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Stem cell News

New ‘miracle’ stem cell therapy reverses multiple sclerosis

A new stem cell therapy, being described as nothing short of "miraculous," will bring hope and comfort to sufferers of multiple sclerosis and their close ones.

Stem cell spinal cord research resumes

Three years have passed since the medical research organization Geron closed its stem cell program. Now news is in that the group BioTime have received funding to relaunch a Phase 1 trial for spinal cord injury.

Stem cell breakthroughs in heart, cartilage repair reported

The remarkable string of advances in stem cell research continues as two separate groups of researchers have successfully used stem cells to repair heart tissue in monkeys and to repair damaged cartilage in humans.

Study: Stroke victims show recovery after stem cell therapy

Five out of nine stroke victims at Glasgow's General Hospital, in their 60s, 70s and 80s, taking part in a preliminary clinical trial of a new treatment that involves injection of stem cells into the brain, have shown "mild to moderate" signs of recovery.

Controversial stem cell company moves to Mexico

A stem cell company, which was forced to stop operating in the U.S., has set up a new operation based in Mexico outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

Video: Nose-cell transplant enables paralyzed dogs to walk again

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England have achieved success in restoring hind leg mobility in dogs through the use of nerve cells located in the nose.

Stem cells can 'self-destruct' to protect the developing embryo

New findings indicate that embryonic stem cells, at the early stage of development, can shut-down if there is a risk that genetic damage may occur which could harm the development of the embryo.

Researchers reverse blindness with stem cell transplants

Italian researchers say stem cell transplants can repair eyes damaged by chemical burns. The treatment worked fully in 82 of 107 eyes, the study concludes.

Mouse house: $15M research center is no Mickey Mouse operation

Officially called a vivarium, the $15 million stem cell research center being built on the Irvine campus of the University of California, is affectionately called the "mouse house" by scientists.

Lab-grown Meat Could Solve Multiple Problems

Stem cell research has recently headed in innovative directions. Earlier this month scientists announced they had grown rabbit replacement penile erectile tissue. Now the idea of growing meat in the laboratory without animals is being proposed.

Experimental Stem Cell Drug Fails Clinical Trials

What was expected to be the first human stem cell drug did not passed the acid test during two critical late-stage clinical trials.

New Study: Researchers Neutralize Stem Cell Therapy Tumors

A study out of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem indicates researchers have discovered "...a method to potentially eliminate the tumor-risk factor in utilizing human embryonic stem cells."

Stem cell filler beads repair damage caused by stroke

Researchers in the UK have found a way to encourage stem cells to grow and replace brain tissue in areas of the brain that have been damaged by a stroke.

Earliest Step In Fetal Development Uncovered Through Unrelated Stem Cell Research

At Johns Hopkins University, researchers who had been focused on studying a rare blood disorder uncovered the genetic formation of the very beginning of human life: the placenta.

Op-Ed: California Lab Claims First Successful Creation Of Human Clones Using SCNT

Scientists in California are claiming to have successfully produced human embryos from DNA collected from 2 men. The clones were developed using somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), a method that has proven to cause disasterous results in animals.

Harvard Scientists Call Stem Cell Discovery Risky and Pursue Embryonic Research

Last month, a major stem-cell breakthrough had everyone talking, even President Bush. But researchers at Harvard University warn the new method isn't safe for humans and they say embryonic stem cell research is still the Holy Grail of science.

Did the Senate Get a Small Victory in the Stem Cell Debate?

Did the Democratic Congress actually score a small victory over President Bush on Wednesday by lifting a key restriction on federal funding of stem cell research?

Stem Cell Bill Faces Another Veto

For the second straight year, it appears a Senate stem cell bill is likely to be vetoed by President Bush.

Congress Gets Ready to Vote on Stem Cell Research

The Senate is set to return on Tuesday and topping their agenda is a push to allow stem cell research. Supporters of stem cell research are hoping that two new bills will help President Bush change his mind on the issue.

California begins stem cell research

" We can't afford to wait when it comes to advancing a life-saving science," Schwarzenegger said. We all know every marathon starts with a first step. let's take that first step. Let's start the marathon now!

US House goes against the President and backs stem cell research

In marking a major challenge to President George W Bush ,the US House of Representatives has passed a bill backing embryonic stem cell research.

Toronto Woman Returns From Stem Cell Treatment In China

Cheryl Paget traveled all the way from Mississauga to China in the hopes that she might one day be able to walk again from a controversial operation involving stem cell treatment.

Money For Stem Cells

Connecticut becomes among the first states in the nation to step into a role the federal government has refused to take on.

Stem Cells allow Blind Mice to See

Cell transplants have successfully restored vision to mice which had lost their sight, leading to hopes people could benefit in the same way.

Stem cell cure for heart attacks

Emergency heart attack patients will be injected with their own stem cells in a dramatic new treatment.

Geldof helps open Toronto research centre

The musician-philanthropist said the vision of its scientists to improve the treatment of major illnesses like cancer and heart disease parallels his own hopes for improving the lives of people around the globe.

Hospital admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

Rubbish was not disposed of at the same time as fetal tissue and the incinerator was booked in advance.

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A mouse being used for research/science purposes
A mouse being used for research/science purposes
by diabetesisfun
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File photo: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) being injected into knee of patient.
File photo: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) being injected into knee of patient.
[Alice Pien, MD] (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Prof Nakauchi and his team will initially breed a pig with a human pancreas as it is a relatively ea...
Prof Nakauchi and his team will initially breed a pig with a human pancreas as it is a relatively easy organ to create, and perfecting the technique will bring relief to millions of people with diabetes.
A colony of embryonic stem cells.
A colony of embryonic stem cells.

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