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Tax cuts News

Tax cuts and spending bill leave U.S. in sea of red ink

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Monday issued a gloomy forecast for the nation's budget deficit in its first report since President Donald Trump signed last year’s tax cut and this year’s big spending bill.

Goldman Sachs — Trump tax cuts will have little effect on growth

New York City - The GOP's tax reform plan would only increase economic growth by about 0.1 to 0. percentage points over the next two years, according to a report issued by Goldman Sachs. And any savings would be spent on technology and not on hiring more employees.

Goldman Sachs may award £8.3b bonuses, schemes to exploit tax cut

London - Goldman Sachs in the UK has sparked media controversy following news that the bank is planning to delay bonuses of £8.3 billion awarded for 2010 and 2011 to take advantage of the five percent cut in tax rate for top earners to be introduced 6 April.

California's budget deficit is gone, Gov. Jerry Brown declares

Sacramento - The Liberal Democrat Governor has introduced a plan that would give California a long-awaited surplus of $1 billion; the Governor also wants to renew funding of education and social programs.

U.S. House passes fiscal cliff bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan compromise after a late-night vote of 257-157, clearing the way for the richest Americans to pay more taxes and shielding the middle class from painful tax hikes.

Op-Ed: No Xmas deal to avoid fiscal cliff

Washington - The US Congress and President Obama have left town for Xmas without any deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year. The vision of a grand scheme is long gone. What remains is at most some temporary fix or stop-gap solution.

Ryan statement untrue, Biden and Romney agree on tax plan

During the vice presidential debate Thursday night, Paul Ryan stated the tax plan he and Romney are proposing has been done before and worked.

Obama calls for extension of Bush-era tax cuts for middle class

President Barack Obama on Monday called on Congress to extend Bush-era tax cuts, but only for those earning less than $250,000 per year.

Op-Ed: The American GOP: Spoon-feeding the rich, bankrupting the nation

The GOP has executed the largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history. Due to unfair tax schemes and an obsession for selling out to corporations while hobbling the middle class, the U.S. has record numbers of billionaires and people living in poverty.

President Obama's unnoticed 'Tax Cuts'

A recent poll showed that over half of the people surveyed believe their taxes remained the same while almost one third believe their taxes went up during the Obama Administration.

Tear gas and Molotov cocktails as Greek protesters attack banks

Athens - Thousands of protesters gathered in Greek cities today, attacking banks and businesses, trying to gain entrance into the finance ministry. Flames, smoke and war-cries made May 1 in Athens almost look like Bangkok in the last weeks.

Study says public services a bargain for Canadians

The majority of Canadian households enjoy a higher quality of life because the public services their taxes fund come at a solid bargain.

Obama's Tax Cut Could Finance A Month's Rent To Those Making Less Money

McCain has been saying that Obama's tax cuts will actually raise taxes. The truth though is if you're in the lowest tax bracket McCain's plan will put $19 back in your pocket. Obama's plan could almost pay for a month of rent at $567 for the poor.

Op-Ed: Alan Greenspan says U.S. can't afford McCain's $3.3 Trillion tax cuts

Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman, said the USA will be crippled even further if Republican presidential contender John McCain goes ahead with his proposed tax cuts.

Giuliani Offers FAST Form

Rudy Giuliani proposes the FAST Form which is supposed to make the federal income tax form fairer and simpler as the name implies. Highlights include it being only one page long with three rates: 10, 15 and 30 percent.

Tax Cuts Slice Surplus

Canada's accumulated budget surplus has shrunk by $2.7 billion largely because of the tax cuts that were introduced in the mini-budget o that was presented last October.

Poll Says Canadians Like Tax Cuts

This will not come as a surprise but a new poll has found that Canadians like tax cuts and as a result accepted the government's mini-budget by a great majority. Also the interest in a federal election is minimal.

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