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Latest in home security camera devices evaluated Special

Home security products are growing in popularity, but many are expensive, and many have poor connectivity. Two new devices from Reolink provide high-quality imaging at an affordable price.

Smart windows can self-illuminate when it rains

On a rainy or cloudy day illumination is affected by overcast clouds, especially through windows leading to a need to turn on lights. This is an energy hungry activity. New smart windows may provide a solution.

Amazon to introduce two-factor authentication for Ring Special

Amazon has announced that it will require two-factor authentication for Ring devices. The move follows several viral Ring hacks in 2019, and represents a further advance for two-factor authentication.

Q&A: Importance of data privacy in the age of PropTech Special

With the continuous growth of smart apartments equipped with innovative platforms and services to help tenants live simply as well as more efficiently, protecting residents’ data must be a priority explains Felicite Moorman of STRATIS IoT.

Cybersecurity risk with smart bulbs and other home devices

It was recently discovered that a firmware flaw in Philips Hue smart bulbs allows hackers to potentially spread malware throughout a network. Is this flaw with IoT devices part of a growing trend?

Q&A: Amazon, Apple, and Google to create a smart home standard Special

The recent news that Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together to create a new standard for smart home communication is a rare display of unity amongst the giants of our interconnected worlds. Bob Bajoras, President of Art+Logic looks into the issue.

CES 2020 Preview: What technology innovations can we expect?

Artificial intelligence, 5G, foldables, smart homes, surveillance tech, ambient computing, 8K and robotics are among the types of technology getting commentators most excited about CES 2020.

New technology to enhance the ‘smart home’

The smart home concept continues to advance with a host of new innovations emerging. Four products that have emerged during the course of 2019 are assessed, including smart home sensors to detect intruders and smart building environmental controls.

Amazon and Samsung: Most trusted brands for smart home tech

A new study finds that nearly a third of consumers (32 percent) trust Amazon and Samsung the most for smart home technology products and that 40 percent of consumers say they have at least one smart technology product in their home.

Q&A: Bosch's investment group plans the future of smart kitchens Special

Senior executives from global appliance brand Bosch, keen to expand more fully into the smart home environment, have recently invested in a new IoT/smart kitchen startup. Lars Roessler discusses future smart kitchen tech.

Global cities are increasingly becoming dependent on technology

Cities around the world are increasingly becoming dependent on technology as according to a report by NLC. These trends are disrupting workplaces and companies need to be aware of the changes and seek to adapt in order to remain competitive.

IoT market set for steady growth as consumer take-up increases

Researchers from Stanford University and Avast have unveiled the findings of a joint paper analyzing the state of Internet of Things globally. The paper shows continued growth ahead for IoT systems.

Smart home technology increases the value of a property: Study

Does a property equipped with smart home technology become more attractive than one without when the property is up for sale or rent? Can an additional premium be charged? According to a new report, the inference is ‘yes’.

Q&A: How intelligent streetlights are driving smart cities Special

In Illinois, the company Itron will connect and manage 140,000 municipal smart streetlights. The open, standards-based network connecting the streetlights also powers a variety of smart grid applications.

White paper predicts six key trends in the consumer IoT market

Smart home IoT company Viomi Technology and the International Data Corporation have jointly issued a white paper that identifies key consumer trends for the Internet of Things and the smart home.

Study: Majority of U.S. citizens happy with idea of smart homes

New research from TraQline finds that the majority of U.S. consumers are very comfortable with the concept of the smart home and the types of technologies associated with the interconnected living space.

Making smart homes less expensive with new technology

Waterloo - Turning a conventional home into a ‘smart home’ can be become easier, and a less expensive, due to new technology developed by Canada’s University of Waterloo. This is in the form of battery-free Wi-Fi sensors.

Are we ready for the Internet of Ears?

The Internet of Things has taken a foothold in many homes. According to some technologists, the next stage for the smart home is the Internet of Sound, based on sensors detecting alterations with vibrations, sound and electrical field.

Are smart cities around the world getting smarter?

According to Trend Micro, soon, smart technologies will be universal. This is, however, just the starter in terms of the types of technologies and potentially life-changing innovations that smart cities promise. These trends are captured in a new report.

Q&A: Merging 3D printing and printed electronics innovations Special

Imagine a world where printed smart objects are part of our everyday lives? This type of technological innovation is getting closer, according to Dr. Paul Smith of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. He discusses how with Digital Journal.

Could smart devices use their owners as an energy source?

Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source according to proof-of-concept research from a British university.

Q&A: Cybersecurity risks associated with the smart home Special

Cybersecurity expert Alex Vaystikh recently bought a new dishwasher before realizing that it connects to his Wi-fi to download updates. In an exclusive interview with Digital Journal, Vaystikh expands on smart home risks.

New deal with Hellman & Friedman values SimpliSafe at $1 billion

Private equity firm Hellman & Friedman has taken a controlling interest in SimpliSafe, the company behind the popular smart home security system SimpliSafe.

Construction is using tech to seek efficiencies

New technologies have the potential to make a substantial impact upon the home of the future. The smart home concept can one day be extended to an entire town, according to a new state-of-the-industry report.

Q&A: Where is the smart home heading? Special

The smart home will soon be more than voice assistants, embracing several interaction methods relating to ambient computing (such as voice, touch, and motion control) directly into the walls of the home.

Vancouver in the running for the smart cities challenge

Vancouver - Two of Canada’s three largest cities are among the finalists for Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge - Vancouver, Montreal and Waterloo. Up for grabs is a first prize of $50 million.

Q&A: Water conservation comes to the smart home Special

Alert Labs produces smart-home technology devices which optimize water use, reduce the costs associated with water damage, and advance conservation efforts in homes and businesses.

Q&A: What does the future hold for smart homes in smart cities? Special

There is plenty that is banded about in relation to smart homes, but is this concept limited to an array of voice activated gadgets or does the smart home of the future promise something more? A leading expert in smart technology explains more.

Canadian startups lay the blueprint for the smart city

Toronto - To fully develop the smart city, investment and innovation in new technology is key. Here many startups are supplying the lead and coming up with new and imaginative solutions to create the smart city fabric.

A smart city will improve your quality of life

Toronto - Over half of millennials polled believe that a smart city would improve their quality of life. This matches an interest in everything from smart cars to connected spaces.
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LingLong s DingDong smart speaker [Image via WIRED]
LingLong's DingDong smart speaker [Image via WIRED]
Beijing LingLong
File photo: Home of the future.
File photo: Home of the future.
Flickr / andrewarchy (CC BY 2.0)
A Reolink device can be set up in under 5 minutes
A Reolink device can be set up in under 5 minutes
GE C-Reach and C-Life bulbs
GE C-Reach and C-Life bulbs
A smart home of the future?
A smart home of the future?
Smart home image from Silvio Angori  CEO of Pininfarina  with permission.
Smart home image from Silvio Angori, CEO of Pininfarina, with permission.
Silvio Angori

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