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Facebook expands 'On This Day' to let you revisit more memories

Facebook has announced it's expanding its "On This Day" feature to include more notable memories. The company will show you highlights from your past popular posts, friendship milestones and seasonal events. Everything will be private until you share it.

LinkedIn rolls out native video uploads worldwide

LinkedIn has launched its own video sharing platform. The feature is intended to increase engagement amongst LinkedIn users, bringing the professional connections platform closer to a regular social network. The site wants people to post regular updates.

Huge growth in mobile video to push ad market to $18bn in 2018

The continued trend towards mobile video is expected to increase spending on adverts for the format by 49 percent in 2018. It will push the total value of the market above $18 billion while causing a decline in the spending on desktop video ads.

Tech companies unite in new global forum against online terrorism

Four of the largest technology companies have announced they're joining together in a coalition to stamp out online terrorism. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are the founding members of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

Snapchat shares plummet after dramatically missing growth targets

The value of shares in Snapchat parent company Snap has fallen dramatically in the wake of the company's disappointing first earnings call. After missing its targets, the company's value plummeted by a quarter amid analyst concern about its future.

Instagram passes 700 million active global users

Instagram has reached the 700 million users mark, another major milestone for the still rapidly growing app. It comes just a couple of weeks after the number of people using the app's Stories feature sailed well beyond rival Snapchat's entire audience.

LinkedIn declining while pulling back services, moderating users

After reporting a disappointing outlook in its Q4 2013 earnings call, and while executing a pullback in its services, LinkedIn remains under pressure to prove its platform against notable competitors.

Facebook earnings and the war for mobile advertising Special

On Wednesday, as Facebook announced first quarter results after the bell, analysts, executives, developers, and advertisers from across the vast mobile advertising landscape looked for clues about the evolution of their industry in the earnings report.

Google+ moves up to second place in social networks

Facebook is still the top social networking site, and by a large margin, but Google's Google+ is now the second biggest social networking site.

Study: 75% of homeless youth in U.S. use social networks

Mobile - It seems the homeless youth in the United States use social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, just as much as college students, according to a new University of Alabama study led by Rosanna Guadagno.

AARP and Microsoft show how generations use online communication

A new study shows how different generations view and use online communication and social networks to bridge age gaps and build relationships.

Op-Ed: Google+ full of potential, but must find its place

A lot can be said about Google's latest swing at social networking. It's clean, efficient, and it looks fantastic. It also shows a lot of promise. But the question remains, is Google+ too late to the social networking party?

Survey: Girls most likely to be cyberbullied Special

Tweens and teens are both flocking to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with each other. While used correctly this can be a positive thing the sites are also being used as weapons to facilitate cyberbullying.

China strikes back at US with report on human rights record

Washington - The Chinese government has hit back at the American government with its own report on the human rights record of the US, calling the recent State Department report “full of distortions” and turning a “blind eye” to its own violations.

NBA hits more than 2 million followers on Twitter

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has surpassed two million followers on Twitter. The NBA's 30 teams and more than 165 players have drawn a total of more than 23 million of combined followers.

Canadian government seeks online seal hunt chatter monitor

Concerned by how those opposed to Canada's seal hunt are using social network sites the federal government wants to hire a social network monitor.

New social network to focus on health care empowerment Special

Nine years ago, Christine Kerner's son was hit with an undiagnosed illness that put him in the hospital every three months. Kerner's disconcerting experience is the engine behind Juniper - a health information social network coming in January.

Wanna Collaborate On A Green Idea? Find Buddies On These Online Platforms In Seconds

So you want to do something to reduce your impact on the environment. Where do you go? Two sites that allow you to share ideas and find people to collaborate on projects instantly are and

Social Entrepreneurs Believe Citizenship 'Needs Redefining'

Social entrepreneurs have started to define their profession. If their first attempts are anything to go by, we might be in for a hoist of indiscretions by businesses in the future. These cowboys already talking about 'redefining citizenship'.

Our Futures Are Going To Be Dominated by... Our Social Lives

The web's demi gods appear to be in agreement; the future (both online and offline) will be dominated by our social lives. And the Twitter slogan "What are you doing?" is likely going to be what the first decade of this Millennium will be remembered for.

Social Networks And Journalists' Secrets

Social networks are beginning to open their eyes to the needs of journalists., which is set to launch later this month, is entirely geared up for reporters. This ‘social media company’ is in beta testing.

MySpace Still Dominating Social Networks with 80% of Visits

MySpace gets 80% of visits among the 20 social networking sites.

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