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U.K. and now Mexico facing shortage of carbon dioxide

A carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage in Europe and now, Mexico, has threatened to halt the production of beer, carbonated drinks, and many other products in the supply chain. With rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere — what's going on?

Why content marketing is facing a shortage of qualified staff

The world of digital marketing is facing a skills shortage when it comes to content generators. B2B News Network investigates.

Experts says there's no need to fear a global wine shortage

"The world is facing a wine shortage" according to research by Morgan Stanley's financial services firm. But experts say there's no need to panic.

Lack of TB drugs in the U.S. causing concern

A report indicates that U.S. tuberculosis patients are at risk due to a shortage of suitable drugs and associated medication.

Wine shortage and higher prices set for 2013

As a result of a very poor grape harvest in 2012, the world's stock of wine is likely to be lower for 2013 and beyond. The shortage of bottles of wine is also likely to lead to higher prices.

Haiti faces food crisis and cholera in wake of Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the havoc caused by the super storm on Haiti, only now is the extent of the devastation making itself known. Haitians face severe food shortages and the threat of cholera.

Mexican egg shortage leaves officials scrambling

An epidemic of bird flu has hit the Mexican egg industry, resulting in hoarding and a national egg shortage and a spike in egg prices.

Texas town on verge of running out of water

Groesbeck - A small town in Central Texas is being threatened with running out of water as its main source, the Navasota River, continues to dry up. The only thing officials can do is put a pipeline over three miles long in place that will bring water from up north.

Shortage of university places could send UK students abroad

Young people planning to go to university in the UK could find themselves disappointed. According to a recent press release, 225,000 of those applying may be left without a university to go to due to lack of places.

Shanghai Expo gets fewer visitors than expected

Shanghai - Despite heavy government propaganda, the Shanghai Expo did not seem to be very popular with tourists. In fact, people are complaining about expensive food and management issues in the Expo park.

Sugar production down, price up to 20-year high

World sugar production is short of demand by over 14 million tons this year, due primarily to supply interruptions in India and Brazil. The price of refined sugar is expected to reach a 20-year high of 30 cents per pound on the commodity market.

Maize shortage to affect over 4 million Kenyans

Kenyan is facing a shortage of maize, which is a staple crop; it is likely this shortage will affect over four million Kenyans.

Kellogg's Forecasts Shortages of its Eggo Waffles

Uh-oh...the kids are soon likely to say, "Leggo my eggos". That's because Kellogg's is predicting a nationwide shortage of its frozen waffles until at least next summer.

California water infrastructure issue may take us to moon again

California is wrestling with a water infrastructure bill and a shortage issue that has amplification around the world - and may actually bring humanity back to the moon.

Cuba facing a toilet paper shortage

While the rest of the world is fighting home foreclosures and the loss of jobs, Cuba is fighting a very different threat. According to the Miami Herald, Cubans may need to reduce the number of toilet paper squares they use during bathroom breaks.

Rattler attack rattles province over shortage of anti-venom

A man was bitten by an endangered Massassauga Rattlesnake in Parry Sound, Ontario yesterday, revealing a shortage of anti-venom. After a whirlwind trip, more anti-venom was transported to Parry Sound. The bite victim is in stable condition.

California Counties in Dire Need of Dentists

It’s oft heard said: I’d rather have root canal than do something unpleasant, but soon even that might not be an option.

National ammunition shortage could be affecting police training

In a continued sweep across the nation, the demand for ammunition is becoming greater with backlogs of up to half a year. However, this could impact the training of law enforcement as supply becomes less available and more costly.

Obama Alarmed Over U.S. Nurse Shortage, Health Expansion Crimped

President Obama expresses alarm over potential usage of foreign-trained nurses, as the ongoing shortage in nursing threatens to curtail the Democrat's ambitious national healthcare roll-out.

U.N. Issues Dire Warnings about Global Food, Water Supplies

The U.N. has issued strong warnings about the consequences of inaction regarding implementing new farming methods and water conservation.

A Super Bowl Without Hot Wings? The Nationwide Shortage

Is the United States in a chicken wing crisis? It seems like the recent bankruptcy case of the Pilgrim's Pride Corporation and the economy has put a hurtin' on the chicken wing availability. What does this mean for the Super Bowl?

Food Crisis Imperils World Behaviors, Social Consequences Grave

Food security is deteriorating. A food shortage is engulfing Earth. In Pakistan armed troops have been assigned to guard grain elevators. Some authorities say this food shortage could exist for decades.

Emergency-room doctors in short supply

There are 4,828 emergency departments in the U.S.A. that are open 24 hours a day. The problem is there is a great lack of fully trained emergency doctors to work in them. There are only about 55 percent of the doctors who meet the needed qualifications.

Canadian Blood Services Urging Blood Donors To Give The Gift Of Life

Canadians are being asked to roll up their sleeves and donate blood. Some hospitals have had to delay treatments or postpone elective surgeries because the national blood inventory as fallen.

Refineries In The Gulf Are Expected To Be Back Online By Week's End

Does anyone remember the gas shortage of the 1970s? Despite some fears that we may be headed for a shortage following damage to the refineries along the Texas coast, encouraging reports are coming in expecting to be at 75% capacity by the end of the week.

How to End the Global Food Crisis Now

Contrary to the impression created by a prevaricating UN, the global food crisis can be resolved now. But four clear strategies must be adopted that address the eleven critical issues.

Shortage Of Migrant Workers Changes How Grapes Are Harvested

With authorities cracking down on illegal immigrants, local vineyards in the Finger Lakes region of New York are having to make some changes as to how their grapes are picked. This year, many vineyards are turning to machines to replace migrant workers.

Where's the Beef, Indeed: A Steak Shortage Hits N.Y.

The production of ethanol claims another victim. Ethanol, which is made from corn, is one major reason beef is becoming more and more expensive. Restaurants and steak eating men everywhere are becoming concerned.

The Worldwide Water Shortage: A Crisis That's Closer to Home Than You Think

We're all aware of the oil crisis, but there is an even larger threat looming just on the horizon. Everyday 20,000 to 30,000 people die due to a lack of pure water, 8 people per second. Country after country is reporting serious water shortages.

Peak Oil: Are We Running Out?

We have created a society dependent upon oil, what will happen if we run out.
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A simple  but essential drug is in short supply.
A simple, but essential drug is in short supply.
A bowl of guacamole as served by the El Tango Taqueria in Lakewood  Ohio.
A bowl of guacamole as served by the El Tango Taqueria in Lakewood, Ohio.
AV Club/Twitter
With a shortage of cocoa  chocolate will be pricey this year.
With a shortage of cocoa, chocolate will be pricey this year.
A dry riverbed in California.
Photo taken: March 15  2009
A dry riverbed in California. Photo taken: March 15, 2009
The seasonal brew has made it to many retail outlets across the country.
The seasonal brew has made it to many retail outlets across the country.
Crystal City Wine
Sign at convenience store in Tokyo offers apologies for reduced lighting; low stocks of some items.
Sign at convenience store in Tokyo offers apologies for reduced lighting; low stocks of some items.
Sign at supermarket in Tokyo offers apologies for low stocks of rice and instant noodles.
Sign at supermarket in Tokyo offers apologies for low stocks of rice and instant noodles.
MENU: A McDonald s restaurant in Setagaya-ku  Tokyo  Japan.
MENU: A McDonald's restaurant in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Paul Vlaar/Wikimedia Commons
Alliance for Water Efficiency

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