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Frida Kahlo's only known voice recording unearthed

Frida Kahlo's only known voice recording appears to have been found in Mexico. The recording is said to be of the iconic artist reading from her essay Portrait of Diego on a radio program.

Review: Nano Pods, new TWS Earbuds Special

A new product for those who enjoy listening to music or audio books has been launched called Nano Pods. These are true wireless earbuds with good sound quality, 25 hours playtime and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled.

Are we ready for the Internet of Ears?

The Internet of Things has taken a foothold in many homes. According to some technologists, the next stage for the smart home is the Internet of Sound, based on sensors detecting alterations with vibrations, sound and electrical field.

App uses cough sounds to diagnose respiratory disease

A new app has been developed which works on smartphone. The app is aimed at the medical community and it can use cough sounds to diagnose respiratory disease.

Essential Science: Surgeons detect cancer using sound

London - Medical technologists have successfully deployed advanced technology based on sound that helps them to perform precise operations to remove tumors and to protect healthy tissue.

Review: Inateck BH1105M — resonant earphones for budget buyers

Inateck has followed up its original pair of wooden earphones with an improved version offering noise isolation and a built-in microphone. As well as looking and sounding good, the earphones are environmentally friendly and priced competitively.

Review: Rock Jaw Audio demonstrates quality sound can be done on a budget

The Rock Jaw Clarito, the audio company's newest product, blends a refined all-metal design with a balanced and measured sound signature. Designed to produce a rounded audio experience, the Clarito's low cost isn't indicative of its output quality.

Review: Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2: High-quality budget earphones

Rock Jaw Audio is a British audio company specialising in high-quality headphones. Its Alfa Genus V2 in-ear set is the follow-up to one of the most highly-rated budget headphones, delivering customisable sound and a comfy design at a respectable price.

Review: Inateck's wooden earphones offer high-quality sound for low cost

Inateck has two new premium earphone sets for style-conscious audiophiles, the metal-and-wood BH1101 and the all-wood BH1105. Both models are a cut above typical earphones, offering clear, refined sound and a lightweight design at a reasonable price.

Review: Inateck BH1001 Bluetooth headset: Wireless with a magnetic touch

Wireless headphones are the way to go when you want to listen to music in private but a cable gets in the way. With no wire dangling to your phone, Bluetooth headsets like the Inateck BH1001 can provide a low-cost route to a more enjoyable experience.

Review: Inateck's stylish, tough, go-anywhere MercuryBox speaker

The Inateck MercuryBox is a rugged, go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker that packs a stylish construction and extraordinary sound quality into a tiny metal form factor, making it a great option to consider for any usage whether indoors or out and wet or dry.

Eurovision to install anti-booing technology for Russian act

The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest are installing "anti-booing" technology for the final this year. It comes after Russia's performance was met with heavy crowd protests last year, something that organisers have called "embarrassing."

Review: Inateck BTSP-10 Plus is an all-purpose Bluetooth speaker

The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker is a high-performance, portable wireless speaker for audiophiles listening to music while at home and on the move. It gives good sound quality while still being small enough to take out with you.

Review: The Inateck BR1001 lets you stream music to any speakers

The Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth audio receiver lets you play music wirelessly from a mobile device through any set of speakers. It is a useful addition to the home of any tech-lover and can also be used while on the move.

Review: The iClever IC-BTS02 is a loud, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker

The iClever IC-BTS02 is an ultra-portable, high-quality Bluetooth speaker that is small enough to sling into a bag while still delivering an enjoyable sound experience. It can also be used to take calls with its built-in mic.

New major study finds magnets can control heat and sound

Researchers at the Ohio State University have discovered how to control heat with magnetic fields, proving that both heat and sound have magnetic properties.

Carnival spirit begins in Ibiza ahead of start next week

Ibiza - Ibiza is beginning to get ready for the Ibiza Carnival that starts later this week, promising to be as big and lively an affair as always with masks, dancers, costumes and street parades.

