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Sighting News

Rare sighting of unbelievably cute Chinese Ili pika

An extremely rare sighting of the incredibly cute, Chinese Ili pika, will hopefully bring world attention to the plight of this very elusive but also endangered species.

Video: UFO sightings over Brooklyn and San Francisco

San Francisco - Skeptics are now wondering whether the Mayans were right after all, following sightings of UFOs over two US cities. Last week, residents of both San Francisco and Brooklyn witnessed glowing objects in the sky. A sighting was also reported in England.

New Possible Madeleine Sighting in Malta

Pensioners holidaying in Malta in March of this year, claim to have spotted Madeleine McCcann playing in a square in Valletta, a British tabloid newspaper reported today.

Is New Brunswick Under Special Scrutiny by Aliens?

An odd shift in the skies may have resulted in renewed interest in the goings on of New Brunswick residents. An annual report studying UFO sightings shows that British Columbia has been replaced as the province with the most sightings.

TV Show To Probe Into Witness Statements In The Madeleine McCann Abduction

Prior to a new and insightful television programme to be screened by the BBC in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, another sighting comes to the fore by this time, a witness who saw the child two days after she went missing

Recent Madeleine Sighting Taken Seriously By Police In Belgium

In a new development in the hunt for the missing four year old, Madeleine McCann, Police in Belgium are following up a supposed sighting of the girl who fits the description almost perfectly

Cougar is sighted in north end

A cougar sighting on the northeast edge of town has Strathroy-Caradoc police advising local residents to be cautious.

Follow-up: FAA blames UFO report on weird weather

Although a group of airline employees are positive in what they saw, the FAA says the UFO was nothing more than weird weather.

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A picture taken by an amateur photographer of what the military said appeared to be an underwater ve...
A picture taken by an amateur photographer of what the military said appeared to be an underwater vessel
Swedish military

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