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Marina Silva could become the world’s first ‘Green President’

Brazilia - Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva threatens the re-election of Dilma Rousseff and the 12-year hegemony of the Workers Party (PT). Her election on October 5 could transform the South American giant relations with the region and the world.

Op-Ed: European Socialists have a serious credibility problem

Disturbing signs are emerging that the French, British and other European socialist parties are not convincing the people of their countries that they are still a plausible alternative to the right. If they don’t wake up soon they may become irrelevant.

Op-Ed: Sigh of relief as infighting continues for French Socialists

The French were shocked to learn last week that its bitterly divided and acrimony-prone Socialist Party leaders had buried the hatchet and adopted a consensual approach to their upcoming primaries. But all ended well as the peace lasted just 24 hours.

Op-Ed: Desperately Seeking Socialists in France

French socialists seem to be doing everything in their power to help their arch-enemy Nicolas Sarkozy to win the next presidential election in 2012. With no program and a refusal to accept that the world has changed, they may well succeed.

French Socialists catch the Twitterbug

Twitter has finally seduced French politicians, and yesterday’s use of the microblogging service during what was supposed to be an off-limits-to-press-and-public debate on controversial retirement reform plans caused eyebrows to raise.

Portugal's Socialist Party leads in election

In Sunday's general election, Portugal's Socialists were leading all parties with 36.8 per cent according to partial results released to the public.

Op-Ed: Sarkozy is a Victim of the French Identity Crisis

The latest polls here show President Sarkozy at his second lowest level of popularity since he was elected almost two years ago. He’s at 36% and in freefall. Why is that?

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Socialist leader François Hollande has become France’s first left-wing president in 17 years
Socialist leader François Hollande has become France’s first left-wing president in 17 years
Matthieu Riegler
French Socialist party primaries  televised debate (screenshot from BFM TV)
French Socialist party primaries, televised debate (screenshot from BFM TV)

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