New insight into how blind people 'see with sound'

New research shows how, by converting sights to sounds, the brains of congenitally blind people respond similarly to various objects in a similar way to people who can see.

New stretchy material conducts electricity

A new stretchy material has been developed which conducts electricity. The material was used to manufacture a transparent loud speaker.

Canadian music label celebrates 10 years of great sounds Special

Toronto - In the ten years since its founding, Canadian music label Arts and Crafts has become one of the most important names in the music world, with names like Feist, Metric, Stars, and Broken Social Scene on its roster.

Review: RHA-Audio shows promising results with MA450i Earphones Special

RHA Audio, a division of Reid Health, is a small research and development company of audio equipment located in Glasgow, UK. They specialize in cutting edge sound technology and current have a small earphone and headphone product line worth checking out.

Brain-controlled headphones selects songs based on mood

Want to make your smartphone even smarter? Apparently, it may be possible soon. Currently still a concept, but it's making progress to changing the way we select music.

Oscar winning sound man Michael Hopkins drowns

Sound engineer Michael Hopkins, who won Oscars for his work on the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and the 2005 'King Kong' remake, has died in a rafting accident.

Review: Audio Technica AT2020 Microphone Special

The Audio Technica AT2020 microphone is a side address cardioid microphone for amateur audio enthusiasts looking for a good quality microphone which won't break the bank.

Elephants communicate through super-low air power

The sound of an elephant 'blowing its trumpet' is a familiar one. However, scientists have also worked out that elephants also use very low pitch sounds, too quiet for humans to hear, to communicate with one another.

Bruce Springsteen exceeds curfew and has his sound turned off

London - Bruce Springsteen loves to please the crowd, but due to a 10.30pm curfew, his sound was turned off and he had to leave the stage without thanking his fans for attending.

What does color sound like?

For those who can only see the world in black and white, color must be a mystery. Now a new piece of technology has been developed to allow people who cannot perceive color to hear it. This has also led to some interesting sonic-video compositions.

Enhance your music with this free equalizer for Spotify

A free add-on has recently been released for Spotify on Windows, which adds an equalizer to allow you to enhance the sound of your music.

Noise level testing to begin for Edmonton motorcycles

Edmonton - Last week the city council in Edmonton approved a bylaw on excessive vehicle noise. This weekend Edmonton Police held a two day testing session of noise levels for motorcyclists.

Why the X-mini speaker supersizes sound for PC, MP3 player, phone

If you've ever been upset at the sound of your MP3 player or smartphone, there's a cute tiny speaker out there just waiting to amplify your songs. The X-mini capsule speaker is a mobile and inexpensive option when the built-in speakers don't cut it.
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Sound Image

The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
Mumbai Sound Designer/Recordist Harikumar Pillai with BAFTA/Oscar nominated DP Jack N. Green  who wa...
Mumbai Sound Designer/Recordist Harikumar Pillai with BAFTA/Oscar nominated DP Jack N. Green, who was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on the set of recent feature THE LETTERS.
Harikumar Pillai
A computer generated image of a soundwave.
A computer generated image of a soundwave.
Mumbai based Harikumar Pillai  film sound  is the subject of a profile by Dhaka based Jamuna Televis...
Mumbai based Harikumar Pillai, film sound, is the subject of a profile by Dhaka based Jamuna Television released in June 2014. His next feature, 'The Letters', the story of Mother Teresa, will be released to movie theaters in North America early December. (Photo: Jamuna TV)
Photo: Jamuna TV, Bangladesh
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
LEGENDARY: Paul Kantner performs in Hallandale  Fla.  in 2006. Kantner died Jan. 28 at age 74.
LEGENDARY: Paul Kantner performs in Hallandale, Fla., in 2006. Kantner died Jan. 28 at age 74.
Carl Lender/Wikimedia Commons
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker

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