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Review: Andrew Gray releases 'My Happiness — A Therapy' series Episode 2 Special

Actor Andrew Gray ("Bling Empire" and "Power Rangers Megaforce") released the second episode in his digital series, "My Happiness — A Therapy Series."

Dialing down a rampaging immune system with newborn stem cells

One of the most puzzling observations made in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic was that the organs of severe COVID-19 patients — such as the lungs, kidneys, heart and brain — were being damaged just when they started showing signs of recover

The key factors for selecting the best COVID-19 plasma donors

To develop convalescent plasma therapy for the treatment of those with COVID-19, the factors of sex, age, and severity of disease are key to identifying potential donors with high levels of antibodies to provide the source material.

What's up doc? Donkey therapy eases Spain medics' stress

Hinojos - Walking into a dusty paddock, a young nurse is quickly surrounded by a group of donkeys gently nudging her for attention as she strokes their soft noses and feeds them carrots.

Op-Ed: Why Trump's overruling of the FDA over COVID-19 therapy is risky

Donald Trump has issued an order overriding scientific and medical advice to make convalescent plasma therapy available across the U.S. What is this treatment and what are the concerns with the President's proclamation?

Mexican men confront machismo culture in therapy to combat violence against women

Mexico - In an improvised therapy room in a large house in the center of Mexico City, a group of men aged between 20 and 70 close their eyes, inhale and exhale.

Nan Marks talks about career in psychotherapy, and digital age Special

Renowned psychotherapist Nan Marks chatted with Digital Journal about her respected career in psychotherapy and how technology has impacted her field of expertise.

New app aims to make CBT more accessible to people

A startup called Quirk has developed an app designed to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) more accessible to people, aiding those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Q&A: New robotics being adopted for physical therapy Special

The robotics company BIONIK Laboratories is to work with Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services on 21 BIONIK InMotion Arm Robotic Systems to help patients regain mobility. CEO Eric Dusseux discusses how robots can assist with physical therapy.

Virtual reality therapy continues to show success

Virtual reality is continuing to show success as a therapeutic method, something which is attracting health organizations and digital health start-ups. It can also be used to address gaming addition.

Fecal transplants show success against autism

The symptoms of autism, tied with gastrointestinal problems, have been addressed through fecal transplants, according to one study. The study is small, but it does pave the way for further research into fecal transplants as a therapeutic tool.

Human antibody shields mouse foetuses against Zika

Paris - An antibody produced by the human body shielded unborn mice against Zika, a study said Monday, raising hopes for thwarting the virus known to cause brain damage in human foetuses.

Smart stuffed animal toys used to help patients

A new ‘smart’ toy has been devised to give to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The toy is designed to ‘smooth’ the patients and the smart functionality adds therapeutic capabilities.

Call for greater availability of ADHD therapy

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called on more resources to be ploughed into offering therapy sessions for children the ADHD.

Prisoners, problem pooches help each other in Hungary jail

Debrecen - Friday is dog day at Hungary's Debrecen jail as Sergey, Cutie, Scottie, Tiny and Fatty, all abandoned canines from a nearby rescue home, happily lollop in for obedience training... with the inmates.

U.S. authorizes new pancreatic cancer therapy

A new treatment for pancreatic cancer has been approved in the U.S. This is a medication called Onivyde, produced by a research institute.

Report: U.S. could lift ban on transgender soldiers in military

Washington - There could be as many as 15,000 transgender men and women in the U.S. military, although the exact number is understandably not known.

Fecal transplant donor population 'stalls'

The rise of fecal transplants, as therapy to treat conditions like recurring bacterial infections caused by Clostridium difficile, have slowed down due to fewer people being suitable donors than medics had predicted.

Mental horror lingers for freed Boko Haram hostages

Yola - Fleeing Boko Haram fighters left the hundreds of women and children they captured to their fate in the bush as Nigerian soldiers closed in last week. Many survived but others weren't so lucky.

HIV antibody therapy shows success

A new study has revealed that delivering antibodies to HIV-infected people can lower levels of the virus. This offers hope as a new treatment for those infected with the virus.

New ‘miracle’ stem cell therapy reverses multiple sclerosis

A new stem cell therapy, being described as nothing short of "miraculous," will bring hope and comfort to sufferers of multiple sclerosis and their close ones.

Mental readiness strategies revealed for Canadian police Special

Toronto - This week delegates from across Canada gathered in Mississauga, Ontario to share perspectives, learn from best practices and develop strategies to improve psychological health and safety in police organizations.

Botox could treat cancer

New York - Botox, used in millions of face-smoothing procedures by the rich and vain, might also be a new weapon in the fight against cancer, according to a new study.

Iraq War Veteran receives government citation for therapy ducks

West Lafayette - Veterans deal with post-war integration in many ways. Veteran Darin Welker handled it by taking care of 14 ducks which he used for therapeutic purposes. After a citation he worries his animals will be taken away.

New therapeutic strategies for chronic diseases

With several chronic human diseases the immune system attacks normally beneficial bacteria in the gut, resulting in chronic inflammation and contributing to disease progression.

Fecal transplants are to become regulated

Fecal therapy is a new method of treating people with infection. However, U.S. physicians and researchers will now have to get approval from the FDA before they can perform a stool transplant.

New Down Syndrome protein found

Researchers have identified a protein involved in the chromosomal disorder 'Down Syndrome', that could explain its characteristic learning deficits.

Milk therapy results show some success

A gradual and steadily increasing dose of milk proteins appears to have some success in helping some people with allergies to dairy foods, according to a new research study.

Nationwide legal fight brewing 'gay-conversion therapy'

A legal fight is brewing in the U.S. over whether underage minors should have the “right” to receive gay-conversion treatment to help them “become” heterosexual, or whether such practices should be banned for their traumatizing effects.

Promising development with Alzheimer's Disease research

Scientists have managed to reduce the changes that occur in the body with the onset of Alzheimer's disease in mice. The research has the potential to lead to a major breakthrough in the search for a treatment for the disease.
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The nearly-barefoot approach is supposed to protect you from cuts while giving your feet just enough stress to grow stronger from the exercise.
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