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12 New York restaurants make Top 50 Iconic U.S. Restaurants list

New York - 12 New York restaurants have made the Top 50 "Iconic American Restaurants" list by Rave Reviews. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Op-Ed: Top 5 country albums of the summer of 2019

The summer of 2019 is nearing to a close and this journalist ranks his top five favorite country albums that were released.

NASA picks top team to hunt for aliens

NASA has just got serious about finding alien life. The space agency has picked a top team of scientists to hunt for extraterrestrials – and you may be able to participate.

Google pays $25 million to acquire the '.app' domain

Google has acquired exclusive rights to the new top-level domain ".app" in a deal with ICANN worth $25 million. One of several that the tech giant has applied for in recent years, it is currently unknown how the company will use the domain.

Op-Ed: Top 10 music videos of 2013

There were a lot of noteworthy music videos released this year. Did your favourites make the list? Sylvannia Soulet recaps the year with a comprehensive look at the top 10 music videos of 2013.

Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line 'cruise' to the top of charts

On July 4, country singer and reigning ACM 'Entertainer of the Year' Luke Bryan reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Airplay charts with his latest single “Crash My Party” from his forthcoming studio album.

Op-Ed: Top 5 websites using HTML5

As soon as browsers catch-up there will be no doubt that the new HTML5 will be the must-use code. Before it does, what are the new features and what are the top five sites that are using it now?

Top Gear star at centre of complaints for talking about underwear

The BBC received some complaints after Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson told viewers that he saw a woman in a burka wearing racy underwear beneath her gown.

Op-Ed: Billboard top 40, U2 number 1

Billboard magazine revealed Monday its fourth top 40 of artists or groups who made the most money. The boys from Dublin stay atop.

Top Taliban commander captured, U.S. official says

He is billed as the most significant Taliban figure since the start of the U.S war in Afghanistan. He was captured days ago and is currently in Pakistani custody.

U.S. tops survey as most admired country, dramatic rise over 2008

After declining in global admiration during the Bush years, the United States has taken the top spot as the most admired country globally. The "dramatic change" in standing is attributed to Pres. Obama and his administration.

DJ Casey Kasem Retires 'American Top 20'

Casey Kasem has counted down his last top 20 radio hits this past weekend. The show "American Top 20" is retiring after a 39 year run.

Sarah Palin Heads List of Top Quotes

Sarah Palin lost the elections but she came a winner in Fred Shapiro's list of the Top 10 Quotes brought out in the Yale Book of Quotations.

Forbes Releases Top 10 List Of Infamous Criminals

In a departure from the norm, has released a list of the Top 10 criminal master players in the world. The list highlights that today's crime and criminal is no longer endemic in scope.

Op-Ed: A Big Hat Tip To DJ Journalists, Warts And All

Like all DJs recognized in the most recent TopFinds Awards, I am honored to be counted among such fine and motley company. In this new Wild West of internet reporting, the many no-holds-barred shootouts taking place at DJ are a thing of beauty to behold.

The 10 Best Movie Weapons of All-Time: The People Speak

Several months ago, Wizard Universe had released a list called "50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of All-Time. This list, as some have guessed, cause geeks to go up in arms. Did your favorite weapons make the list?

Top 10 Business Debacles Of 2007

Just when people thought they were getting bigger and better jobs, the debacles in business became much larger and scandalous along the way. Compared to last year, there was another deadly product, consumer rights breach, or an act of malfeasance.

CNET's Top 10 games of 2007

CNET has just released its top 10 games of 2007. Though the usual suspects such as Bioshock and Halo 3 appeared on the list, there are several shockers that may cause some debate. Did your favorite game make the list?

The Top 10 Gadgets of 2007

From the iPhone to the Kindle, gadgets this year have been released left and right. Were most of these gadgets winners? Some would believe not, but thats hard to argue when they were highly anticipated by the public.

Project Censored's Top 25 Censored News Stories for 2008

Project Censored has been covering the stories that the mainstream media refuses to cover. Here is the roundup of the stories that they feel are the most important as we head into 2008.

The games you could never pronounce

This time were taking a look at those games that were often mispronounced by everyone. Whether you thought that long e was a short e or you forgot that the g was silent, it all counts towards the top 7 mispronounced game list.

Top 5 Tiniest Prefab Homes

Inhabitat lists Top 5 Tiniest Prefab Homes in the world. They may be small, tiny and compact but yet they provide all the convenience for a single person either for an office space, for a vacation home or for a full residential home.

Sheild your Innocent Eyes

It is time to dig through the closets and pull out the top ten lists for games. This time around, the list is the top 10 banned games with in history. These games were so bad, that in some cases, censorship wasn't even enough for the country.

Top 10 Internet Crimes of 2006

Last month the Internet Crime Complaint Center filed their annual report on online crime detailing the top crimes of 2006 that shows the #1 online crime to be auction fraud, followed by other online rip-offs.

Forbes top 10 celebrity divorces

How to make a lot of money fast. Marry a celebrity.

Hot Video Game Girl

Who said that SEXY girls weren't smart enough to play video games?

American Idol 6 - Top 11 - Sanjaya Performance!

Sanjaya gives a solid performance in American Idol Show last night.

Find out if you are a good photographer or not

Submit your greatest photo shots, get rated and try to be the Top Photographer of this online photography social network !

The top 7... nudest cheats for games

Yes, this is true. For all of you who enjoyed that up the skirt collage for the game Dead or Alive that was created, this video will put you on the edge. Yes, it shows everything uncensored. (don't worry, everything is digital)

Top 10 Funniest Gadgets

Some of the funnier gadgets that have come out.
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China s top pop idol LAY releases  Jade
China's top pop idol LAY releases 'Jade'
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Two skiers at the top of Blackcomb Mountain, getting ready to head down the hill on a fresh powder day at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort.

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