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Toddler News

Toddler denies eating cake even though it's all over his face

A video that was recently uploaded shows a toddler denying he ate a cupcake. However, there was clear evidence that he did eat some cake.

Toddler crashes jeep into home, runs home to watch cartoons

Myrtle Creek - A three-year-old boy crashed a Jeep into an Oregon home, then ran back to his home to watch cartoons, according to local police.

Missing 3-year-old boy found in an arcade claw machine with toys

A three-year-old boy crawled up into a claw machine and enjoyed playing with the toys inside while his mother searched for him.

9-month old baby is arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan

This is not something you come across every day, or every lifetime. A nine-month-old baby was arrested in Lahore, Pakistan, fingerprinted and charged — with attempted murder. Mohammad Musa was charged for an incident that occurred in February.

Toddler left on school bus due to driver's error

Franklin - New Jersey officials have fired a school bus driver after a toddler was left on his bus for me than six hours after the child was forgotten about.

Video shows toddler balancing on balcony edge

Footage claimed to be shot in India has left thousands of viewers feeling tense. The video shows a toddler balancing on a window ledge that is about 50-feet above the ground.

Boy left brain-damaged, unable to walk or talk after vaccine

Sydney - On Saturday, it was reported that an Australian boy suffered severe brain damage, including seizures and encephalopathy or swelling of the brain, after a doctor in Australia accidentally administered an adult version of the CSL Fluvax shot.

Toddler uses dad's smartphone to buy vintage car on eBay

A toddler was playing with her dad's smartphone and to her parent's surprise, ended up buying a car while surfing eBay. Her purchase? A 1962 vintage car.

Adult consciousness in five-month-old babies

Babies are able to think and store memories from as early as five-months-old, according to new research. French scientists discovered that the brain processes a great deal of visual information before any of it reaches a level of conscious awareness.

Probation violator accused of raping toddler and murder

Anchorage - Jerry Andrew Active was on probation for assaulting a girl in 2009, when he allegedly raped a 2-year-old and killed her great-grand parents.

Toddler gets HIV during blood transfusion

A toddler in Russia was accidentally infected with HIV after going to see doctors for a blood transfusion. A criminal probe has now been opened up.

Toddler airlifted to hospital after farm accident

Knaresborough - An 18-month old girl is being treated in hospital for serious hand injuries after trapping her arm in machinery at a poultry farm at Farnham near Knaresborough.

Toddler finds knife in birthday cake

Cayden Bibeau, 2, got an Elmo-themed birthday cake, which was bought from a Walmart. However, the toddler found a knife in the cake.

Video: Toddler, 2 women airlifted as flood waters quickly rise

Biloela - As many throughout Australia were celebrating "Australia Day" or watching the finals of the Australian Open, Queensland rescuers were busy rescuing a toddler and two women from a nearly submerged vehicle, catching the dramatic rescue on film.

Meet Brooke Greenberg 20-year-old woman trapped in toddler's body

Brooke Greenberg is 20 years old but you won't guess from her appearance. For 15 years, she has remained in the physical and mental developmental stage of a toddler with an estimated mental age of about nine months to one year.

Toddler injured in fall from balcony, cruise ship turns back

Orlando - A cruise ship, The Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas, that departed from Florida's Port Canaveral, on a cruise for the Bahamas, was forced to turn back after a 14-month old toddler was severely injured in a fall from the ship's balcony.

Toddler's egg collection in wardrobe hatches into deadly snakes

A three-year-old boy recently did what many young kids like to do, make a collection. His collection of choice was eggs. However, what he and his mother did not realize was that these eggs would hatch into one of the world's most deadliest snakes.

Black Friday shopper in Massachusetts leaves toddler behind

Springfield - Springfield police in Massachusetts say that a man, who went bargain hunting for a 51" flat screen television at K-Mart, left behind his toddler in the backseat of the vehicle. Police broke into the car and took the boy to the hospital.

Video: Tulsa dad on Oxycontin, locked naked toddler in dog cage

Tulsa - Police in Tulsa, say they have arrested a man after they found his 18-month-old daughter covered in feces and locked in a metal dog cage, his four-year-old daughter naked and crying outside on a cold day. A neighbor found the girl and called the police.

Two-year-old Syrian boy believed to be dead reunited with parents

A two-year-old boy who got separated from his parents during a mortar attack in Damascus has been located and reunited with his parents.

Toddler Sonny Rees, 2, served 40% whiskey at Frankie and Benny's

Swansea - Sonny Rees, on his second birthday, drank half a glass of 40 percent proof whiskey through a straw, after an employee at Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Swansea accidentally served him spirits instead of the fruit juice his mother ordered.

Video of 18-month-old girl playing with gorillas goes viral

A recently uploaded video on YouTube is going viral. The footage shows an 18-month-old girl playing with gorillas. The clip was published 20 years after it was taken.

Video: Five-year-old boy falls three floors and escapes unharmed

A five-year-old boy escaped miraculously with minor injuries after he fell three floors from an escalator handrail in a Novosibirsk shopping mall in southern Russia.

Video: Watch McDonald's staff save baby choking on chip

CCTV captured the moment staff and customers at a McDonald's outlet in Sydney, Australia battled to save the life of 14-month-ld Nevaeh last month. McDonald's staff saved the toddler's life when she stopped breathing after choking on a chip.

Indonesian toddler's head swells

Rare debilitating condition has left little girl unable to walk or talk, and she spends her days being cared for by her dad.

Arizona mom allegedly gives toddler beer in a sippy cup

An Arizona mother was arrested after allegedly pouring beer into her toddler's sippy cup at a pizza parlor. Her reasoning? To stop him from reaching for the beer.

Video: Toddler within inches of death on 100ft high balcony ledge

Coventry - The shocking video shows a two-year-old playing on the 100ft high ledge of the balcony of a high rise apartment. The toddler sits on and crawls along the balcony, even dangling his feet over the sheer drop while horrified passers-by looked on.

Toddler thrown from car during police chase

A police dash-cam video shows an 18-month-old girl being thrown right from an SUV. The incident took place in Lubbock, Texas.

Mother buckles gas can in car seat, but doesn't secure toddler

Aurora - A woman in Colorado was recently pulled over during a traffic check. Authorities were stunned to find a gas can nicely buckled in a car seat while the woman's toddler, wearing only a diaper, was not securely restrained in the car.

Video: Neighbor saves toddler dangling over 40-foot balcony

A young boy in Guangzhou, China got into a very dangerous situation up on the fourth floor of an apartment building when he climbed out onto a balcony.
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Photograph of Hannah Warren  taken by her parents for media outlets
Photograph of Hannah Warren, taken by her parents for media outlets
Genevieve Warren
16-month-old Jackson Taylor after  miracle  surgery that saved his life.
16-month-old Jackson Taylor after "miracle" surgery that saved his life.
7 News Melbourne
A toddler hears for the first time
A toddler hears for the first time
Authorities have released a photo of the toddler Lane Graves  killed by an alligator at the Walt Dis...
Authorities have released a photo of the toddler Lane Graves, killed by an alligator at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.
© Orlando County Sheriff's Office
File photo: Young toddler girl playing in the sand
File photo: Young toddler girl playing in the sand
Photo by Mike Baird
Best friends go for a walk
Best friends go for a walk
Screenshot from YouTube video showing a baby laughing at a vacuum in action
Screenshot from YouTube video showing a baby laughing at a vacuum in action
YouTube screenshot
Recycling bin in the freezing cold  where the toddler was found.
Recycling bin in the freezing cold, where the toddler was found.
YouTube screen grab
You Tube screen capture

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