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Supreme court of canada News

One man's battle against Quebec Premier 70 years ago

Montreal - This year will mark the 70th anniversary of Frank Roncarelli's loss of his liquor license at his Montreal restaurant prompting a landmark legal battle that would last over a decade and redefine the Canadian constitution.

Baked Canada: Top court widens methods of using medical marijuana

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that medical marijuana users cannot be limited to using only dried marijuana leaves to get their medicine. The country's health minister isn't happy about it but users can now get creative with how they ingest pot.

Canada's Supreme Court to review smuggling cases

Ottawa - Canada's Supreme Court will hear the cases of lawyers who believe that the current human smuggling laws are unconstitutional and unfair.

Canada's Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday that patients with serious and incurable diseases have the right to doctor-assisted suicide.

Canada's High Court upholds officers' warrantless cell searches

Ottawa - In a narrow ruling, The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld warrantless searches of suspects' cell phones by police officers.

Leighton Hay, wrongfully convicted of 2002 murder, walks free

Mississauga - After more than 12 years of incarceration in the psychiatric unit of a maximum security prison in Canada, Leighton Hay, wrongfully convicted of a 2002 murder, became a free man on Friday. It's taking a while for his new-found freedom to set in.

France seeks Canadian for decades old synagogue bombing

The case of Canadian sociology Professor Hassan Diab may be going to the Supreme Court of Canada. Diab and his lawyers are asking the court to hear his appeal and halt his extradition to France on terrorism charges.

Op-Ed: Assisted suicide is a right we should support

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada has begun hearing the case to legalize assisted suicide. It is a continuation of a case decided by the Court decades ago where they made the wrong choice. Canada's sick and dying should be given the right to die peacefully.

Court: Man who poked holes in condoms guilty of sexual assault

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the conviction of a man for sexual assault after he punctured condoms he used in an attempt to get his girlfriend pregnant and save their relationship.

Alberta instructs police to crack down on prostitutes' clients

Edmonton - Police in Alberta have not laid prostitution-related criminal charges since the Supreme Court of Canada struck them down. Now, the Justice minister is directing officers to lay charges against johns and pimps but not the prostitutes.

Manitoba union wins court case dispute over pension funds

Ottawa - The Canadian Supreme Court has upheld a decision by a lower court that a $43.3 million pension surplus that existed when the government-owned Manitoba Telephone System was privatized in 1997 "belonged to the workers and retirees and must be repaid".

Canadian sex workers rally in support of legalized prostitution

The rallies were held in several Canadian cities just days before the Supreme Court of Canada will hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of the country's prostitution laws.

Mom who left newborn in toilet not guilty of child abandonment

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada ruled a mother who did not know she was pregnant when she gave birth to a baby she believed was dead, was not guilty of a criminal offence.

Op-Ed: The Constitution Act of 1982, Quebec and Thomas Mulcair

Ottawa - Canada's Constitution Act, along with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted with the signature of Queen Elizabeth II 31 years ago, It is the law of the land and is one of the great achievements of Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Op-Ed: Canada's Supreme Court redefines hate speech

What constitutes freedom of speech and hate speech has often been an emotional debate in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has redefined the definition as it applies to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Supreme Court of Canada makes it easier to fight breathalyzer

Ottawa - While the changes are not expected to affect many cases, the court found portions of the 2008 law infringed the presumption of innocence. But the Supreme Court upheld an important change that eliminated the "two-beer" defence.

Failure to disclose HIV to sexual partners not always a crime

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada has held not disclosing HIV positive status to a sexual partner will not always result in a conviction for aggravated or sexual assault.

Funeral held for starved Edmonton girl

Edmonton - A toddler only known as 'baby M' was laid to rest over the weekend, after allegedly being beaten and starved by her parents. The funeral, held on Saturday, is said to have drawn hundreds of people to a local mosque.

Canada's top court weighs hate speech vs. free speech

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada is hearing a critical case that weighs the protections of free speech against protection from hate mongering. The outcome of this trial will have lasting implications for how provinces define both concepts in future.

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The federal courtroom of the Supreme Court of Canada
The federal courtroom of the Supreme Court of Canada
Supreme Court of Canada
Supreme Court of Canada
Alex Guibord (CC BY-ND 2.0)
The Supreme Court of Canada.
The Supreme Court of Canada.
Alex Guibord

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