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Think about it: Mind-controlled hearing aid developed

New York City - A new advancement with digital hearing aid technology, where the hearing device can be tuned in by thought, has been unveiled. The aim is to enable the hearing impaired to cope better with environments with high-levels and fluctuating background noise.

Op-Ed: Knowledge doubles almost every day, and it's set to increase

The rate at which knowledge is becoming available doubling every 12 months and on a curve predicted to rise even faster. The world is changing and we could soon struggle to make sense of it all.

Helping robots understand humans

Scientists are helping robots understand humans, and ways of human thought, through testing out a twenty questions game idea.

Can human memory be improved with magnets?

The way we interpret the world is partly based on how we remember sounds and interpret these in our minds. New research into memory, building on this concept, suggests that memory might be improved through the use of magnets.

Ducklings are capable of abstract thought

Oxford - Ducklings, it seems, are capable of abstract thinking. In fascinating new tests, ducklings, after being shown toy blocks, move towards new blocks that are of a similar color or shape to the ones the ducklings were shown previously.

Review: Inspiring story of overcoming injury with the power of the mind Special

Mish Mockovic Martin suffered from a paralyzing back injury. To help herself overcome the physical and mental trauma, Martin turned to her yoga teachings and discovered that yoga has a higher purpose beyond physical fitness.

Milky Way could be 50% larger than thought

Scientists have modified earlier estimations of the size of the Milky Way and now say it is a whopping 50 percent bigger than we thought.

First footage of 'thought formation' in brain captured in fish

Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Genetics believe they have captured the world's first video images of thoughts, in this case, thoughts about food in the brain of a zebrafish as its dinner moves across its visual field.

Texas gov Perry now has ‘serious thought’ on presidency

New York - With the nation’s first GOP presidential candidate debate now in the books, Texas’ Republican Governor Rick Perry said on Tuesday he is now giving the idea of a White House run “some serious thought,” an elevation from thinking about it.

Democratizing the news for the common good

Psychologists talk about people's perceptions being reinforced: "If you hear something enough you begin to believe it." People talk of bias in news. How could these effects exploited for the mutual prosperity of all humans?

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