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Slavery News

Hundreds of human skeletons found in Bolivian mining city

La Paz - Construction workers in Bolivia have stumbled upon a mass grave with the remains of hundreds of likely indigenous miners during the Spanish colonial era, a researcher said Saturday.
In the Media by AFP

Child slavery provides camel jockeys in United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi - Camel racing is the national sport in the United Arab Emirates. The sport is conducted in a similar fashion to horse racing in the West, with the notable exception that the jockeys are children that were bought from impoverished families.
In the Media by Justin King

Forced labour turns $150 bn in illegal profits each year: ILO

Geneva - From sex workers to farm hands and maids, millions of forced labourers around the world generate $150 billion in illegal profits for their bosses every year, the UN's labour agency said Tuesday.
In the Media by Nina Larson (AFP)

Op-Ed: What have we learned from Black History Month? Special

Black History Month is celebrated every February in the United States. As the month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned. Books, documentaries, and feature films are resources for gleaning new information.
Digital Journal Report by Kay Mathews - 28 comments

Plan for ballpark near historic Virginia slave market site advances

A controversial plan to build a minor league baseball stadium near the historic site of a slave marketplace and burial ground in Virginia's capital cleared another hurdle on Monday night as ...
In the Media by Gary Robertson (Reuters) - 1 comment

'12 Years a Slave' wins Bafta for best film

London - Harrowing historical epic "12 Years a Slave" won the best film award on Sunday at the Baftas, seen as an indicator for the upcoming Oscars.The film, adapted from Solomon Northup's 1853 memoir, took the most prestigious prize at a star-studded ceremony ...
In the Media by AFP

Odious cases in the Court of Appeal

London - In the UK, the Court of Appeal can not only quash convictions or reduce sentences, it can increase sentences, as it did this week.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

No justice for Nepal's slave girls

Kathmandu - Nine-year-old Manjita Chaudhary had never spent a night away from her parents when her father sold her to a Nepalese policeman for $25.
In the Media by Ammu Kannampilly (AFP)

Op-Ed: Slavery movie destroys American icon

Baton Rouge - Other countries hide their worst obscenities. America makes them sympathetic heroes in movies like “Gone With the Wind.” A series of later movies tells the true story.
In the Media by Robert Weller - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Islam, slavery and rape today

A letter to a New Zealand publication this week claims that Islam permits the trade in women for purposes of sexual gratification.
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 9 comments

Qatar's migrant workers are little better than slaves

Qatar's population is growing at an astonishing rate, driven by an urgent need to support an infrastructure development program estimated to cost $220 billion over the next decade. There are 1.4 million migrants in Qatar, 94 percent of the workforce.
In the Media by Karen Graham

The strange case of the Brixton ‘slaves’

Brixton - One of the big stories in the UK this week is that of three women said to have been held as slaves for up to 30 years in the capital.
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 6 comments

Nevada Tea Party lawmaker: 'I'd bring back slavery'

Gardnerville - A conservative state lawmaker in Nevada has raised eyebrows and ire by stating that he'd "bring back slavery" in order to please his constituency.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 7 comments

Review: How is it that one of the world's richest nations is the poorest?

Dan Snow's trip into the Democratic Republic of Congo will show the world that a country blessed with just about every natural resource available, somehow finds itself being one of the poorest nations on the planet.
In the Media by Kev Hedges - 11 comments

International child labor drops by one-third since 2000

International Labor Organization (ILO) reports today worldwide child labor statistics have reduced by one-third since the year 2000. The ILO aims to eliminate the worst forms of child labor by the year 2016. Worldwide 168 million kids are in child labor.
In the Media by Dawn Denmar - 2 comments

Op-Ed: The reparations for slavery nonsense again

Leaders of more than a dozen Caribbean countries are launching a united effort to seek compensation for the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 1 comment

Rush Limbaugh: 'It's time for white guilt about slavery to end'

Rush Limbaugh responded in a segment to a statement by the African-American professor Anthea Butler that the "American god" is a "white racist." He argued that because "whites" have done more than others to end slavery they shouldn't feel guilty about it.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 51 comments

Spanish police smash two Chinese sex slave rings in Madrid

Madrid - Spanish police stated on Monday that two rival Chinese sex rings have been busted in Madrid. The rings brought women, including minors, from China with the promise of high-paying jobs.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Environmental degradation and modern slavery

