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Essential Science: Brain implant restores vision to the blind

While it is not (yet) possible to restore vision in most cases to someone with a severe form of impaired vision, technology continues to advance. By using a brain implant, researchers have restored a rudimentary form of vision in the blind.

'Milestone' anti-ageing treatment restores sight in mice

Apo - Scientists said Wednesday they have restored sight in mice using a "milestone" treatment that returns cells to a more youthful state and could one day help treat glaucoma and other age-related diseases.

Nano-implant set to restore sight

In a major breakthrough scientists from University of California San Diego and the company Nanovision Biosciences Inc., are on the cusp of developing nano-sized implants that can restore sight to a blind person.

Rates of myopia rising sharply around the world

Sydney - A study, published in the journal Ophthalmology, predicts 5 billion will be short-sighted by 2050. Of these, 1 billion people face a risk of blindness.

First human optogenetics trial to treat blindness

In a medical first, doctors in Texas are planning to use a groundbreaking neuroscience technique to attempt to restore the sight of blind people sometime in the next month, MIT Technology Review reports.

Gene therapy sight restoration success fades

Scientists had thought a recent gene-therapy trial to be successful. Here the study participants experienced some restoration of sight. However, the people now seem to be losing their vision.

World's first Braille phone goes on sale

London - A U.K. company called OwnFone has launched what is said to be the world's first Braille phone. The front and back of the phone has been constructed using 3D printing techniques.

Only 1 in 10 women know that they face risks to their eyes

A new national survey has revealed that only 9 percent of U.S. women realize that women are at greater risk of permanent vision loss than men. This news comes during a month dedicated to women’s eye health issues.

Researchers create sensor for night vision contact lenses

Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a way to capture the infrared spectrum, which can be made so thin that it can be easily applied on night vision contact lenses.

Gene therapy improves sight

Following a gene therapy trial, patients who were progressing toward blindness now have better vision after completing the treatment.

Glaucoma awareness month

In the U.S., January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. During the month a range of different events are being hosted and health promotion schemes implemented.

Everything you need to know about getting laser eye surgery Commissioned

Thirty years ago it would be unheard of to walk into a surgeon’s office, have your eyes zapped by a laser, and walk away with perfect vision shortly after. Fast forward to today, and that is exactly what many Canadians are opting to do.

Smartphone for the blind launched

A specially designed smartphone for blind and partially sighted people has been launched.The device has bespoke voice assisted functions.

Bionic vision research progressing rapidly around the world Special

The race to deliver an effective bionic eye is alive and well with researchers in Australia, the U.S. and Germany reaching important milestones and undertaking patient trials.

Dog has 'extreme facelift' to restore her sight

Romford - Molly, a 12-month-old Shar Pei, had been unable to see, and was in pain, until a veterinarian performed an “extreme facelift” on her.

Is Braille facing extinction?

Schools are shirking Braille for more tech-savvy tools to assist blind students, such as text-to-speech software and audio-enabled ebook readers. But will the loss of Braille detrimentally affect the blind?

Eye doctors: Quit smoking, save sight

There is another good reason to quit smoking. According to U.S. eye doctors quitting smoking can save a person's vision.

Blind man regains sight

A man who lost his vision some 30 years ago has regained some of his sight after having a bionic eye implanted at UK eye hospital.

Blitz War Hero Has Sight Restored After Sixty Six Years

A 87 year old Blitz survivor has had his sight restored after being seriously injured during the devastating bombing during WW2 in Clydeside, Scotland. The fire-watcher had been blind in one eye and losing the sight in the other since 1941

British TV Show May Become US Detective Film

A BBC detective series may jump from the small screen in the UK to the big screen in the US.

Microchip Implant Helps Blind Cats See, Offering Hope to Humans

Thanks to a microchip the size of a pencil eraser, a vet at the University of Missouri-Columbia is helping blind cats see again. The scientific advancement that involves no wires and little trauma to its patients is now being tried on humans.

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Silvia  a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife s Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after un...
Silvia, a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife's Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after undergoing a human-like cataract operation.

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