Superfund toxic waste sites in the Houston area have been flooded or damaged by Hurricane Harvey, according to the EPA, adding to the worries of health officials already concerned over bacterial contamination in the flood waters.

Op-Ed: 'This is crazy' — Fla. regulators to vote on weaker water regs

Miami - It's a dumb question, some people might say, but is it OK that Florida state regulators want to increase the amount of toxic chemicals allowed to be dumped in the rivers and lakes?

California's aquifers being filled with toxic fracking wastewater

In November 2014, an investigation revealed that California state officials knowingly allowed oil companies to dump, or pump millions of gallons of toxic waste-water into the state's federally protected underground freshwater aquifers.

Op-Ed: New coal ash leaks found at Duke Energy's Buck Power plant

Back in mid-November, two environmental groups, Waterkeeper Alliance and Yadkin Riverkeeper, discovered a stream of orange goop oozing out below the normal waterline along a quarter-mile-long stretch of the Yadkin River in North Carolina.

Apple: Toxic chemicals banned in Chinese production lines

Apple has banned two potentially toxic chemicals — benzene and n-hexane — from its production facilities in China. The development results from months of public pressure applied by China Labor Watch and Green America.

Environmentalists watching Mt. Polley and Pebble Mine Project

On August 4, a 580 acre tailing pond owned by Imperial Metals in British Columbia breached, dumping 1.3 billion gallons of toxic mine waste into the environment. On August 5, a Landsat 8 acquired an image of the area showing the extent of the damage.

Pig infertility in Spain could mean problems for humans too

Zaragoza - In 2010, there was a mysterious drop in pig fertility in various farms, located all over Spain. Since then, a Spanish scientist has investigated the situation and it seems her findings could have serious implications for us humans, too.

Will we find out 'Gulf War Syndrome' due to toxic dust from Iraq?

From the beginning of the Gulf War on August 2, 1990, and continuing up through the deployment of American and coalition troops into Afghanistan, military personnel have come down with a mysterious and assorted set of symptoms, called Gulf War Syndrome.

Cleaning up Marseille beach, one cigarette butt at a time

Marseille - A recent Surfrider Foundation cleanup, at Prado beaches, near the city of Marseille on France’s Mediterranean coast was designed to highlight the insidious effects of one particular source of pollution – cigarette butts.

Ill Winds Blowing At BP Oil

The start of hurricane season may give BP even more uncertainty in its attempts to cap the Gulf of Mexico oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Where is Ottawa's Promised Chemicals Management Plan?

The Green Party of Canada is asking both the Federal Environment and Health ministers to make the Chemicals Management Plan a priority.

Nanotechnology Used to Clean Water

Tiny particles of pure silica coated with an active material could be used to remove toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous materials from water much more effectively and at lower cost than conventional water purification methods.

"New Car Smell" Sign of Toxic Chemicals

The much beloved smell of a new car may actually be a signal of the presence of harmful chemicals inside.

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A pesticide is being used on citrus fruits.
A pesticide is being used on citrus fruits.
Photo by USDA
Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf is the voice of the Indian people. She has released a rap song to p...
Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf is the voice of the Indian people. She has released a rap song to promote her campaign to force the Hindustan Unilever to clean-up the environmental pollution.
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