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Tooth News

Hygienists call for improved dental health

Toronto - A consortium of Canadian dental hygienists is seeking to make 2016 the year of good dental hygiene and improved oral health. Plaque coats the teeth if they are not brushed properly. This contributes to gum disease and tooth decay.

Red wine could ‘fight tooth cavities’

Want another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine? Try this: a new study has found that red wine could potentially help prevent dental cavities.

Dentist hopes to create John Lennon clone from his tooth

Talk about generating instant karma by making a mockup starting with a musician's molar. That's the objective of a Canadian dentist who wants to clone John Lennon from a tooth he purchased at an auction.

Alligators offer clues for tooth regeneration

New research suggests that studying alligators could help scientists learn how to stimulate tooth regeneration in people.

Op-Ed: Tooth tattoo could halt serious disease in humans

A new device has been found to help identify tooth decay, serious disease and viruses. It could save thousands of lives.

Canadian dentist buys John Lennon's tooth for $31,000

Stockport - A tooth belonging to former Beatle John Lennon, described as 'gruesome, yellowy-brown, with a cavity,' was purchased by a Canadian dentist for a record £19,500 (US $31,000) at an auction Saturday in the U.K.

Surgeons restore blind mans sight using one of his teeth

A blind man has seen his wife for the first time following revolutionary surgery which helped restore his sight using one of his teeth.

How to remove your kids loose teeth

Are you looking for new ways to remove your children's loose teeth??

Next Time You Need a Tooth Filled, Ask Your Dentist for a Filling with Drugs

For those of who you do not, or cannot, take pills, maybe having a tooth filled with a dosage of your medicine is the answer to your prayers.

Britney Spears has Problems with her Teeth

Britney Spears recently checked into a hospital for emergency dental work. She then left the hospital only an hour later, feeling fine. Remember? Just recently Britney was released from a rehab center.

Tooth-brushing 'triggers epilepsy'

BRUSHING teeth can trigger epileptic seizures in people with damage to a small, specific spot in the brain, Australian researchers have discovered.

Florida teen stumbles upon mammoth tooth

A 16-year-old high school student stumbled upon what archaeologists say could be the biggest fossil find in Pinellas County in nearly a century. A shiny black rock caught Sierra Sarti-Sweeney's eye as she was taking pictures last month in Boca Ciega Mille

A World First Success in Bioengineering Tooth Transplant

Japanese researchers confirmed Sunday that they successfully replaced natural teeth in mice with teeth developed in a lab dish from single cells.

Woman wants Town to pay for her Broken tooth

If Joanne Harding read this article she might agree with that trying to get something done at the Town Hall can be a pain -literally.

Product That Promises Bright New Smile In Just Five Minutes

Eager to get a Julia Roberts-like grin but not too sure if you could afford to spend long hours that go into the making of a perfect smile? Well there is a new tooth-whitener in the market that promises to brighten your smile in five minutes flat.

Chipped Tooth by Eating Cookie Found to be Work Related Injury

Chip a tooth at work while eating a cookie, call it a work related injury.

Cavities & Dentists Soon To Be Thing of Past

It is billed as the "smart bomb," an antimicrobial drug that will kill tooth decay in its tracks.

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The 2x2 mm sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmits information wirelessly.
The 2x2 mm sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmits information wirelessly.
Fio Omenetto, Ph.D., Tufts University

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