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Sleeping News

Sleep disorder: Which types of workers are hit hardest?

Sleep disorder is a bane upon the lives of many workers and the use of technology prior to going to sleep is a key factor. Is this due to the technology itself or are other factors at play? A new survey probes this question.

Smart bed designed to help you sleep better

Bryte Labs has debuted the first smart bed that combines artificial intelligence technology with the latest sleep science. The BRYTE Bed has been designed with guidance from internationally recognized sleep scientist, Dr. Matt Walker.

Sleeping wearing contact lenses carries infection risk

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) has highlighted a rise in health incidences associated with people wearing contact lenses while sleeping. This relates to corneal infections.

Insomnia app promises scientific support

London - The National Health Service in the U.K. is pioneering a digital approach to combating insomnia. This is via an app called Sleepio. The app has been developed with the help of psychologists to help train a person’s brain into sleeping.

Poor sleep is as damaging as binge drinking

New research from Canada, which has used digital research techniques, has concluded that sleep deprivation, long term, can be as damaging as alcohol abuse over an equally long period.

Waking and sleeping states need a ‘chemical cocktail’

The act of falling asleep and then waking up is more complex, and slightly different, than previously thought, according to new research. The process involves a chemical cocktail.

Worms offer insight into sleep disorders

Problems sleeping have been linked with the way neurons in the brain operate (or fire). This is based on a study of roundworms and their hunt for food, according to a new biological study.

Scientific mysteries of sleep revealed

Why do we twitch as we fall asleep? Why is yawning contagious? Why do we see bright spots when we close our eyes? These three sleep related mysteries are revealed.

Sleeping on your left side increases chance of nightmares

Want to avoid the chance of waking up in a cold sweat following a stomach-churning nightmare? Then sleep on your right-hand side, according to new research.

Body's natural rhythms control blood sugar levels

The human body’s circadian rhythm has a greater effect on glucose tolerance than eating or sleeping patterns, a study has shown.

Op-Ed: 5 ways to fight low back pain in bed

Low back pain and sleep problems are more interrelated than you may think. In fact, did you know you can exacerbate your back pain by the way you sleep?

Video: Researcher has up-close encounter with sleeping whale

Earlier this year a researcher went looking for some whales, and he ended up encountering a humpback whale that was sound asleep.

Hero dog alerts deaf, sleeping boy to fire

Indianapolis - Ace, a dog, was called a hero, for saving the life of a 13-year-old deaf boy in Indianapolis, when he alerted the sleeping youth to a fire. The dog was a pit bull.

Smelling while sleeping can affect memory

The brain’s ability to properly store information about different scents can be disrupted by introducing new sensory stimulation during deep sleep. This is according research using mice.

Men and women disagree on what makes a nightmare

Montreal - The University of Montreal has analyzed nightmares in both sexes and discovered more emotional themes, such as interpersonal conflicts in women and more disasters and calamities in men's nightmares.

Cryogenic success using rats

Researchers have successfully injected a compound into rats in a cold room. The bodies slowed down; however, when the rats were revived, they were healthy.

Baby's reaction to 'Gangman Style' goes viral

We all know that Psy's Gangman Style is a worldwide sensation, but who knew it was capable of transforming a sleeping child to a want-to-be Rockette.

California court say rape not rape if victim is not married

Los Angeles - In a move that has shocked and angered many, an appeals court in California has overturned a rape conviction saying it was not rape because the "victim was not married".

Woman discovers naked stranger in her bed

It's like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears but this time a Swedish woman discovered a naked stranger sleeping in her bed.

Study: Researchers suggest sleep loss affects junk food cravings

A new study has been published that suggests the amount of sleep an individual gets is related to his or her predisposition to junk food.

Canadian NDP MP checks his hair, falls asleep in House of Commons

Ottawa - A new video uploaded to YouTube is making the rounds this week. The video shows New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Jonathan Genest-Jourdain checking out his hair and apparently falling asleep during a House of Commons session.

NFL: Wide receiver won't play due to oversleeping

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was not active during Sunday’s game against Arizona because Jackson ended up missing out on a team meeting. It may have been because he overslept.

Study: You can learn while sleeping

You can learn while you sleep with the help of a form of unconscious memory, unequivocal signs of which, were recently discovered.

Ohio teacher fired for sleeping on the job

Sandusky - A northwestern Ohio school board has fired a longtime teacher after an investigation concluded she frequently slept in class and repeatedly arrived late.

Halifax intruder watches and touches sleeping women

Halifax - Three women in Halifax, Nova Scotia awoke to find a man standing next to their beds and watching them Sunday morning. The women weren't hurt during the incident.

Air Traffic Controller Oversleeps, Creating Dilemma on Island Of Lesbos

What do you get when the air traffic controller oversleeps? On the Greek island of Lesbos, it meant that two aircraft transporting passengers had to circle the airport until he arrived. The planes landed safely approximately 30 minutes later.

Asleep at the Wheel: Wake Up Pedro, You're Going to Jail

Richfield, MN police were thankful traffic was light at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Officers were contacted by a passerby in the early morning hours and told that a truck was headed north on Portland with a driver that appeared to be asleep at the wheel.

Too Much Of Anything Is Bad For You - Even Sleep

We live in a society where we would quite happily stay asleep all day instead of get up and go to work, but what if we were told too much sleep could kill us? Would we leap out of bed to stay alive?

Don't Pass Out At McDonald's

Terrence Forte of Camden, Ark. must have been thinking he was Paris Hilton. Turning into the drive through at the local McDonald's on Saturday night he passed out before he could pick up his order.

Do you and your partner sleep in the same bed?

If so, it may surprise you to know that sharing the same bed could slow down your brain...
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Sleeping Image

A man sleeping in his bed  with a blindfold
A man sleeping in his bed, with a blindfold
Flickr user David Goehring (CC BY 2.0)
The ferry ride from South Baymouth to Tobermory takes hours and some people use the time to relax. T...
The ferry ride from South Baymouth to Tobermory takes hours and some people use the time to relax. The ferry easily beats driving all the way around Georgian Bay.
Neighbors sleeping on rooftop.
Neighbors sleeping on rooftop.
People sleep in the restaurant car during the train journey from Beijing to Chengdu  as travellers h...
People sleep in the restaurant car during the train journey from Beijing to Chengdu, as travellers head home from the capital.
Man and Sleeping Cat
Neither of these creatures appears to have any problem sleeping. Mandy the cat is all curled up and sleeping sound on the couch with her favorite person. Neither need pills to sleep well it seems.
Carol Forsloff
Morning scene.
Morning scene.

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