Human trafficking and the spread of human slavery in todays world, can often be linked to environmental degradation and global warming. As the environment becomes more polluted, dry, and deforested, people become unable to look after their basic needs.
In the Media by Kyle Ashmead - 7 comments

Paula Deen appears to defend slavery in 2012 interview

The famous chef stirs more controversy as a new video surfaces where she refers to African American's as 'black folk' and seems to defend slavery.
In the Media by Eric Morales - 23 comments

Op-Ed: Sexual slavery throughout the world

Sex can easily be bought from sex slaves anywhere in the world, sexual slavery is not something that only happens in the developing world.
In the Media by Kyle Ashmead - 8 comments

Mississippi officially ratifies 13th Amendment abolishing slavery

The state of Mississippi has finally officially ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery by taking the final step of submitting its papers to the National Archives's Office of the Federal Register.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 10 comments

Op-Ed: Abraham Lincoln — Spielberg's fiction v historical fact

Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as the Great Emancipator, but the real Lincoln was far from the saintly figure he is portrayed today.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Review: 'Django Unchained' blurs the line between funny, raw and horrific Special

Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' is the story of a free slave that partners with a white bounty hunter to rescue his wife from a plantation.
Digital Journal Report by Sarah Gopaul - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Connors family sentenced

Bristol - Last Friday, 5 members of the Connors family were convicted at Bristol Crown Court of conspiracy to hold men in forced labour. Today they were sentenced.
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 5 comments

Connors slave holding family convicted again

Bristol - Earlier this year, three members of a family of so-called travellers were convicted of forcing destitute men into slavery. A retrial has resulted in five more convictions.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Historians search for body of Yarrow Mamout, USA's first Muslim

Historians are searching for the body and belongings of America's first Muslim, Yarrow Mamout, which they believe could be buried on a property in Washington DC's historic Georgetown.
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas

Slavery and trafficking in Britain today

London - It sounds like something out of the 18th Century, but child trafficking is alive and well and flourishing in Britain according to some reports.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Op-Ed: Arkansas Rep. Jon Hubbard says slavery a 'blessing' for blacks

Arkansas Republican Jon Hubbard, in his book "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative," argues that slavery was a "blessing" and that African-Americans should be thankful that their fathers caught the slave ship to America.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 5 comments

Teaser trailer for Lincoln movie released online

The official trailer won't come out until this Thursday, but movie and history lovers already can get their first peek at Steven Spielberg's upcoming presidential biopic, "Lincoln". Dreamworks released a 45-second teaser on YouTube yesterday.
In the Media by Jeff Cottrill - 3 comments
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Slavery Image

Part of Old South mural in Jefferson Co. Courthouse  Alabama
Part of Old South mural in Jefferson Co. Courthouse, Alabama
 District of Columba  Compay E  Fourth U.S. Colored Infantry  at Fort Lincoln.
"District of Columba, Compay E, Fourth U.S. Colored Infantry, at Fort Lincoln."
A ruined slave fort on James Island in Gambia
A ruined slave fort on James Island in Gambia
Rare photo: Men collect bodies of soldiers killed in battle  Cold Habor  Virginia  1865.
Rare photo: Men collect bodies of soldiers killed in battle, Cold Habor, Virginia, 1865.
Book covers for  Prison & Slavery - A Surprising Comparison
Book covers for "Prison & Slavery - A Surprising Comparison"
A creative photo depicting human trafficking
A creative photo depicting human trafficking
James Hopkinson s Plantation slaves planting sweet potatoes (c. 1862/63).
Henry P. Moore
James Hopkinson's Plantation slaves planting sweet potatoes (c. 1862/63).
Family of a black Union soldier: 1863-65
Family of a black Union soldier: 1863-65
Paramount Home Media Distribution
James Island in Gambia
James Island in Gambia
1905 Emancipation Day Parade
1905 Emancipation Day Parade
From Slave Ship to Freedom Road
From Slave Ship to Freedom Road
Transposing the 21st century into the 18th century - Title - Slavery is still with us
Transposing the 21st century into the 18th century - Title - Slavery is still with us
1862. Year before Emancipation Proclamation. Fugitive slaves fording the Rappahannock River.
1862. Year before Emancipation Proclamation. Fugitive slaves fording the Rappahannock River.
1864:  Colored army teamsters  Cobb Hill  Va.
1864: "Colored army teamsters, Cobb Hill, Va."
slave abuse
historical illustration
slave abuse
1907. A black family in Savannah  Georgia
1907. A black family in Savannah, Georgia

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