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Smoking ban News

Op-Ed: Bay Area raises smoking age while ignoring the homeless

San Francisco - As housing prices in the Bay Area skyrocket so high that many can’t afford to live in the community, local governments are failing to properly address the crisis while focusing on trivial issues.

Op-Ed: U.S. to consider smoking ban in public housing nationwide

Washington D.c. - The U.S. government is considering legislation that would ban smoking on public housing land nationwide, and this includes homes, communal areas, and administrative offices within these areas. The ban could affect about one million homes.

Internationally famous British pubs facing 26 closures per week Special

A number of factors could be responsible for the alarming rate of pub closures across Britain, but the trend is killing a way of life that has existed in the UK for centuries.

New law bans Chinese officials from smoking in public

Beijing - China has now enacted an ordinance that bans government officials from smoking cigarettes in public places. Officials hope to eventually ban smoking in public places for all citizens.

Resource-based communities have weaker anti-smoking bylaws Special

Dar Es Salaam - Research into community reception to anti-moking bylaws suggests that resource-based communities — those reliant on industries like mining and agriculture — tend to have weaker smoking bylaws in both Shinyanga and Arusha, Tanzania.

No smoking, please: Russia bans public smoking

Moscow - Smokers in Russia who've made it a goal to quit smoking this year are going to get a little help from their government. That's because starting Saturday, June 1, 2013 a new, smoke-free era came into effect.

Smoking to be banned in all U.K. prisons

Criminals could face a hard dilemma as they will either have to give up crime or smoking, if government plans to ban smoking in all 123 English and Welsh prisons come to fruition.

Video: Indonesian child already addicted to cigarettes

When it comes to smoking, it is reported that 7 out of 10 men living in Indonesia smoke cigarettes. Many of those smokers start at a very early age. This also includes the case of a 9-year-old boy named Ilham.

Ottawa smoking ban begins, smokers could receive $305 ticket

Ottawa - The three-month warning period is over and now it is time to butt out in more public places. The City of Ottawa instituted a smoking ban in April, and now it comes into effect. If you're caught smoking at a park get ready for a $305 fine.

Indonesian boy age 8, smokes 25 cigarettes a day

An eight-year-old Indonesian boy is allowed to smoke around 25 cigarettes a day, "otherwise he will get mad," his mother says.

Despite bans, smoking increases in Spain

At the beginning of last year, harsh smoking bans were imposed on Spaniards. This included no smoking allowed in offices, bars, shops and restaurants.

Welsh Assembly says ‘Stop smoking in cars’

Cardiff - Following an attempt to reduce smoking by drivers where there are children cars, the Welsh government has said that it will consider introducing a smoking ban if trends do not fall.

CDC study: 1 in 5 kids are exposed to second-hand smoke in cars

A recent report commisioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the dangers of passive smoking for kids in cars.

163 smokers apprehended as Metro Manila starts anti-smoking drive

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has started implementing its anti-smoking drive Friday in cities and municipalities under the MMDA umbrella.

CDC predicts smoking may be banned in all states by 2020

Atlanta - Health officials with the Centers for Disease Control predict that the entire nation could have laws in place by 2020 that would ban smoking in all indoor areas including restaurants, bars and private sector businesses.

DOT: Electronic cigarettes included in tobacco ban on US flights

Washington - The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently announced their position on the use of electronic cigarettes on airplanes and say that the ban on smoking in the skies includes the popular alternative to tobacco use.

Poland is latest European country to ban smoking in public places

Warsaw - Poland has become the latest European country to ban smoking in public. The new ban came into effect today meaning that smokers are now banned from lighting up in public places.

Greece imposes heavy fines for smoking in offices and restaurants Special

Starting today, Greece prohibits smoking in all enclosed public spaces and will slap offenders with heavy fines in a bid to reduce nicotine consumption in the country where 42 percent of the population are smokers.

Study: Smoking Bans Can Help Cut Heart Attacks by a Third

Two studies conducted by teams from the United States have both concluded that banning smoking in public places can help reduce the number of heart attacks.

St Louis Debates Public Smoking Ban at Third Hearing

ST LOUIS- Will the Gateway to the West finally join the list of 40 of the most populated US cities currently outlawing the use of cigarettes in enclosed public places?

No more smoking Greeks, smoking bans takes effect July 1

There will be no more smokers lighting up in indoor public areas in Greece as a new law goes into effect Wednesday, July 1. According to Greek Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos smoking kills 20,000 Greeks a year.

Last day to smoke in Michigan prisons

Michigan Department of Corrections has a budget of $2 billion which $300 million of it is spent on health care for prison inmates. To try and cut that cost as of tomorrow, Feb.1, there will be no more smoking in the prisons or on the grounds.

Smoking Ban Starts Wednesday For Ontario Cars That Carry Children

Lighting up Wednesday in a car in Ontario could bring a fine of $250 if the police see evidence a child also rides in that car, even if they aren't riding when you inhale that cigarette.

MN Bar Owners Find Loophole In Recently Passed Statewide Smoking Ban

October 1st in Minnesota saw the end of smoking in bars and restaurants statewide. Owners have since been singing the blues as revenues dropped dramatically. A loophole has been discovered that is reaping huge benefits for those struggling owners however.

Ontario May Adopt Smoking Ban For Cars With Kids Riding In Them

Do you smoke? Do you have kids? If you live in Ontario you may soon be banned from smoking in the car with children. It's been proven that second hand smoke can be a cause of cancer, asthma and heart problems.

No smoking in cars with children in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Monday, November 19, Wolfville, Nova Scotia became officially the first town in Canada where smoking in a car with children is no longer tolerated. The by-law will come into effect in June next year.

op-ed: Dying At Home For A Smoke

When someone goes to a hospice they have run out of options. One hospice in York has lost some of those patients when they imposed a blanket wide smoking ban.Some terminal patients won't face death without their smokes.

Hey World: Stop That Second Hand Smoke

The World Health Organisation urged all countries to ban smoking in public places on Tuesday. Romania is leading the WHO pack in banning smoking indoors.

Illinois Statewide Smoking Ban: One Way To Ensure Clean Air

Legislation was passed Tuesday by the Illinois House that ensures all public buildings - bars, restaurants, and other places of business - will be smoke-free by January 1st.

Scotlands ban of smoking leads to increase in smokers trying to give up

Today is the first anniversary for the scotlands Smoking Ban in public area.
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