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Tax avoidance News

Profit shifting allows massive tax avoidance by multinationals

Between 1985 and 2018 the average statutory global tax rate has fallen by more than half from 49 percent to just 24 percent. A main cause of this decline is profit shifting.

Leaked documents shows how Apple shopped for a new tax haven

-Leaked documents have revealed how Apple went shopping around for a tax haven in 2014. -It looked for a country with low taxes, discretion, and a stable political environment.

Amount hoarded overseas by U.S. companies hits new record in 2015

The recent fight among Apple, Ireland, and the European Union has once again shined a spotlight on the growing trend of US companies storing cash overseas to avoid taxes.

Op-Ed: Panama Papers and the West's Putin complex

The Panama Papers exposed a damning system of tax avoidance by wealthy politicians, but the Western media seemed largely fixated on one name in particular, Vladimir Putin, despite his name not being mentioned once in the 11.5 million leaked files.

British harm progress on global tax avoidance, U.S. official says

A senior U.S. official accused the U.K. of undermining global efforts to stop tax avoidance by multinational corporations. An international agreement on taxes will be announced at the G20 talks this fall.

Review: ‘The Price We Pay’ fails to uncomplicate costs of tax avoidance Special

‘The Price We Pay’ is a dense documentary that explores and condemns corporate tax avoidance by demonstrating its impact on ordinary people via interviews with political and financial experts.

Op-Ed: Shareholders push Google to pay $2 billion in taxes

At Google’s annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world are joining with Google shareholders in a resolution urging the corporation to pay more than $2 billion in taxes owed around the world.

Six Ontario residents charged in massive $200 million fraud

Toronto - Six men are in custody for what is being called a "fraudulent investment scheme" whereby people purchased illegitimate business losses in order to obtain income tax write-offs. The major victim of the fraud was the Canadian government.

Op-Ed: The ongoing tax crusade against Google

The powers-that-be in the UK are continuing their crusade against Google, but this is the thin edge of a very broad wedge, as others are beginning to realise.

Associated British Foods caught in global tax scandal

The Associated British Foods (ABF), one of the biggest British multinationals, whose brands include Silver Spoon sugar and Twinnings Tea, has been accused of avoiding to pay its million-dollar tax bill to Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Belgium refuses citizenship to France’s richest man in tax exodus

France’s richest man, billionaire Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury conglomerate LVMH, applied for Belgian nationality but denied his motivation was recently introduced taxes for France’s super-rich. Belgian authorities have for the moment, said ‘Non'.

Greek 'tax dodgers' and the real financial parasites

According to a certain high profile figure on the international stage, the Greeks, especially their leaders are tax dodging parasites, but who are the real plunderers of nations?

ABC News finds tax issues in Romney's Cayman Island dealings

ABC News reports this evening that the massive document drop on the Gawker website earlier today reveals that Bain Capital made use of arcane techniques in several of its Cayman Islands-based funds to avoid U.S. taxes.

Op-Ed: Should Jimmy Carr pay more tax?

The comedian Jimmy Carr has come under fire from no less than Britain's Prime Minister for his aggressive tax avoidance, but this time, David Cameron is barking up the wrong tree.

Review: 'The Truth About Tax' or bashing big business? Special

On Monday night, the BBC's 'Panorama' programme featured an hour long investigation into how hundreds of big companies avoid paying their fair share of tax, but are they really the bad guys?

Revenue Canada employees suspected in tax avoidance scheme

It's alleged that at least one Revenue Canada employee may have falsified a tax audit to help two inactive companies hide millions of dollars that were funnelled from major construction firms in Quebec.

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