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Soft drinks News

New health concern over zero-calorie sweeteners

A new investigation is to be held into zero-calories sweeteners. The research will consider whether exposure to sucralose and acesulfame-K in the womb and via breastmilk results in altered intestinal flora and liver toxicity.

Artificial sweeteners linked to stroke and dementia risk

A new warning has been made about artificial sweeteners. A study suggests drinking a can of diet soft drink a day is linked with a three times higher risk of stroke and dementia.

Sugar-sweetened drinks may reduce stress levels, study suggests

New research from the University of California has concluded sugar-sweetened beverages may help reduce stress in people.

Mexico bans TV ads for high-calorie foods and soft drinks

Mexican officials are banning ads for any sort of food that is high in caloric content. Many believe that this is due to new health figures on BMI that place Mexico at the top on obesity charts.

Professors say we should ban all soft drinks

London - Parents should only serve water with meals and ban soft drinks and juices from the table in order to reduce children’s intake of sugar, the British Government’s chief obesity adviser said.

Soda implicated for bad behavior in kids

Sodas or soft drinks are linked to higher risk of diabetes, poor bone health and obesity. Now a new study suggests the empty calorie drinks can lead to behavior problems for kids, which of course means problems for parents too.

New study suggests diet sodas may increase risk of diabetes

Two French researchers have completed an extensive study examining the risk of developing type 2 diabetes comparing the results of drinking diet sodas against soft drinks sweetened with sugar.

Pepsi gets ready to launch lower calorie soda 'Pepsi Next'

Purchase - PepsiCo is looking to make a dent in the soft drink market once again with a new product. What's being described as trying to "fill a void" between diet and regular Pepsi, the new item, Pepsi Next, will be a lower calorie soda.

Marijuana soda provides a 'high' without the smoke Special

Colorado Springs - California may legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in a couple weeks and if a Colorado-based soda pop company has any say in the matter, you may soon be able to buy “soda pot” in your local Ralph’s, 7-11 or CVS Pharmacy.

Health Canada greenlights beverage companies to add caffeine

Ottawa - Health Canada has changed its regulations to allow soft drink companies to use caffeine in small concentrations as a food additive in non-cola drinks.

Soft drinks can increase risk for pancreatic cancer

Those who consume two or more soft drinks per week are increasing their risks of pancreatic cancer, according to a report issued by Cancer Epidemiology: Biomarkers & Prevention. The new study joins other research looking at cancer risk factors.

Soft drink makers fall flat on heart group's sugar guidelines

The American Heart Association says that sugary foods lead to heart disease and it offers recommendations on sugar consumption that get a strong response from soft drink manufacturers and sugar producers.

Bisphenol A found in canned soft drinks in Canada

A female hormone that has been banned in baby bottles has been found to be in most canned soft drinks sold in Canada says a Health Canada study.

Soft Drink Ban in School Has Minor Effect on Consumption

A new study, conducted by a doctoral fellow at the Rand Corporation, says that banning soft drinks in schools has had little impact on students' consumption of the sugary drink.

Coca Cola readying self-chilling soft drinks?

Coca Cola is planning to release a new version of Sprite drink that will chill itself after opened. They reportedly plan to call it “Sprite Super Chilled” and will be released in UK first. Other drinks and markets may follow after successful launch.

Caution: Some Soft drinks may seriously harm your health

British University researcher finds sodium benzoate used in soft drinks can switch of mitochondria, vital part of DNA.

Soft Drinks Bad For Your Teeth

According to a soon-to-be published study, exposing your teeth to soft drinks over a prolonged period of time can produce significant loss of dental enamel.

Do You know soft drinks leads to Diabetes??

Soft drinks contain sugary items which leads to obesity as well as diabetes.

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