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Tear gas News

Op-Ed: Do you know why the Dakota Access Pipeline is being protested?

Police in riot gear hit dozens of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters with pepper spray and tear gas as they waded waist-deep through cold water trying to reach property owned by the pipeline’s developer.

Israel exonerates soldier who killed Palestinian protester

An Israeli soldier who killed a Palestinian protester has been cleared and exonerated of all charges. Israel's Army defends the verdict, but an Israeli human rights group criticizes the decision.

Documentary: 'Taksim Commune: Gezi Park & the Uprising in Turkey'

Istanbul - Global Uprisings has published a 33-minute video documentary, which tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, its violent eviction, and the mass uprising throughout Turkey that it sparked.

Video: RT reporter hit by water cannon in Ankara, Turkey

Ankara - It seems even the press is unwelcome in Turkey right now. RT's Tom Barton was reporting on a demonstration in Ankara when a water cannon sprayed him and knocked him off his feet, right in front of the cameramen and crew.

Photo Essay: Protests in Turkey Special

Istanbul - Protests began in Istanbul's Gezi Park on May 31 and spread throughout Turkey as police reacted violently with water cannons and tear gas. People in Turkey are asking for more freedom, and some merely stand silently while police order more pepper spray.

Turkey's ongoing protests could be good for Spain's 2013 tourism

While Turkey insists that all is well and safe in that country for tourists this summer, people are changing their vacation plans and thinking of heading to Spain instead.

Turks protest for freedom Special

Istanbul - Protests that began earlier this week in Istanbul because of a park threatened by bulldozers have spread throughout Turkey as Turks call for the saving of democracy and not just trees.

'Occupy Taksim Park': Protesters tear-gassed in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul - For three days, protesters have been resisting against the demolition of Taksim's Gezi Park in the heart of Istanbul, for a shopping mall to be built. Police cracked down with tear gas. (Video update)

Slovenians clash with police in anti-government demo (video)

Ljubljana - Ahead of this weekend's presidential elections, angry protesters hit the streets on Friday, demanding that the "corrupt" government resign. Police responded with water cannon and tear gas. (Updated).

Athens protesters throw firebombs, police shoot tear gas (Video)

Athens - Protests have erupted into rage in Athens on Wednesday, as Greece shuts down with a 24-hour general strike over austerity measures.

12 people killed in shooting spree at Batman movie premiere

Aurora - A dozen people were killed and around 59 were injured in Aurora, near Denver, Colorado when attending a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. One of the suspects, a 25-year-old man, has been taken into custody.

Testicle-biting dogs trained to face Euro 2012 hooligans

Anti-hooligan squads in Poland are prepared for an influx of trouble-makers at the Euro 2012 tournament. Polish squads are ready to tackle hooligans with water cannons, tear gas and dogs trained to bite suspects in the testicles.

Death from above: US police drone may fire tasers, rubber bullets

Mongomery County, Texas - Aerial surveillance drones that are being implemented by police departments in America may soon be equipped with a variety of weapons that are dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Two killed by tear gas fired by Bahrain's security forces

Two people have died as a result of tear gas used by Bahrain's security forces against anti-regime activists. Opposition to the Sunni al-Khalifa regime has been ongoing since February 2011, in spite of the brutal crackdown by Bahrani forces.

Police arrest 300 Occupy Oakland protesters

Oakland - Oakland police used tear gas and flash grenades after members of the Occupy Oakland movement attempted to take over a vacant convention center.

Israel fires tear gas on Palestinian protesters and on reporter

Incredible live footage from Al Jazeera shows a reporter enduring a tear gas assault by Israeli troops - who were throwing tear gas canisters at Palestinian protesters in Bil'In.

Tehran rally turns violent on Saturday

A rally in Tehran is turning violent as the police are allegedly beating protesters. Witnesses say that the police have fired tear gas and water cannons at those who have rallied in defiance of the governmental elections last week on Saturday.

Turkish Police Mistakenly Fire Tear Gas At School

Dozens of children have been hurt after Turkish police made a mistake, firing a tear gas canister into a school in the town of Altinsehir.

UN police break up Kosovo protest

UN police in Kosovo have used tear gas to disperse some 2,000 ethnic Albanians protesting against a UN plan on the future status of Serbia's province.

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Protesters are doused with pepper spray in Taksim Square
Protesters are doused with pepper spray in Taksim Square
Turkish Protests News
Police fire tear gas into a subway station in Istanbul during the Gezi Park protest.
Police fire tear gas into a subway station in Istanbul during the Gezi Park protest.
Social Network Unionism
Demonstration in Imbaba  Cairo  while been attacked by tear gas
Demonstration in Imbaba, Cairo, while been attacked by tear gas
Police attack protesters with tear gas in the Taksim  Gezi Park protest.
Police attack protesters with tear gas in the Taksim, Gezi Park protest.
Social Network Unionism
Violence broke out during a demonstration in Berlin on May Day.
Violence broke out during a demonstration in Berlin on May Day.
Video screen capture

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