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Testosterone News

Male contraceptive rub-on gel trials to start in 2018

Government researchers in the U.S. are about to embark on a four-year study of a birth-control method for men, a topical gel that could prevent the production of sperm. And no, it is not put on the genitals.

FDA queries testosterone supplement benefits

A new report suggests that there is little much evidence to support the health benefits of testosterone-enhancing drugs. At the same time there do not appear to be any major risks linked to the use of such supplements.

Study suggests correlation between finger ratio and testes in men

Seoul - A new report published on August 12th, 2014 suggests a correlation may exist between finger-digit ratios and male reproductive function.

Women need testosterone, a new study reports Special

Testosterone hormone replacement can be vital for women who are deficient, but too much testosterone leads to unwanted effects. A new study finds the right balance.

Why some women may need testosterone

Do some women need to take testosterone and, if so, should they? One group of researchers thinks that the answer is yes, although the U.S. FDA is yet to be convinced.

FDA issue warning about testosterone products

Bethesda - The U.S. FDA is investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products.

US regulators probing cardio risks in testosterone products

Washington - US federal regulators said Friday they were investigating products containing testosterone after recent studies suggested a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks in men being treated with the hormone.

Wood chopping manlier than playing sport

For years, many have seen lumberjacks as the manliest of men; the pinnacle of masculinity. And apparently, science thinks so too.

Sudden dip in male sex hormone linked to Parkinson’s disease

Understanding the underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease, estimated to affect 6.3 million people worldwide, is a focus of researchers. A new study links sudden dips in the male sex hormone testosterone to the neurological disease.

Five tests show your man may want sex with other women

Too often a man's infidelity is blamed on weak character or an unhappy marriage. Now through research another explanation is offered.

New reversible contraceptive for men that 'rubs on like lotion'

An easy-to-use gel applied daily to the skin shows promise as a reversible contraceptive for men, researchers reported Tuesday at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting in Houston.

Can testosterone help you with weight loss?

A new study suggests that men with low testosterone levels can lose weight by taking testosterone supplements, but not everyone is convinced.

Study: Fatherhood lowers a man's testosterone level

A new study at Northwestern University shows conclusively that fatherhood lowers men's testosterone levels, suggesting that caring for offspring is "biologically hardwired" into human males, the scientists claimed.

Testosterone study clarifies influence on men's mating behavior

Scientists recently studied men vying for female attention to find out if it’s more than a theory that testosterone plays a role in dominance, competitiveness and mating behavior.

Op-Ed: Why Men Can't Bear To See Women Cry

Ladies, when your husband says "Honey, you know I can’t stand to see you cry.” - Believe him. According to Neurobiologist Noam Seobel’s recent study on why women’s tears have such an affect on men;

Study: Older men dance badly to repel younger women Special

Fathers who embarrass their children by dancing badly at weddings and discos can now blame evolution, thanks to a recent study.

Higher Testosterone Levels Lead to Financial Risks

Women with higher testosterone levels are seven times more likely to take financial risks. When given a choice between a guaranteed monetary award and the chance of winning a lottery worth more money, testosterone levels weighted the results.

Science Says Women Should Lead Governments

If the hand that rocks the cradle really ruled the world, science says we might not be in the trouble we’re in. Some women always suspected that, but why is it true?

Study Finds Male Transsexual Gene Link

A significant link between a gene involved in testosterone action and male transsexualism has been found by Australian researchers.

New Fruit Juice Improves Muscle Performance By 70 per cent

New Zealand scientists have created a fruit juice that increases muscle power by up to 70% and delays fatigue. The juice is set to hit the market soon, but sadly it's only going to aid male sportsmen.

Study: Testosterone makes men happier, improves health

It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to most men: testosterone is a key link in depression among men. Testosterone levels can be lowered by disease, and that can contribute to depression.

Men 'Funnier Than Women' Thanks to Testosterone?

Dorothy Parker might have had something to say about this. A British study has linked humor to male hormones. The theory is that it’s part of sexual competition, channeling aggression. The debatable point is that part of this research is unicycle-based

Sex Makes You Feel Sexier Says Study

Whether you are straight or gay, having sex raises your testosterone levels. Among the effects of an increase in testosterone is the heightened belief in your own sexiness according to recent studies.

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