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Toothpaste News

Video: CVS manager allegedly strangles toothpaste shoplifter

Surveillance footage has surfaced, showing an incident in which the manager of a CVS store in Chicago Pedro Villanova, chases a homeless shoplifter Anthony Kyser, 35, who stole a tube of toothpaste, to an alley and appears to throttle him to death.

Antibacterial agent triclosan under investigation for its safety

Triclosan is being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its safety. It is found in many household products commonly used by millions of people, such as toothpaste, hand sanitizers and shaving gels.

Electrochemical Reaction on New Tooth Brush Means You Don't Need Toothpaste

The next generation toothbrush has been launched on the market. It’s called the Soladay toothbrush, after the company that developed it. It's a truly new invention because you no longer need toothpaste.

Chocolate Toothpaste Better than Fluoride, Researcher Says

A Tulane University doctoral candidate, Arman Sadeghpour says cocoa powder extract present in chocolates, teas and other products is an effective natural alternative to fluoride in toothpaste. He claims cocoa extract is more effective than fluoride.

New Toothpaste Regrows Teeth

The $3-billion global market for toothpaste is about to be set on its head. New biotechnologies have been developed that not only assist boomers with their sensitive teeth problem, it will also helps teeth regrow and fill in small cavities.

Counterfeit Toothpaste Dangerous

Counterfeit Colgate toothpaste has been circulating in the US and Canada which poses dangerous health issues. Now Colgate and health agencies are looking to get them off the shelves and make sure people buy the product they are looking for.

FDA warning on June 1: Throw away toothpaste made in China

Consumers were warned Fri. June 1, to throw out toothpaste that was made in China. It may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze called diethylene glycol.

Deadly Toothpaste

Nicaragua is just the latest in areas to seize contaminated Chinese toothpaste.

Chinese Poison Train Rolls On: Next Stop, Panamanian Toothpaste

6,000 tubes of toothpaste in Panama have been found to contain diethylene glycol, a poison used in solvents and antifreeze.

Remove Scratches From CDs Using Toothpaste

A video demonstrates how to removes scratches from CDs.

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The warning on the toothpaste box states in bold letters:  Keep out of reach of children under 6 yea...
The warning on the toothpaste box states in bold letters: "Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age." If more than a pea-sized amount is accidentally swallowed, "get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away."
Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Thegreenj / Wikimedia